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  1. Rot Weiss Essen - German 3. Bundesliga Apologies as uploading this halfway through first season. Gone for my usual team as I do one every year since FM 2012. Persistence really pays off, 7 games in I was having players meetings with them questioning whether I had the ability to turn things around. The very next game an opposition player got sent off and we scraped a 1-0 win in the 87th minute - Not really looked back since. Determined not to be complacent as only 8 points off 17th. One thing to remind you all of: I started with only 4 tagged players however a shift from 3.5 stars to 4.5 stars for a couple of my players potentials from the first youth intake already at the club shows that we shouldn't just accept first appearances! Manager Profile - A couple of attribute shifts due to being half way through first season. On first National C coaching course. Facilities - Have improved Youth Recruitment and Junior Coaching both were Average at start. Tagged Youth - Muhammed Colak 1a Simon Wazinksi 1b Rachid Fane 1c Ingo Baumgartel 1d Timo Wernze 1e Stefan Bartz 1f League Table Results
  2. I am noticing a rather abnormally high amount of goals from set pieces especially corners.
  3. German Third division added guys Time for my usual RW Essen save. Season reset date is 19th June.
  4. janesy20

    Editor requests - Custom league files - ask here

    I literally checked the game an hour ago and it wasn't there, plus they mentioned that it wasn't going to be on this years. Suddenly it's appeared. Don't know if my steam has updated or what but it is indeed there. Thanks.
  5. janesy20

    Editor requests - Custom league files - ask here

    Not this year it isn't.
  6. janesy20

    Editor requests - Custom league files - ask here

    Anyone going to be making 3. Bundesliga available to play? Thanks.
  7. I've switched Head of Youth to see if that makes any difference, just starting second season now. A few of the CA and PAs have changed a little bit, originally only had one 5* potential but now have two which is better. Some of the players also jumped from like 2 silver stars to 1 gold star CA overnight so a bit better, tjhat could also be down to the ability of the Assistant Manager to judge these plus once safe the last 6 games I played them in all games and subsequently lost 6 on the bounce . The good thing about Scarborough is they don't lose money at present and once you lose Coulson and Annan who are top earners you will probably make even more. My balance is £260k going into the second season and I will lose Annan and Coulson at the end of the season so really need some very good youth players coming through this time round.
  8. Really don't understand how everyone in the English leagues are getting such good youth intakes. I have played a season as scarborough athletic and survived quite comfortably, have a fairly good HoYD for the level and have improved youth recruitment and junior coaching but there was barely any talent and the current ability was 3 silver stars so a way to go before they can play in the side! Long slog I feel. Tempted by the Bari save. Just holidaying in Italy now to have a look.
  9. Darlington had Pickford as an emergency loan keeper as their first choice plus their youth team keeper for the bench. I am Scarborough after they got promoted in the second season who have 1 keeper and 1 youth team keeper. Need any more examples? I also manage York where I have 2 keepers. Why should i need to sign a keeper I don't need in order to make my first choice tutor my youth team keeper? Clubs do it intermittently everywhere. Agreed to the concept that it's a risky practice but would it stop an experienced player passing his knowledge onto a young player on his own? No.
  10. I did, and I can tell you the concept that you require anything more than to have a senior pro actually look out for you without some randomly positioned other young player involved is complete nonsense.
  11. Last I checked you can manage all the way to Conference North/South level.
  12. Thank you. But wishing to keep to the "realism" that the defendant suggested earlier how realistic is that? a keeper taking an a left sided winger, well, under his wing?
  13. Some do. Not everyone can afford more than two and others just use emergency loan system if one gets injured as a way of saving money. I don't even know why I'm trying to justify myself to you, who even are you? This is a feedback thread and I'm pointing out a flaw in a game to the people who create it. This is none of your business.
  14. because the minimum number requirement is 3. 1 tutor and 2 to learn from.
  15. So may as well close the feedback thread then. I'm no programmer but how hard can it be to change the minimum number of tutees (if that's a word) for goalkeepers from 2 to 1?