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  1. Have you got a link for the MagicNut corner setup?
  2. Using this as Chelsea on FMT. Ended up sacked in January as sat 4th and dumped out of both cups (including a full strength side away to MK Dons!). Was still in the ECL though. Think it's the same problems with any tactic on FMT. Without player interaction the tactics just don't work.
  3. I think this is the big issue with tactics. Most work on FM but on FMT where you cannot interact with players, the tactics are failing. Every tactic I've tried on FMT so far has been poor.
  4. Tactic isn't anything IMO. My Chelsea side are terrible. Nearly as bad as in real life!!!
  5. Playing as Chelsea on the iPad, the results are ok not spectacular at all. 3 is the most scored in any game and we seem to be edging results rather than the huge performances found by others. I do think the ME is screwed though. Every game has one of the teams with very little shots on target scoring with every shot.
  6. I think I'm struggling on the iPad with this tactic because the lack of control FMT allows you - no press conferences, no team talks etc - meaning that there is a big absence of being able to get things working. I've found that if my IF Right has an off day then we simply don't score goals. If he does its Christmas. The FMT implementation this year is poor I think. Doesn't really feel like it's been thought about other than a port when FMC 15 was spot on.
  7. Tactic doesn't seem to be cooking as Chelsea. Got Morata as the F9 and he can't score to save his life. But then again none of the strikers do. I'm dominating teams and losing regularly to their only shot or shots of the game. Frustrating.
  8. Any instructions on tempo, width or crosses? When it says avoiding I assume that doesn't need to be clicked?
  9. Could you put up all the details so I can text on iPad?
  10. Jorgen - the X will be either score or no score draw can't remember which. Obviously the D is the other one!
  11. Ta. Good stuff.
  12. Is this included in the iPad instructions you gave me earlier? And could you add the new corner layouts please? Top work!!!!
  13. Standard please. I'll put it all together and then upload the tactic here for iPad users.
  14. Have you got the mentality, structure, team instructions and any other info that is needed to recreate? Unfortunately the iPad FMT doesn't like FMF files so I can't download. Thank you.
  15. I've noticed the in-game graphics on the iPad Air 2 are like watching on standard definition compared to the HD of last years in game graphics. Are there any plans for a fix?