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  1. Could someone tell me how many leagues i could run on this laptop please and is the graphics card sufficent Inspiron 15R Intel core i3-370m 2.4ghz, 4 threads, 3m cache Windows 7 64 bit 1 gb mobility radeon hd 550v 4mb ram
  2. Graphics Card

    can anyone tell me if the 1gb ati mobility radeon hd 550v would be ok for fm11?
  3. I'm coming to the end of my forth season with Barnsley and have built up a good squad. My away form the last 2 seasons as been up there in the top 5 but at home i am 2 incosistent, i can beat the top sides 3 or 4 nil then will lose to all the bottom sides or will batter some1 and end up losing 1-0. I've tried slightly altering tatics and trying a different formation. My form against the bottom 6 at home the last 2 seasons as probey cost me a place in the playoffs or even promotion. Any1 got ant ideas it's doin my head in! sorry for any spelling mistakes my english is ****.