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  1. loversleaper can I ask what your strategy is when you are facing an opponent away from home who has a player sent off? Should you up your mentality markedly ie if you are using tapia (7) because you started as an underdog should you up it only to Querioz or go for Morhunio (13) for instance? Equally when you have a player sent off should you drop your mentality drastically? Any thoughts would be welcome.
  2. It seems to me that when you put the 3 tactics that you may use in a game in the mp screen then when you return to them after a change they seem to hold the gain that you had made previously. All of my various tactics seem to do well with the blue bars now! Fingers crossed this is how the thing is supposed to work. my match results seem to be pretty good anyway. In terms of the work around I have imported all you various tactics and only access them from the drop down menu when in the formation screen and delete the current tactics as and when they appear. Is that right?
  3. Would you be good enough to explain the workaround in more detail - I want to make sure that I transpose the tactics properly. Also do not quite understand your approach to match preperation, i thought it best to place three tactics depending on chances ie if away,wet and underdog then I would place aguirre (6), athletico (11) and Raneri (13) in the mp screen and different 3 tactics if circumstances are different. is that not right? My results seem to be v good so hopefully all is well. A bit more detail on these 2 topics would be much appreciated. Thank you for all your work and updates - i have been a fan of your approach for a number of years.
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