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  1. 6 games in the Prem and and I've had 3 red cards (I don't have get stuck in on) far too many yellow cards flying about! Also lots of goals from set pieces, a bit repetitive really.
  2. I don't know if this has been mentioned because I haven't read all 50+ replies but if you go to Transfers > Clauses a couple of seasons after this happens you can then see the poached player in all his glory. Gone from Conference North > Prem and it's happened a few times to me, luckily not to any of my good players.
  3. Noticing far too many goals from set pieces. Even if you spend 45 minutes making sure you set all your set piece instructions up you then go and concede 3 goals to players who are about 5ft6! Both for and against too, It's like the only way either team can score is through a set piece its boring.
  4. Out of interest I can't seem to remember... Do they release a winter transfer window squad update? I.E Haaland to Dortmund etc?
  5. Following on from this I've managed to play my first season as FC United. Survived comfortably, in fact I was 13th/14th for the majority of the season. The youth intake is quite remarkable. This lad has already played 5 U21 caps for Belgium over the summer. He won't sign a new deal due to being too good for the club already but he's contracted for 2 seasons so I'll see how long I can keep him!
  6. Do you have a keeper? I wanted to do them but there was just a terrible 16yr old regen so didn't think it'd be possible.
  7. Thanks! HoYD - He's gone already League - Like I said, never in danger of relegation Manager Profile - Managed to bag national C Licence straight away, now on the verge of getting my B licence Facilities - Just managed to upgrade youth recruitment to average level. Transfer History - Clemens signed by previous manager, he's useless anyway! Lost my best centre mid before the season started chairman accepted on my behalf.
  8. I am doing my usual RW Essen save, just finished first season and survived comfortably. For some reason Alt+F9 isn't working for screenshots as it usually did (Anyone have any ideas why?), but it's all above board honest! I have a HoYD who has unbelievable stats - however he's already decided to move on at the end of the season - I have four 5* potential players 2 goalkeepers, a centre half and a centre mid coming through across 2 youth intakes. Don't think the youth intake is quite so generous in Germany as it was in previous saves so this might be a long slog! Out of interest has anyone come across a team that isn't such a struggle? I looked at Palermo but was genuinely shocked at how poor their playing staff was - they have really hit rock bottom!
  9. Has anyone noticed the reload date for newly promoted teams has changed? You used to be able to save the day before the reload date but now its the same regional teams getting promoted. Any ideas how far back you need to go for the options to change?
  10. If soimeone points me in the direction of how to attach the file to here I'll put it in here.
  11. Another Newcastle one here in September first season. Unfortunately not extra transfer budget until January at the earliest. Also they changed their season expectations to qualify for champions league this season despite being unable to sign anyone til January - slightly unrealistic!
  12. Rot Weiss Essen - German 3. Bundesliga Apologies as uploading this halfway through first season. Gone for my usual team as I do one every year since FM 2012. Persistence really pays off, 7 games in I was having players meetings with them questioning whether I had the ability to turn things around. The very next game an opposition player got sent off and we scraped a 1-0 win in the 87th minute - Not really looked back since. Determined not to be complacent as only 8 points off 17th. One thing to remind you all of: I started with only 4 tagged players however a shift from 3.5 stars to 4.5 stars for a couple of my players potentials from the first youth intake already at the club shows that we shouldn't just accept first appearances! Manager Profile - A couple of attribute shifts due to being half way through first season. On first National C coaching course. Facilities - Have improved Youth Recruitment and Junior Coaching both were Average at start. Tagged Youth - Muhammed Colak 1a Simon Wazinksi 1b Rachid Fane 1c Ingo Baumgartel 1d Timo Wernze 1e Stefan Bartz 1f League Table Results
  13. I am noticing a rather abnormally high amount of goals from set pieces especially corners.
  14. German Third division added guys Time for my usual RW Essen save. Season reset date is 19th June.
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