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  1. Quick question. Laptop has an optical drive which I have no need for. But also don’t particularly need another SSD. Any ideas on what I could swap it for?
  2. I so wish I could afford to go back to my PC building days. Had a PC that was literally like ‘Triggers Broom’ back in the day!!! Very envious of you guys! Stuck with trying to source a cheap laptop to play FM in rare spare time!
  3. I’m looking at trying to get a new laptop for FM mainly but then a little bit of Cricket Captain and doing some internet stuff for my brewing ventures. I didn’t particularly want to spend much more than £200 and have been looking at Probooks in eBay? Graphics don’t particularly bother me as I don’t use the 3D view just the old school text commentary.
  4. Going to try and recreate these for FMT as can’t download/upload to iPad at the moment (no laptop for iTunes). Will report back as have loved these tactics for years.
  5. Does Brexit happen on iOS FMT? Had a message saying UK was leaving but now in October 2019 and nothing more has been said.
  6. Is this on iOS? I had a message saying UK leaving and that further details later. Now in October 19 with no more details.
  7. Thank you @Declan Holbem The workaround was perfect.
  8. Had the same happen to me just now! Posted in the general info forum. will try the work around.
  9. I was playing around with the iPad version today and pressed to go up and up until I was in the root folder whilst trying to load a tactic. Now I can’t go back down again. I’ve tried resetting the iPad and off-loading the app (loathed to delete it as got photos and tactics all loaded into the game). Anyone know how to get back down into the app folders?
  10. Will view with interest to see if can be adapted to FMT iPad. Sad that you’ve retired from tactics as yours were always the most reliable.
  11. Spot on. This has changed since I last had FMT as the file name was different. Makes so much sense now to do it this way. Downloaded all the Knap tactics!
  12. @knap apologies but you listed in one of your tactics top to bottom which tactic for top teams down to underdogs, can’t seem to find it again! Struggling with Sampdoria with Volante Anchor.
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