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  1. Not sure it qualifies, but I signed Pedro Chirivella on a free transfer from Liverpool. Playing as Antwerp, he's not only done brilliant for us, he's also worked his socks off in training.
    Been labelled the standout performer in training most every week, with ratings of +9 and the occasional 10.
    Very impressed with the kid.

    shame his performances attracted a lot of attention and we can't convince him to stay for a second season. On the upside, will have made +15m on selling him :thup: 

  2. Will post a screenshot when I get home, but I picked up Lukas Nmecha on a free transfer (3 seasons in) 

    looks like a very promising striker, for lower leagues especially. 

    Not sure if he's been mentioned before, but Chirivella is great for lower leagues as well. Picked him up for free when Liverpool released him. 

  3. exactly, it's a great idea. It just needs to be finetuned somewhat, as it tends to go with new things being implemented.

    For instance I like that you can try to make promises to a newgen to try and sign him.

    Another fair point you make, I tend to have players coming through asking for three promises and even when i remove all of them they are happy to agree.

    Something that bugs me is how youngsters on 250 a week suddenly want an increase to 15000 a week for their new contract, although with regard to neymars transfer that may even be the new reality. Different discussion that though.

  4. 1 minute ago, gunner86 said:

    I can sort of see in some circumstances it may be an issue. Like if you were playing him as a BWM then that's kind of the opposite of how he sees his role.

    Personally, I only tend to offer these promises if there's a role in the team that fits it. I had a save where I wasn't playing with AML/R and I had players want to be guarenteed to be played there.

    He played as CM with a support duty instead of advanced playmaker so irl on the pitch, that wouldn't be a huge difference. Especially for creative CMs, they tend to be moved around between AM-CM and different duties imo. Anyway, as I stated earlier, I now also refrain from making much promises. Certainly an area FM could improve in.

  5. 4 minutes ago, Cougar2010 said:

    I think there are some issues to iron out.

    I have a board promise to sign high profile players in one of my saves.  A 33yo with one International cap counted but a player from a smaller nation with 90 odd caps didn't despite having a higher rep.  I also signed two younger players from the same nation as the club with higher reps and they didn't count either.

    I've had my star CM become unsettled and eventually leave because I'd promissed him I'd play him in the CM slot as an advanced playmaker. He played an entire season as CM, occasionally at AMC, but not with an AP role.

    A bit weird imo, no player irl is going to leave because of that. It's not like I played him at right back or something.

    I try to refrain from making promises as much I can these days. The only thing I'll gladly offer is a language course, cause I'm confident I can keep that promise :D 

  6. Bit confused with promises to players myself. Especially the play in preferred position & strenghten squad.. Wonder how much time they actually have to play their preferred role, or how many attackers/defenders/midfielders of what reputation you need to sign (or already have fgs) to meet the requirements. Hope promisses get looked at for FM18 honestly.

  7. Everton seem to have done some pretty good business in the market though. Lukaku should provide the goals threat they seem to be lacking to push on and McCarthy will be a good addition.

    I was surprised Chelsea loaned him out again actually. Hadn't he been promissed a role in their first team plans this year?

    Think it's for the best though as I don't think he's ready for that big a club yet

  8. Another newbie causing trouble. Shock horror.

    And I don't get what you see as "weird" about their transfer policy? They sign expceptionally good footballers with the aim of forming a great team on the field and marketing them in the right way to make alot of money off it.

    Generally, it works.

    Oh bore off. :D

    Oh dear, I didn't want to get into semantics but you just can't seem to let it go.

    I'm sorry. What exactly are you implying I'd be new to? And what exactly am I causing? You chose to correct/patronize someone without paying any mind to the point I was making. Me replying to you is causing trouble? Sorry to crash your precious party-thread then.

    and for the record: you're wrong. A couple can, but does not exclusively mean, two. It can in fact be synonymous to 'a few'. If you can't tell the difference between 'that couple' or 'a couple of years' .. well .. I'll do the same as you did earlier & try not to get an infraction.

    Since I'm sure my simple telling you so will not suffise, here's oxford's definition for you. You're welcome.


    informal an indefinite small number:

    [as pronoun]:

    he hoped she’d be better in a couple of days

    we got some eggs—would you like a couple?

    You don't get what's weird in the above example? You refer to them aiming to make a profit. Could you enlighten me how they made a profit out of paying Milan 56m for kaka, and now letting him join Milan again for free? how many games has he even played in those 4 years? Not a great deal imho. Certainly not 56m's worth. Certainly not at same level he had at Milan.

    & just how will they make a profit on Bale? I'm genuinely curious to see how you think they'll make a profit on him. It'd take some serious 'marketing' to actually start making money off him.

  9. can't say it's his fault, but who is willing to pay these astronomical fees, i wonder. Even more so because like you said, he hasn't got the stats to justify that sum - if any stat could.

    Coming from a team that spent 56m on kaka only to release him for free a couple years later.. to the same team they got him from! Wonder what kind of monkey is running the finances over there :)

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