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  1. I'm playing 4-1-2-2-1 with Advanced Playmaker and Central Midfielder both on Attack with Regista in DMC spot. I've found that using Counter Strategy the link up play looks much better and my team has conceded only 2 goals in 13 matches. I'm playing Liverpool so keeping posession is easier to achieve but still, we have 61,5% average possession (81% passess completed). Using counter most of the balls are intercepted in our half and from there we patently build our attacks. We do not score much but we play a very, very solid football. Sturridge has scored most of the goals playing as complete forward. Previously I used him as a False nine but the most our attacks ended up with a long shot or one of the inside forwards arriving too late. Narrow play with much shorter passing gives a solid defence and ball control through entire match. When playing a better side I just move AP to support and change CM to B2B. I also instruct to pass into space to exploit any gaps in opposition formation. I was always looking a way to score as much goals as I can with my tactics but this approach is much more satisfying.
  2. I've got Asus K55VM with GeForce 630M. My FM14 was running smoothly until I reinstalled my Windows. Now after reinstalling the system and the game, frame rate drops significantly during match which makes it almost impossible to watch. This is what I've tried: Tweaking power setting for maximum performance Setting my 630M for maximum performance through NVIDIA control panel Uninstalled Antivirus Changing graphical settings in game Installing up to date drivers I have no idea what may have caused this change. Before reinstalling the system, I've had no problems with FM on very high graphical settings. Any suggestions?
  3. Can anyone tell me one thing? I bought Mario Gotze in pre-season and he has an icon that he can't play in the next match (which is friendly to be precise), after one friendly game, the icon is still there. I can't find any info why he can't play (he's not injured or called up).
  4. Still, top class players can't hold on to the ball properly. The defenders give the ball away in the box to easily making stupid mistakes. Compare this with FM12 (a joy to watch). There's a long way to go to make the ME playable...
  5. Skrtel for 20m Downing for 5m Cole for 0 Doni for 1.5 (forgot to mention him at the beginning) Szczesny as exchange for Reina Lewandowski 10m upfront and 10m over 48months and 50% next transfer Redmond for 6m Ademilson for 5m
  6. I've made some test transfers on beta and I think these will be my first signings when the game comes out: out: Reina Skrtel Downing Cole in: Szczesny Lewandowski Redmond Adam Campbell Ademilson Still not sure if it's worth to sell Johnson, because I can't find any replacement for a reasonable price.
  7. I have a quick silly question. Arsenal agrees to exchange Szczesny for Reina, but how can I demand some extra money for this transaction? All that I see is that I can only offer extra cash...
  8. I'm 12 games into my first season. I'm at the top with 11 wins and 1 defeat. My team: Gk: Stegen (Steele) DR: Johnson (Flanagan, Kelly) DL: Jose Enrique (Robinson) DC: Shawcross (Coates) DC: Steven Taylor (Carragher, Wilson) DMC: Cattermole (Huddlestone) MC: Henderson (Adam, James Mccarthy) MC: Gerrard (Shelvey) AMR: Downing (Redmond) AML: Scott Sinclair (Albrihton) SC: Suarez (Agbonlahor) Suprisingly Scott Sinclair is the best player of the team. He's a beast as an inside forward! Hoping for a top 4 finish.
  9. Just beat Man City 2-0 in away match with Scott Sinclair (I'm building the squad basing on British players) and Gerrard with the goals. It's still first half of the first season.
  10. Just beat Everton 2-0 in the third match of the seasen. Coates grabbed all the goals .
  11. Yes, I sold Reina for 40mil and brought Stegen (my scouts rate him for 4,5 star in the future). I would do it again!!
  12. Just started my career. My transfers: Out: Pepe Reina Martin Skrtel Fabio Aurelio Maxi Rodriguez + many reserve and youth players In: Marc-Andre ter Stegen Adam Johnson Iker Muniain Robbie Fowler Now it's time for friendlies.
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