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  1. I have changed the injuries in the editor to all serious injuries, so when you get a minor injury or medium injury in a match the player will be fine after the game. You will still get the minor inuries in matches but you wont have players out for weeks after every game.
  2. He plays in full screen and he has tried it without msn and other programs. Ill check the fan speed next time im by the laptop, i didnt notice an increase in fan speed though. Thanks.
  3. Yep ive tried that as well:(
  4. Sorry ill edit my first post because i put it as a 1.6ghz and its actually 2.6ghz. He has windows xp, Ive tried all kinds of different graphics card drivers and the laptop has been formatted. I cant understand what it could be because ive tried gta3,fm06 and 08 on the laptop and they work fine. Thanks.
  5. Ive tried different drivers as well, I thought it would be the drivers but ive tried 3 different sets.
  6. Sound is turned off mate.
  7. My mate plays fm09 on his laptop and it was fine up untill now, When someone on 2d match scores the game runs slow after that even when the match has ended. I dont think its the laptop because it use to work fine and its been formatted. Any ideas anyone? EDIT: His laptop is like 2.6ghz and 1gb ram with a geforce go 5300 and it happens if only 1 league is running. Thanks. EDIT: Sorry just realized i posted this in the wrong section. EDIT: It seems to happen randomly as well as when someone scores.
  8. Squad Numbers

    I dont assign any numbers when i buy my players, i wait for the register players for the season message to come up. Problem is all the players that were already at bayern have got numbers and clear numbers doesn't clear them.
  9. Squad Numbers

    yea installed 9.3 it would be appreciated if someone could try going bayern munich and see if they can change all the squad numbers. Or maybe SI will reply
  10. Squad Numbers

    The only time i get to select numbers is when it says register players for the division, or i can click at the bottom of the team sheet to change them but they are all chosen for me and i cant change the players that were already there.
  11. Aight ive posted this before but never actually found out why i cant change squad numbers. I play in the german league and my mate plays in the italian, When i get the squad numbers selection message i cant change any of the players that are already at the club before i took over. So i end up having a goalkeeper with a number 40odd shirt and some player as my number 10 which i want to change but cant. Is this a bug or what because my mate in the italian league can choose his own numbers but i cant :S Thanks.
  12. Adding a league?

    No there is no way of adding leagues when you have started, Not afaik.
  13. Squad numbers

    Yea i can register new players and give them numbers that are free, But i would like to give my best player number 10 and my best keeper number 1 Thanks for help anyway.
  14. Squad numbers

    Im just on that point now its asking me to register my players but all the numbers are still grey to me and i cant change the ones already set :S
  15. Squad numbers

    Im just starting my 3rd season and the transfer window is still open (17th august) if i go to my team sheet and at the bottom it says squad numbers and i can click change. But i cant clear the numbers or change any that were selected when i first bought the player they are all grey. :S