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  1. Wow well done krosotv. Not taking anything away from you at all! but are you finding this years game a bit easy too? i expected to get a small budget in the prem and be fighting for survival but im currently 4th and i spend £62m! Seems more unrealistic that other years. Gd fun tho
  2. Very happy with my first season. finished 2nd in the league so back up we go and i managed to win the FA Cup!! against......Arsenal!! hmm brings back memories. Also beat Man u and Blackburn to reach the final. Ins 11/12 season (Spent a LOT, wana push on straight away. risky as im not 100k over wages :s) Steven Davis (cm, Rangers, £9m) Christien Eriksen (cm, Ajax, £10m) Andile Jali (dm, Lazio, £7m) you can pick him up for £100k at start of game if you've quick. Still worth paying £7m for as he's quality solid player. Asamoah Gyan (st, Sunderland, £12.5m) injured straight away for 3 weeks Ricardo Quaresma, (aml, Besiktas, £3.6m) Dede (dc, Vasco, £13) Prob my best buy so far. Rock solid. Out: Burke - £2.5m Rooney - £500k Elliot - £1k Zigic - Loan (needed him off the wages plus not that great for me) 2nd season just kicked off. Won the charity shield on penalties against Man u then first prem game was beating the scum 1-0 on their own turf.
  3. Rhodolfo

    What does your scout report say for him? Cant seem to scout him at the moment. I did come across him but never did anything with it for that reason
  4. ALSO just got news from the board saying..."The board are pleased to announce that as a result of an improvement in the clubs finances, they are in a position to give you a transfer budget of £10.25m"..wow!! Anyone else had this? Im going shopping!
  5. any1 managed to get a stadium expansion? i asked the board and i was shocked to see them say yes! Upgrading it to just over 35k. Im currently in Nov of first season. 2nd in league with 2 games in hand but being plagued by injuries all the time!
  6. He already joined Palermo search goes on
  7. Just starting a new save with Blues. Tried to sign Wilfried and he isnt interested in joining! how have so many of you got him?
  8. Shall we just talk FM12 on here for now? Untill we have an official one of course! Just finished my Demo with Blues and was 1st with 2 games in hand. In: Gary Taylor-Fletcher - Blackpool - £1.7m (Played very well on right wing or up front and averaged about 7.60 but he got injured for about 6 weeks then played 2 games and was out for another month so considering we only get £2.5m its alot of money to spend. Macheda (3 month Loan- no fee but payed £6k wages) Played 11 Scored 8 Frimpong (6 month Load - no fee but payed wages.?) Wasnt a starter all the time for me as he was averaging 6.40 but he is a good squad player to have I didnt sell anyone in the demo as i wanted to see who performs well and who doesnt. Knowing this now i will be selling Burke and Fahey as there are better players in their positions in Redmond and Elliot. Zigic did not do it at all when he came back from injury and scored only 3 goals in 13 starts. Pablo is a suprise package as he keeps Caldwell out of the team and gets a fair few goals too. Davies scored 9 times in 26 games which is very good for a defender. Right back and left back were Ridgewell and Carr. Ridgewell is solid and consistant performer. Carr, same but he gets tired which is understandable with his age. Beausejour is a revelation out on the left and he runs past defenders all day and whips in a cracking ball for many assists. Elliot keps Burke out of the side as and he scored his fair share too. Spector played very well with Mutch/Frimpong in the middle of the park. could do with a better player to replace Frimpong to be honest. The one thing we need (Like real life) is a goalscorer! Macheda did this very well but after his 3 months ended i think he got a bit big headed and didnt want to return to the championship so will maybe try get him for 6 months of a reason next time. Overall, Very do-able to get promoted/Win the league and i also got offered £9.5m transfer kitty for Jan window to win promotion or you could get £12.5m to win the leage. Please move this if we get a Birmingham Official FM12. (I CBA to do one myself sorry)
  9. Hi all Im a Birmingham fan and come in peace! Just finished my 1st season and got Liverpool 4th spot so back where they belong. Hazard was my star player Average of 7.34 for the season and scored 11 goals from AML I am looking for a new LB as Aurellio was injured most of my season and Koncheskey is....well, Koncheskey. Any suggestions on this? Also a next level striker needed as neither carroll or suarez are getting as many goals as i need to really challenge for the title. Aguero wont come to me for some reason
  10. Just finished 1st season with Blues finishing 9th (sounds familiar) Players out: Jerome (£3.4m - Stoke) Parnaby (1.2m - Stoke) Murphy (£1.9m - Middlesbrough) Players in: Gary Cahill - (£7m) Very good 1st season with me. Solid performances and ended average rating of 7.20 Humberto Suazo - (£3.2m) 15 goals in 35 appearances in the prem so good buy for the money spent Roberto Carlos - (£500k) Was injured for about 6 weeks on and off but still gave some good performaces. Averaged 6.80 Epalle - (£825k) right winger for back up to Seb and did very well at that role. Seb got injured few times and he managed to average 6.80 Top goal scorer - Suazo (18 goals) but the big suprise for me was the rise of Derbyshire in the 2nd half of the season. didnt gewt his 1st game till xmas time and he finished with 17 goals! Zigic was playing woeful so gave matt a go and he delivered very well with some very well taken goals. Will be keeping hold of him next season if i can. Let down of the season - Foster - Seemed very poor throughout the season and very inconsistant so this is someything ill be addressing in the summer. If only it was more realistic as foster is awesome, isnt he Anceloti Havent got my budget yet but ill be looking at a new striker, right winger and keeper as priority. Will update you in Jan
  11. Iv started my game with my one and only Blues. Big Eck started off alot better than me though :s Played 8 games, won 1 and am 17th in the league. Players in: Fred - ST - £7.5M Cabanas - ST - £5m Alexander Odegaard - Mid - £750k (Fadders was injured for 5 months) Buonanotte - AMC - £4.4m Players out Jerome - £3.2m - Lazio O'Connor - £3.8m - Baggies I have tried a few formations now but cant seem to find the right one. Any tips for the best formation to have with Blues? I'v read people saying Dann and Johnson have been solid. Dann is averaging 5.3!! on my game. Not gd! help!
  12. I have downloaded files such as kits and other graphical stuff and i am told to save to ....../football manager 2010/graphics well i dont have graphics. All i have is db, editor data, games, matches, skins & sounds Please help
  13. I know its only the demo but who are the best players ppl have come across so far?
  14. I am playing with Birmingham on FM and notice that the takeover of Birmingham is not done on the game. This would obviously have a big effect on transfer kitty Hope they sort this out as i need more £££ anyone know?