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  1. Hi Hugo I had actually followed both of these yesterday before this post, sadly experienced a further crash. Chris
  2. Hello Post on behalf of my not so technical friend, he has experienced several game crashes on FM, both offline and Online(while connecting to my server). It seems to happen when loading into a match, but has been known to also be completely random. Please find attached dxdiag.txt and dump file from his PC for most recent crash. I have been round and updated his video drivers inline with Intel's latest already. Any help appreciated. Chris. DxDiag.txt FM 2019 v19.2.2.1184534 (2019.01.23 21.03.21).dmp
  3. Note the difference in players in the CAM spots, used the advice from assistant to swap and now the 2 teams sheets on same screen don't match up, might be a slight bug.
  4. Without reading previous posts too much, playing as Villa myself, I sit top after 25 games, this is what and who I have found useful. Pick players based off training. O'Hare and Doyle Hayes are actually sneaky good youngsters for playmaking ability, find a way to get one in at CM as DLP Support. Rotate heavily, keeping players fresh seems to be key and we have an ideal squad for it. Also set the defensive line slightly lower, I found I was being beat over the top almost every game. Finally I would reduce tempo and passing range, opposition teams let Villa have a lot of the ball on the game, and its about slowly breaking them down rather than just running and losing the ball. I play Vertical tika taka but all the above should help you as well. Let me know how you get on.
  5. Can anyone start an online game at moment or are we not allowed till the full version is out?
  6. Any chance I can have Sheff Utd if not i'll go Darlington.
  7. If I stay up can I have a list of managers available for QPR ?
  8. Nice one, im looking at a few of those frees.
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