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  1. Sorry mate dont know of any! Will, that looks fine. When you download that file, just place it in the folder I stated. You dont need to do anythng else with it. Dont need to open it, it automatically comes into effect when you load the game.
  2. The link worked fine for me! Here is a megaupload one anyway. Megaupload Its also worth noting that it will need to be place in a different location if your using the latest update: Files\Steam\steamapps\common\football manager 2011\data\updates\update-1120\db\1120\lnc I put it into both updates for good measure!
  3. Il upload it on a couple of other sites later will8578
  4. Dont you know it mate, and coming from Markethill myself I boosted their training and youth setups. They start in mid ulster division 1.
  5. PROJECT NI: Over the last week or so I have been working on redesigning the Northern Irish league as I do each year, but this time I have taken it one step further! First up. In previous years due to hard-coding in the game, Northern Irish clubs never buy any players outside of the UK or Ireland, regardless the league and team reputations. This has served to infuriate me to the extent I have edited not just the league, but the country from scratch! Ireland (pre 1922) have been replace by Northern Ireland whilst Northern Ireland has changed to Kiribati in Oceania. I have then taken all things Northern Irish and changed them to the new nation, and rebuilt the league from the ground up. THE NEW STRUCTURE: Northern Irish Premier Division Northern Irish First Division Northern Irish Second Division Northern Irish Regional Premiership Northern Irish Regional First Division Northern Irish Regional Second Division Northern Irish Regional Third Division Northern Irish Lower League 1 Northern Irish Lower League 2 * Division structure unchanged Promotions between 2nd Division to Premiership remain unchanged. 2 teams will be relegated from the 2nd division into the Regional Premiership, with two coming up via a promotion playoff. There are 5 regions in all: Mid Ulster, Ballymena, Antrim & Tyrone, Newry & Mourne and Northwest. Each region comprises 4 divisions with promotion from the 3rd right through to the Regional premierships. As previously explained there will be a Regional Premiership promotion play-off. The top team in each region will take part in a 5 team league with the top 2 being promoted into the Northern Irish 2nd Division. Similar play-off at the other end of the regional leagues with two sides being relegated to the lower leagues. Two sides promoted from Lower league 2 (1 via play-off) and the same from Lower League 1 into the regional 3rd division. The Irish Cup has been increased to include several more teams from the lower leagues, whilst the league Cup remains unchanged. There will also be a Regions Cup (Too many lower cups so removed this one) and the Steel & Sons Cup for all teams in the regional leagues to compete. Each region also has its own Cup competition. Lower League cup for teams in the bottom two leagues. All in all there are 25 leagues and 9 cups with a vast array of different and interesting teams to choose from. OTHER NOTABLE CHANGES: The league Reputation and standard have been increased to SPL standard to help speed up the leagues improvement. Minimum, maximum and average attendances have all been heavily increased in all teams in the top 3 divisions. Unfortunately the stadiums aren't very big so you'll need to amass enough money to upgrade!! All reputations upped by 1000 in top 3 leagues and training and youth by 3 points each. Competition prize money and TV money has been added realistically. I believe the TV money is £4,000,000 for example. THINGS TO NOTE: All teams start of Semi-pro or amateur so you will have a job of building. It may be a few years before things really start to move. The lower down you start the more difficult it is destined to be. There are no foreigner restrictions in the league and it only takes 2 years to gain citizenship. I have had to delete the Four Associations Cup. Unfortunately its not as simple to delete as I thought. The comp remains but with Kiribati in place of Northern Ireland. I am working on a fix for this but it will be released in a later version. One club has a sugar daddy and a couple have been given top youth facilities, but can you find them!! If you are from Northern Ireland you may notice a number of teams in random regions, but I had to mix things up a bit to even out the regional divisions. By in large its fairly accurate geographically! You would be best advised to load all UK and Ireland Leagues and an array of European leagues. A logo pack would also be advised with the Northern Ireland logo's and configs changed to the new Northern Ireland ID:52024163 ISSUE: Unfortunately due to the regional nature of the leagues and the way FM does the regions, teams can get moved about the regional leagues. They will only ever go sideways (never promoted or relegated unless final league position dictates). I am looking into solving this but its proving problematic! VERSION 1.6 - megaupload / filefront / Rapidshare - Latest version of DB. Fully playable now. Extra lower league added, lower league cup added, regen age sorted and reserves fxed. Four Ass Cup still not right and issue with sideways movement through regions, but asides that the DB seems pretty solid. LOGO PACK - Metallic Logo Pack - This pack is as big as they come and has several of the lower league teams logo's included. NI LNC FILE - LNC FILE - This file updates some of the competition names and renames the orig NI as Kirtibati. Save it in: C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\football manager 2011\data\updates\update-1110\db\1110\lnc
  6. Help - I want to be Shankill in Norn Iron

    I will upload my db tonight and you can see how I structured the leagues.
  7. Is there an Northern Irish Pyramid

    Il upload mine tonight with details.
  8. Changing newgen ages.

    Ah cheers mate I def missed that when creating the rules! Is there any way of changing it using .edt or .LNc files? I don't want to start a new game!!
  9. Changing newgen ages.

    Random question but hopefully someone can assist me. Is there anyway of changing the age of newgens coming into the league for a certain nation. The reason I ask is I have created a new nation overwriting IReland Pre 19whatever, but all te newgens are aged 18 and above, meaning they all come in too old for my u18 team¬!
  10. Is there an Northern Irish Pyramid

    I havent created a pyramid exact to real life, but I have completely restructured the entire nation and leagues, and have now a total of 20 odd leagues. I have upped the rep etc to make the league competitive and recreated Northern IReland so clubs buy players from outside of the UK. Its obviously not exact to the current stanrd of the league IRL but if anyone is interested I will add the link!
  11. Why don't my edited teams sign any stars?

    Assuming you mean you have just edited the league then I have previously had your problem. The LoI and Irish Leagues seem to be hardcoded so the teams will only buy players from the UK or Ireland, which really limits the players they can sign! This has been the same throughout all FM's! I have played 20 season in a heavily improved Northern Irish league in the past and they never buy outside of UK and Ireland! Its incredibly annoying. I had to completely rebuild Northenr Ireland and the leagues using Ireland Pre 19?? and copying verything over toi that nation!
  12. FM2011 Editor Advanced Rules Activation and Discussion

    No im using FM11. I used the resource archiver and saved the comps folder in my documents. I then went into the folder and in the 'inter' I located the inter_four_associations file. I opened the xml file and changed one unique id. I then copied that file into the editor data folder. (There is no reference to a version btw). When I load fm its not there!?!
  13. FM2011 Editor Advanced Rules Activation and Discussion

    No, im actually putting Northern Ireland back in!!! I have recreated Northern Ireland and replaced the old one with a different nation (there is a valid reason for doing it), so I need to get NI back in! Thanks mastermind. Im assuming I just need to put the file for the comp I edited rather than the entire folder?! I put the xml file into the folder but when I load FM its not showing in the select editor files!
  14. FM2011 Editor Advanced Rules Activation and Discussion

    I have used to resource acrhiver and saved the comps.fmf file in my docs. I have changed one of the teams in the Four Ass comp. Do I need to do anything with that file after I have made the changes?
  15. Deleting International Comp

    I have created a new Northern Ireland for a reason. It seems to be coded into the game (as with previous versions) that the clubs never buy players who's nationality is anything other than that of the UK or Ireland, and the only way around this was to recreate the nation!