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  1. I have reported a supposed interest in Lloris from Arsenal at the start of the season (it was probably bull). I was told by a fan that Lloris wasn't that good, he was too meek but that Woj had that mentality Some fans are too confused by the last few seasons, they can't reasonably rate their players. They don't know who is bad, who is good but lacks confidence, who is good but needs experience and less expectations put on them, who is good but not played to his strenght. Woj is one of the many problems, can't do well without a top keeper and he is just not good enough yet.
  2. That De Gea was underated when he moved to England doesn't make a case for Woj. He has played more top league games, more international games, he is a Europa League winner, he has already proved he is good enough for a top side and that as a young keeper he handles pressure very well. Keeper is the single most important position on a pitch to me and he, alone, can make or break a season. A reliable, proven GK brings confidence to the defence and you can try to build from that. Woj is undeniably talented but he is not good enough yet imo but maybe that's me rating Arsenal too high as a club. He is still young and will improve. But I don't think what's happening is helping him develop, mature and gain confidence. He's been put under pressure and fire too early. Now I am neither saying it is the sole problem nor that it would solve all the problems. But I may have clues for an answer to my query, Woj is not questioned at all by the fans.
  3. You can manage in the CFA if your team is relegated from National. I don't know if you get the achievement without being relegated first. There were mods for prior versions to make it playable from the start, i don't know for FM13.
  4. Do Arsenal fans rate Szczesny as a top table PL side's starting keeper ? Not trolling, seriously asking. It's blatant to me that Arsenal needs an upgrade at that position and it seems it is never questionned.
  5. You know very little of him then. He thrives under pressure, has huge expectations on him since a young age and is confirming them all.
  6. Allez les bleus! The France thread

    He had a staff of 22 ! With him, they were as many as the players for the Euro... Blanc got all he wanted from the previous president after the WC2010 debacle but truly it's a bit too much. If he really wanted to continue, he could have accepted to reduce his staff. Is Tottenham big enough for him ? He waited for years before taking his first managerial job. He was interviewed for the France's job in 2004 and has been linked to several clubs before that already. He took Bordeaux only in 2008. During all that time, he was officially looking for a job in football but only seemed to consider teams with winning perspectives on the short term. I don't think Tottenham has realistic chances of winning the EPL in the short term and that Blanc wants to risk his reputation. We will see what happens. Is Deschamps backpedalling now ? Reports are that he wouldn't accept France. OM resumed training today with no manager.
  7. You are all probably right. It may be a rumor to advertise Lloris availability.
  8. L'Equipe reports Arsenal's interest on Lloris this morning, talks about a 15M€ bid.
  9. Allez les bleus! The France thread

    He will be heavily criticised for that. He is a quitter, he did the same at Bordeaux. He can't leave like this after all that he said. Deschamps was expected to leave Marseille after last season's nightmare. He didn't resigned to everyone's surprise. The club can't fire him as it would cost them too much. At first, it was thought he was playing some mind games trying to negociate a fee for his departure. But it looked that he was staying after all and amazingly, after having fallen out with all his players, he would start the new season. Two days after France's defeat to Spain and a week before training resumes at Marseille, Deschamps resigned. First clue on what would follow. Then it was "leaked" that Deschamps and the FFF president had met earlier this year to discuss the French job, if anything bad happened... Blanc and Deschamps have the same agent, Bernès. A controversy starts to take foot. It was all decided monthes ago, it's all staged now and everyone is managing his public image.
  10. semi-final the second - Germany vs. Italy

    Pirlo is such a class act !
  11. Allez les bleus! The France thread

    I said Blanc was a cautious coach and I think he showed his true colours against Spain. When he started at Bordeaux, he said he wouldn't last long in management and that he had other plans for for the future. Probably in some football governing body or chairman somewhere or whatever. He wanted the France job from the beginning but needed to prove himself a bit at a club before that. After France, he'll move on. So many things he said for the last two years. He says he doesn't need to go watch games live as he can watch them on TV. When asked about a particular game, CL or important Ligue 1 game, he invariably replies that he is not going to lie, he hasn't watched it and can't comment. First time he was asked about a game that was broadcasted on Orange, one of the 2 French rights owners of Ligue 1, he said he was not going to lie, he hasn't subscribed to Orange, can't watch games and can't comment. When Mexes punched Boriello, it was much talked about in the French media as it was only a few days before an international game where Blanc said he would decide on the team's captain for the Euro. Blanc had said before that Mexes was one potential captain on his mind so there was some controversy, would Blanc name him ? Asked about it midweek at a press conference at Clairefontaine, he said he was not going to lie, he hadn't watched it yet... but had planned to do so and will comment afterwards... He's also said he doesn't like day-to-day training, it bores him... He has an army of staff, Jean-Louis Gasset is apparently doing the bulk of the work, training, scouting etc... In a patronizing tone, he laughed at journalists who were asking if he would call Bafé Gomis at some point. He said that, of course, he knew that Gomis just had a few good games but he reminded them that Gomis was only a sub at Lyon and that they shouldn't get too enthusiastic about a player just for a few good games. The next day, the press printed Gomis stats, most used player last season after Lloris... I could go on and on and on...
  12. Blanc is such a dumbass, he's not even proposed marriage to his girl in the post-match interview.
  13. France : Lloris – Debuchy, Rami, Mexès, Clichy - Diarra, M’Vila, Nasri - Ben Arfa, Benzema, Ribéry. Official.