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  1. loan back option

    good point deisler but I haven't had any success with this being a more attractive option for the AI. All i find is that the option is USEFUL to the player if he doesn't have the wage budget for that year but know he may have some older players retire next year
  2. I haven't found anyone interested in this feature?? I cannot draw on any real life examples but i would imagine with youth who are important are their clubs but would just be included as a rotation/backup player at your club may be loaned back. I am sure this could be included in the transfer negotiations and may be an attractive option for smaller teams unwilling to sell youth??? Unless i am a fool and this is in the game already??
  3. not seen this b4

    what?? So stevie basically called u an idiot for laughing in the forums for no reason and your reply is to laugh.... does that mean you win??? I don't get it... You're the worst kind of moron to argue with because no matter what anyone says you'll always come back with something lame (read above post) and think you've killed it....
  4. Regen dubbed the NEXT

    Gulerba... ok well the kaka/modric age difference was not the point.... nor was it the two players i was to choose from, just a comparison.... let me re-phrase.... would it be any difference tutoring with a 30yr old kaka to a 36yr old kaka... I would imagine in real life there would be no difference....
  5. Regen dubbed the NEXT

    For example i go about collecting aging stars on free transfer or even for small transfers in the hope of having a good 6-7 tutors. eg ronaldinho, gattuso, Pirlo, cahill, Rio, terry, viduka(jk).... using these aged players with lower stats i'm just unsure whether its benefical to tutoring with these players OR younger players who are nowhere near as good but who's stats are better because they are in their prime?!!?!? E.g do i tutor a player with a 36 yr old Kaka OR a 27 yr old modric??
  6. Regen dubbed the NEXT

    Heres a question i've always wondered... if some is dubbed "the next" i assume this is because their stats are distributed in the same relative manner as the player they are dubbed to be. Would it be beneficial to buy that player they are dubbed to be and get them to tutor... i would assume so??!! Also is it worthwhile keeping a player (36 and over) who were great to tutor even after their stats have declined????
  7. save money or spend big?

    try and secure loans for now. you might beable to snare players like Van Der Vaart who are always being put on the market. Don't bother spending money unless A) you definately have your target set and B) if he is value for money
  8. Just Signed My Mate!

    I'm very annoyed, I play for the Central Coast Mariners Reserve team in the Australian A League but I'm not i nthe game...
  9. accidental cheat discovered

    I found a great discovery too.... inside the editor I created a whole new team of superstars and adjusted my transfer budget.... crazy cheat huh!
  10. I'd disagree. if you are on a small pitch there is less space therefore high pressing tactics are going to be effective. A direct style with alot of flair/creativity would be preferable. If at home you have the space play the tactics you want and impose yourself at home, but when away high tempo, early crosses and counter-attacking is the way to go. Think about it if you play slow tempo yo uare prone to being closed down and without the high amount of space and options you may lose the ball alot with low success of passing. Space will be closed down quickly therefore yo need your attacks to be swift.
  11. What are you on about? My IQ dropped 20 points just reading this rubbish
  12. Nostalgia

    It has been acknowledged in one of the posts i read that there is a bug where straight on balls that split the 2 CB's are overly successful meaning there are many more straight on one-on-ones with the keep and these one-on-ones have a much lower conversion %age. This is why people think there is a superkeeper bug but in actual fact its the tactics exploiting a bug to create chances that would not exist IRL and the keeper has a much much higher %age of saves against this certain shot..
  13. Nostalgia

    oh and its difference.... genius...
  14. Nostalgia

    so is it the match engine or the graphics you have the gripe with???
  15. Nostalgia

    oh your playing it right now... well proved me wrong!! just put the viewing on 2d genius....