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  1. This may only be a pre-season friendly, but its one of those moments that me and FM fall out............
  2. Has anyone else picked this guy up? Elliot Hodgett-Young Got him on a free at the start of Season 1 as a pit of a punt, He had just been released by Mansfield..... Start of Season 3 he has ousted Jan from the team and has 6 England Caps!!!!!
  3. lam - Definitely a problem, but a good one to have... Although, may be resolved very quickly as PSG just came in with a £66 million bid for Eriksen!!!!!!!! Not sure i can turn down that kind of money
  4. So Finally got round to starting my Long Term Spurs save after the update, After this tactic was made somewhat less successful by the 2nd patch i was delighted that it returned to its former glory in Season 1 Although I didn't quite manage to keep pace with a rampant Chelsea, i was very happy to finish in 2nd place Definitely a return to form Also, after an injury to Kane that had him out for 6 months, Christian Eriksen decided to do this as a makeshift front man!!!!!
  5. Not sure if anyone else has tried this, But Eriksen up top as a Trequartista is immense!!!! Hand was forced as Kane out for 6 months and don't trust Ade or Robbie But, 43 Goals and 12 Assists - Never expected that!!!!
  6. I have never used any opposition instructions, but thats not to say that they wouldnt be useful, they are just something i have never spent any time using I have to agree that since the most recent patch the ratings and the assists for the midfield three have dropped, but while the tactic is still working im pretty ok with that I have tinkered with pulling the CM-D back to the DM slot as an Anchor Man and this made the tactic very solid defensively but we then really struggled in front of goal, would be interested to see how you go with any tweaks you make
  7. Glad its working for you, and I wouldn't worry about the ratings, as long as he is doing his job that's all that matters - but I also see him getting low ratings and averaging about the same 6.80 level
  8. Haven't had much time to play since the last patch, but looks as though some tinkering is needed. Its still working, however definitely not as solid defensively and possession stats are down on before Have a few hours to play today so will see how I go Any feedback from anyone else gratefully received.....
  9. Finally finished my 1st Season Swansea Test A 3rd place finish with the default starting squad, no transfers at all through the Season And 79 pts - A decent total, only 9 behind the champions.........
  10. Some similarities certainly, Same Formation and similar Roles, but different duties, also different Mentality and Team Shape, which then makes the Team Instructions have a very different effect I have never looked at this tactic previously but would also assume that the individual player instructions are very different aswell So although the formation is the same, very different tactics
  11. Glad to see it is working for some Anyone else got any feedback - would love to hear if its working for others
  12. Thanks Brizza, Nice to see its working for you - who are you playing with?
  13. So almost 2 years after last posting I finally decided to get back on the horse. Some of you may know of the Typhon tactic from its various incarnations in FM09 & FM10 (a long time ago), Some of you may even have used it, and some of you will know doubt have no idea what on earth I am going on about, In FM15, Typhon is a single 433 tactic, used in all matches, against all opposition. No Tactic sets, No OI’s and No match by match tweaks. The only change I ever made was to occasionally change the two Advanced Playmakers on support to Deep Lying Playmakers on Support. This generally made the team better defensively but lost some of the attacking impact. So far I have tested this tactic with a 1st Season Spurs Team for a full season and a 1st Season Swansea Team up to January. No Transfers were made in either game as I wanted to really test how it would fare as a true Plug and Play tactic, even when the players were not exactly as you would need. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at just how well it worked. The Highlights, apart from Trophy haul, was just how solid defensively we were for the majority of the season and also a 20 game winning run with Spurs where we really did play some cracking stuff. With Spurs I managed to Win the Premier League, The Euro Cup and the Capital One Cup With Swansea I was sitting in 4th Place at the Start of January, 2 pts behind 2nd Place Here are the 2 save game files and a few Screenshots for anyone who is interested in a little more detail. Tottenham Hotspur Swansea Spurs - Screen Shots Competitions League Table Player Stats Swansea - Screen Shots Competitions League Table Player Stats This Tactic will not make you unbeatable, defeats come with the territory and often arrive when they are least expected, just bite the bullet, Move on and get on another run, However I saw only 7 defeats in all competions as Spurs. Download Link – Typhon - Reloaded So Please let me have any feedback – Positive or Constructive And any Questions - Just Ask
  14. Ok I'm In After a 2 year absence I think its time to try this again Let the reloading commence (Would Love Whitby, but dont think there is a chance in hell of getting them)
  15. Tooting & Mitcham Season 2 - 2013/14 – Blue Square Premier Prediction - 24th Actual - 4th Well, i got so carried away with my save i forgot to post my end of season 2 review, so here it is, but a little shorter than usual After Promotion to the Blue Square Premier, i felt the squad would certainly hold its own, but needed some improvements and after a bit of wheeling and dealing i was happy that the squad would be capable of a mid table finish and prevent a drop straight back down. A solid but unspectacular start to the season saw us comfortably in the Play Off Places from early on and we maintained this level throughout the season, a few bad runs saw us drop out but never to far behind on pts, We secured our play off place and met Grimsby in the Semi final a 1-0 home victory, followed by a 1-1 away from home saw us into the final against Luton,We were massive underdogs and went behind in the 1st half. however a good rollicking at half time sent the players out all fired up and within 10 minutes we were 2-1 ahead thanks to a Johan Hammer header and a Jake Nicholson Penalty. Then it was backs to the wall as Luton pressed but we held out for our second succesive promotion, both via the play offs Blue Square Premier TableTransfers Squad Finances The Cups were again a none event, no real progress made and would probably only have hindered our push in the league so was not to disappointed Top Players Loris Karius - Solid as a rock, if anyone got past the 2 Centre Backs he would bail us out more times than not Daniel Devine - Solid Centre Back Partner for Hammer, Made us hard to beat and helped us keep over 25 clean sheets Johan Hammer - One Word, Immense, His motto is "you shall not pass", chipped in with a few goals aswell Richie Barroilhet - Carried on with his form from last season, was often the difference between a 0-0 and 1-0 win Next Season Aim for next season can be summed up in one word - Survive Career Overview Season League Position Achievements 2012/13 Blue Square South 2nd Promoted via Play Offs 2013/14 Blue Square Premier 4th Promoted via Play Offs
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