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  1. Hi Went to play FM18 this morning, steam gets to 68% and won't download any further, tried all tips on here, restarting, clearing cache, verifying, but nothing, it gets to 68% and then just simply stops downloading Anything I can do - never had a single problem with it before THanks
  2. Just lost 1-0 to cardiff. more possession, 10 shots, 1 on target they had 8/6. this game is obviously skewed agaisnt me lol actually played them off the park. super keeper. its boring. i dont mind losing whe i play badly, which is often enough, but losing the off game i play well is ridiculous. oh and for reference cardiff are, were, below me in the league
  3. currently in a 0-0 with brighton, 75 mins and my forwards havent even touched the ball... HAHAHAHA Brighton score in 88th minute. lol. this game sucks
  4. tackling too, players just dance around my players while they aimlessly follow them. soon as i get the ball, boom successful tackles. either the match engine is sh*te which i doubt, or the game is simpl impossible, or im missing something?
  5. also, dont think ive strung more than two passes together ever. my team lose the ball so easily, yet can never win it back...
  6. I've tried 451 and ive tried 442. Im playing dull boring football. 6.2 is te highest rating my players get. I try to play through the middle, i try to play on the flanks, i try attack i try to defend. I either grin out 1-0 losses which are boring or play brilliantly and...lose due to super keeper syndrome Ive got delpiero and derbyshire up top. When i play 451 its one o those two up top with ward/maguire/ledesma on the wings. My midfield is *****, my defence is not too bad but im losing by single goals, and my forwards, well, they may as well not be on the pitch. In my first save i was losing lots but i was playing decent football and i was scoring. last three matcher, total of 4 shots and one on target, thats not per match, thats total. Not sure I know what to do?
  7. nope, literally impossible. Since you guys advice ive started again TWICE. Tried the roles suggested and some i read about. First 4 games i hada total of 6 shots, but i won 1-0 and drew 1-1. Since then, nothing, im having 12-16 shots a game but oppositions either get penalties or have supe keeper. 6 one v ones and not one scored? come on! now the board are angry again and wanting my head. Regardless of who plays there or what roles i give my LB and RB never get more than 5.5, but when i talk to them they get angry. I've tried different tactics, roles, formations, personell, and i simpl cannot win more than a few matches, the odds are hugely stacked against us. My performances arent that bad. A little boring maybe, and my strikers are now non existant (in my first save scoring wasn't a problem). I lost 3-1 to accrington for fecks sake. This game is either impossible or far to difficult to be any fun. Or am i missing something here?
  8. Quick question SpillBlood - re staff, did you replace or add any coaches/scouts/physios in your save. I tend to do this but if it doesnt make much difference I won't bother! If you did, any you recommend?
  9. Yeh sometimes i get complacent. I suppose you have to realise every piece of information you were provided is relevant and you can use to your advantage. I guess every little tweak DOES matter. It's just understanding what works and what doesnt! Yeh I'm working my way through it now! Aprreciate the help
  10. This is the thing, on FM all players are rated Championship quality - when played right we should be doing ok. Interesting points. I tend to stick to formation in all games - maybe will take a bit of work on my part and change formations etc and certainly to look at player roles going forwards I always watch extended
  11. Wow, that's incredible. Clearly it ISNT impossible. Perhaps I'm just the worlds worst manager!! Time to start again perhaps!
  12. This is incredible SpillBlood! I am currently on my 3rd save. Being sacked just after xmas on both my others. I can't seem to get any of my players to perform at all. My incomings were Del Piero (amazing) Jamar Loza on loan and Leon Best. The defence were so poor it beggars belief and for 4/5 star midfield they went walkabout. I simply could not get anything out of my players. To see you achieving promotion with very few ins/outs is quite incredible and inspiring. I was clearly way off the mark I generally played 442 Camp LB Mattok (poor) CB Thorpe CB Wood RB Buxton (poor) ML D Ward/ S Hunt CM Smallwood CM Frecks MR Maguire SC Del Piero SC Clarke Harris You have inspired me to start again and take your advice on board, especially with the parent club. Now i know it CAN be done and it's NOT impossible I'm going to try again Thanks and please keep us posted!
  13. Wow. This is scary, thats EXACTLY what happens. Defence plays long balls, midfield tend to be non existant, SO much space in the middle. It's weird that you've nailed it so well! Thank you, I will try your role suggestions. Whats worrying is that I didn't see it! I'll also do the reading so thanks again. Clearly my system is flawed, though I simply could not see it. I'll do some reading and try again a bit fresher tonight. Appreciate that guys, thanks
  14. So. I'm Rotherham United. I understand it's a tricky task to keep us up but on FM16 its impossible. Let me explain First game I got sacked after 15 games (board called a meeting after Newcastle beat me in the cup, said i should win the next game, came down from 4-0 behind to draw 4-4 n got sacked. 15 games - i was 4 points clear of relegation! Anyway the squad are all 'good championship players' but there was some disharmony due to bad handling of some player meeting (player is awful, gets dropped, moans, squad on his side?!?!) So i start again and make myself INternational level all the coaching badges. Make some great signings (Del Piero) great pre season. Happens again. 4 matches in a row the opposition scored within 20 seconds. Every time i score - literally every time, the score immediately after. I lost 4-3 to Shrewsbury for ****s sake. Regardless of the combination of defenders, or quality of opposition we lose. Nothing rong going forward, losing 3-2 and 4-3. Its ridiculous. So I started again. Thought, ok, maybe its the tactics. Used 451 with the wingers to start, went to 442- had some success then, after 3 games, falls apart. Conceding goals for fun, can't score, players not responding to training, tactics or shouts. Opposition is walking through So after 4 starts, 4 different appraches each with the same outcome i put it to you this game is impossible for certain teams. Board isnt giving me enough time and there are simply no tactics or players that i can win. I mean, straight from kick off EVERY time. How do i deal with it. I even set it immediately to 'contain' when we score - no difference One strange thing. EVERY game on EVERY save my 'quality championship' fullbacks never get more than a 6.2 - if im lucky GK DR - LFB D DC LD D DC LD D DL LFB D MR W A MC BWM S MC DLP S ML W A SC DLF S SC AF A Occasionally play GK DR - LFB D DC LD D DC LD D DL LFB D DM DM D MC DLP S MC B2B S AMR IF A / W S AML IF S /W S SC AF A usually play counter, high tempo exploit flanks will sometimes retain possession. When i get annoyed i go to attack but - and herers the rub in 4 saves - MENTALITIES DONT SEEM TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. If it is simply the case being succesful with rotherham united is impossible thats fine i'll sell the game and get a new hobby Would appreciate help but having spent the best part of my life since this game came out it will take a lot to convince me theres anything i can do also needless to say the opposition keeper is super keeper each time. We miss penalties we are awarded, miss 1v1 while opp score theirs EDIT: just played last game of evening, all stats fairly evening, match seemed like we battered them we had 5 clear cuts to their 3 and they won 4-1....... disclaimer - i KNOW these things happen in football but not every game
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