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  1. Hi, My son is using a mid 2007 Mac, on 10.11.6 with 4gb memory but it does have the original graphics card which is an ATI Radeon HD 2600. FM19 appears to have installed ok, but the same will not launch. I have tried reinstalling and verifying integrity of game files via steam. It says running briefly but then nothing happens. Will the old graphics card prevent the game from starting? FM18 works fine still. Thanks.
  2. Without seeing your tactic it's tough, but what you seem to describe is a direct counter attack tactic. You want space between their defence and GK so you need to encourage them out a deep counter attack is therefore the logical option. You want your strikers central and on the defenders shoulders so a poacher role seems the most obvious option for one of them. The old fashioned target-man - poacher combination would be my choice for this type of system if you have suitable players. A pacy poacher would be nice if you are looking to exploit the space in behind. Have a look at the pre-defined Direct Counter Attack tactic for team instructions and develop it from there. Like you said though, you have to accept the opposition will have time on the ball in your half, probably more possession and shots too so a lot will depend on the defensive shape you start with to make sure those shots don't come from good positions.
  3. You are most welcome. If you don't like the carrilero option, you could think about dropping your CAM into CM role with an attack duty. That would widen the play in the centre a bit and then your central player should still push on towards your strikers as you attack.
  4. My take on this would be that with your high intensity pressing game you are forcing your opponents back into their own half but then when you get the ball you want to play a slow passing game within that consequently limited space. You then play narrow too, so you are limiting the space further. Shots then in turn tend to be from around the edge of the area or in tight congested spaces. I've done similar things with a different formation and often lead into the same issues you have been facing here. The way I have started to solve this personally is to open up the pitch to my team by reducing my pressing game, encouraging the opposition to come out a little and therefore leave more spaces in between the lines for my team to them play their football in. More width will help too. I'm guessing you have added narrow because you are playing the diamond formation? Personally I find this isn't needed. You then have two narrow CMs as BWMs plus your CDM and CAM are both on support duties so moving around in the same space also. Maybe try Carrileros for the 2 CMs so they sit wider and stretch play a little more. You may find you have slightly less shots, but they may well be from better positions. Your opposition will have more time to play too of course, but as the superior team in your league this shouldn't be an issue for you. Some will no doubt have different views, but that's the beauty of football I guess. Hope this at least gives you something to think about.
  5. 45 in Jan. Had every single version ever. Been addicted since day 1.
  6. I have just finished my 3rd season and have found a strange bug where nearly all of my first team squad have gained home grown status. I am talking about players such as Gagliardini, Schick and Werner and I am managing West Ham. Not sure what the trigger for this was. I hadn't noticed it for the first 3 seasons so it must have happened after that season finished. I am playing on the public beta latest release at present. I have uploaded James Metcalf - West Ham.fm to the SI Cloud in case this helps.
  7. West Ham is pretty good for this sort of challenge. Playing this game with them is the only way to see them win nowadays.....
  8. 4231 wide for me. Very fluid / control system with shorter passing and pressing. Playing as West Ham. Two top 4 finishes, two EFL cups and upcoming FA cup and champions league finals to play when I get home tonight. Started as ex-International and top coaching badges though, so a lot easier of course....
  9. Seriously, just go for it. I'm playing with no issues on a custom built laptop and my eldest is having no troubles on a dated Mac. Yes, there are bugs but I think it's really enjoyable personally.
  10. I'm coming to the end of my 2nd season in a West ham save. It's been a rocky road with the squad dynamics, what with selling the likes of Noble and Antonio. I've changed most of the squad now and had a number of issues with players being unhappy but you can get through it fine. 2 thirds of the squad now backing me and pretty much every player in the same core social group Ultimately, the players fall into line if you manage it well and are successful.
  11. Cheers Neil. It was anti virus waiting for approval to launch it. This one can be closed.
  12. I've installed via Steam and when I try to launch the game, nothing happens. I can see the process on task manager, but it's not doing anything. No CPU assigned, no memory increasing. When I try to start again, I expectedly get message saying app is running. I shut down the laptop and tried again. Also tried verifying integrity of game files. Doesn't seem to change anything. Any advice please?
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