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  1. TBH I think something went funny in my DB as Linfield where the top rep team in the world and the NIPL was into the top 10 leagues and NI was 3rd in the co-efficient but I would still get silly offers and player values were shy of £2 mill. On topic... Great season and some big transfers, defo helps keep the finances ticking over!
  2. Just read through this pheelf. Very enjoyable and great to see the progress. I only ever play of an edited DB and I boost min attendances to try and kick some finances around the leagues. Had a great Larne and Linfield save going where after 12 seasons they met in the Champs League Final. Unfortunately the player values really seemed to lag and the competition rep went very funny and I grew frustrated at the offer after offer of tuppence for my world class players resulting in a team of unsettled players after every transfer window. Have got onto the editor again and tweaked the league layouts etc a bit and am ready for a new career. In the mean time il be keeping an eye on your progress.
  3. Hi, Hoping someone can help. I have recreated the Nation Rules for NI and changed the leagues considerably (attached) but am having some issues with promotion playoffs. I want to have a positions 2-4 playoff from the Championship One to the Premiership and likewise from Champ 2 to Champ 1. There is 1 auto promotion place and the second spot in each league will be filled by the playoff winners. I cannot however seem to get the playoff working and in each instance the top 2 teams are automatically promoted. Anyone able to point me in the direction towards fixing? New NI Final.fmf
  4. Thanks for the response Bigpole. I went into the regions (Northern Irish counties) and adjusted the population for each region (previously blank) but the population is still the same!
  5. Hey all. Just wondering if its possible to edit a countries population or if indeed it has any impact. I have adjusted City populations but the Nation population remains unchanged.
  6. No im using FM11. I used the resource archiver and saved the comps folder in my documents. I then went into the folder and in the 'inter' I located the inter_four_associations file. I opened the xml file and changed one unique id. I then copied that file into the editor data folder. (There is no reference to a version btw). When I load fm its not there!?!
  7. No, im actually putting Northern Ireland back in!!! I have recreated Northern Ireland and replaced the old one with a different nation (there is a valid reason for doing it), so I need to get NI back in! Thanks mastermind. Im assuming I just need to put the file for the comp I edited rather than the entire folder?! I put the xml file into the folder but when I load FM its not showing in the select editor files!
  8. I have used to resource acrhiver and saved the comps.fmf file in my docs. I have changed one of the teams in the Four Ass comp. Do I need to do anything with that file after I have made the changes?
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