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  1. I'm playing 4-1-2-2-1 with Advanced Playmaker and Central Midfielder both on Attack with Regista in DMC spot. I've found that using Counter Strategy the link up play looks much better and my team has conceded only 2 goals in 13 matches. I'm playing Liverpool so keeping posession is easier to achieve but still, we have 61,5% average possession (81% passess completed). Using counter most of the balls are intercepted in our half and from there we patently build our attacks. We do not score much but we play a very, very solid football. Sturridge has scored most of the goals playing as complete for
  2. The link works fine for me, if you'll give me your e-mail I can send it to you.
  3. Yes, it's an abuse and it already been reported. It's a place to exchange thoughts about tactics not to offend each other. End with this off-top.
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