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  1. Known issues and solutions - FAQ

    I encountered this as well but the game still ran, only I couldnt start new game with the updated database in the patch but could only use the origional database. I beleive their is a solution on the footballmanager.com FAQ section, from memory you create shortcut directly from the FM file in steam to your desktop. Im not 100% sure and am not an expert so I would have a look there first. Since then i have downloaded the patch and it works fine, but my game is very slow?! Im not happy with the whole steam thing either, they made something so simple like playing FM into a headache by using steam. I had no idea steam existed before this game and still don't know what its purpose or use is and dont really care either.
  2. Known issues and solutions - FAQ

    I've got the game installed and authenticated fine through uniloc. But the game is very sluggish at times when starting up and when about to start a match it takes 2-3 minutes to start and then when coming out of a match it takes about 10 minutes all of the time to process and up to 15 minutes sometimes and I only run it in 2D classic and 3D is disabled. Also when it is saving it can take up to ten minutes to save as well and is slow to process continues between days. Ive ran a system requirements lab and it rates my laptop as more than capable of running the game fast. Here are my specs; XP service pack 2 Intel CPU T2050 @ 1.60Ghz 502MB RAM (system requirements rate this at 514MB dont know why?) Mobile Intel 945GM Express Chipset Family 224MB I have downloaded the patch. I run all my games with a medium database and 18 leagues, but have tested it with a small number of leagues and small db but it is just as sluggish. on day of release i installed it with steam but then fully uninstalled it and game and went with uniloc instead as with steam the slowness was really taking the **** with only a small increase in speed in offline mode. I have reinstalled the game a number of times but it is still like this Can somebody tell me the problem? I know the RAM is slightly under the recommended but this couldnt make that great an impact could it?
  3. Known issues and solutions - FAQ

    Hi, i have tried downloading the patch for FM2009 from the links provided on fm.com, the file downloads but as soon as it finishes a window appears entitled Internet Explorer saying it blocked the download because it didn't have a valid digital security key. Is this simply problem with my security settings or can someone tell what the problem is please. On the fm.com FAQ section there is solution to this problem for Vista but I am running on XP (laptop) and am not really a "genius" when it comes to computers so dont really want to risk trying it when it is written for Vista.