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  1. janesy20

    FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    I'm Cove Rangers in Scottish League Two for this challenge. The worst has just happened: My only keeper at the club has injured himself to the end of the season. It happened 15minutes into a scottish cup game v Partick Thistle (Scottish Prem team) I've had a centre half in goal for 3 games now and been pumped every game. Having to change tactic try and retain possession at all costs to stop teams having any shots. Hopefully draw my way to the youth intake date which is 4 weeks away and pray to god I get a goalkeeper if the board don't sack me by then
  2. janesy20

    FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    Did not realise that you didn't get compensation for young players in the German leagues Just lost my best young regen to RB Leipzig for nothing!
  3. janesy20

    The Ask-SI-Anything Thread

    Have they noticed the perceived negative tactics the AI uses, especially surrounding full backs? FM 18 seems to be that the only way to consistently beat the AI is playing 3 poachers/advanced forwards up top because they always have about 5 back in defence. The full backs rarely ever get forward and it feels like you're just trying to exploit the match engine rather than build a decent tactic with one striker up front for instance.
  4. janesy20

    FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    So I'm 1860 Munich, hemorrhaging money. Since taking over had this lad in my youth squad. Now dubbed the next Rudi Voller. I know 1860 isn't that much of challenge (though trying to sort the finances is a massive issue) but getting a player like this is great!
  5. janesy20

    FM 18 Tycoon thread

    Don't know how
  6. janesy20

    FM 18 Tycoon thread

    I have noticed on my Leeds Utd save in January 2021/22 that Crystal Palace of the championship have a Kuwaiti Tycoon. I have saved file and added fresh manager when you play around with the budgets you have £60m+ to spend.
  7. Yes, as stated this is across multiple saves not just one. Perhaps I should switch it up a bit though.
  8. I haven't scored a penalty across multiple saves in the last 8 penalties. Has anyone else noticed a high incidence of missed penalties? I don't mind the odd one here and there but its so predictable at the moment.
  9. What on earth have you done to this game in the update? Results since update: 3-3 1-0 0-5 5-0 6-4 Far too many goals per game defending has gone completely out the window.
  10. can someone explain Brexit in the game please? I've reached 31st August 2019 and no mention at all yet. Does it get a message? Does the date vary?
  11. janesy20

    Counter attacking

    Here is my 4-4-2 counter with Leeds. It worked quite well got to the play offs first season but lost in the semi finals. It's not completely water tight but it got some good results.
  12. I'm quite enjoying this years game. I've got stuck into an early save with promise as Leeds United. There are many positives for me the tactics screen including team dynamics is a great addition. There are a few things like alot of us here that bug me - If you go through the analysis tab in game you can see the roles that the AI use. . In modern football the full back is an attacking, quick and dynamic player used often in attacking play. More often than not they are very, very conservative with either Fb (d) or (s) This means when using attacking/control mentalities it can be very frustrating and often lead to trying to get through a completely locked door. The tactics forum has a very good article on the art of the counter attack. Perhaps start there. Mix it up and confuse the AI, always have them second guessing. The amount of players in the peripheral who complain about lack of first team football. If they had their way you would have to rotate the entire 11 every game. Making sure they have the correct squad status set is vital and don't take no nonsense when it comes to private chats. I've sold 4 already before January in the first season because of this. Squad turnover will be high until this is addressed in an update I feel. I didn't realise the lag was widespread. Tonight was the first time I noticed it in my save. It usually does this when my laptop is not on charging. It's mainly during the match watching the game, but I've been wondering in my left click on my mouse hasn't been working either. Hopefully this is temporary and sorted soon. Overall I'm really pleased with the game. When I think back to FMs of old, some of the glaring bugs within the match engine used to drive me insane. I can't wait for a few updates to iron out the odd crease here and there. But kudos I feel this is the most playable early version of FM in a long time.
  13. janesy20

    FM18: Wide Midfielders

    bit obvious but....James Milner?
  14. janesy20

    FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    it's says July 19th as German reset date on the first post. I'm assuming it means 19th June?