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  1. If I play with 2 defensive midfielders in the DM slot how would a half back work? E.g. does he still drop between the two CB.
  2. Funny you should mention 4132 on standard because that is what I adopted against Arsenal at home and for the first time I have had more shots than them (only by two!) and it finished 1-1. I followed WITW's advise and a few other tips from this thread. Lets see how I get on playing the others as Arsenal are lying 6th, so not their best season so far!
  3. I understand what you mean but in my second season I have managed to sign M.Carrick, S.Gerrard and J.Clasie (feynoord), so they are all technically good players but become useless when playing against a top six team.
  4. This is where I am at a loss, everytime I play the top six ALL my players automatically can't pass a ball 5 yards, can't dribble and have the worst first touch in footballing history. I have tried analysing like I do for the other teams in the league but my players suddenly go from premiership quality to conference level just cause they are playing a big team and it affects all the player, so it hard to work out what's wrong as when I play the other teams I can see what needs changing or spot mine or an oppositions weakness.
  5. I did start off like that but after the first season when I was losing 3/4/5 - nils that I had to change. The second season I have managed a couple of lucky draws at home but still getting smashed quite easily. Like I said before I know they are the top six, so I don't expect it to be easy but I thought I would of managed one close game where I got more than 5 or 6 shots at goal to their 30.
  6. Thanks for this I will give it a try. Nice to know i am not the only one having this issue. I had visited the tactics forum but was under the impression that playing counter or defensive invites too much pressure from the bigger teams.
  7. I will normally play counter as where I normally start with standard and move up to control. Everything I keep the same. I know they are the top six and I don't expect just to beat them but compared to other FM's it seems harder just to scrape a draw. The premiership is the most competitive league in Europe and as with palace beating Man City the other day as an example.
  8. I have started a save with West Ham and I am in my second season in February. Last season I finished 8th and so far this season I am seventh but unlike previous FM's everytime I play one of the top six (Chelsea, Man City etc) the Game is so one sided. I do not expect to beat these sides just because it's FM but I can't get anywhere near them. It normally ends up with me having about four shots and them about thirty shots. All the other games against the other teams are quite even, sometimes I dominate, sometimes I don't but the gap with this year's FM between the bigger teams seems to have grown. Is anyone else experiencing this?
  9. Advice for my 4-1-3-2

    Thanks for advice. I will keep it as it is and then change if needed.
  10. I have taken on the job of Lyon in France and have been left with a very talented midfield (in terms of passing and vision), so I looked at my squad and came up with the 4-1-3-2 formation. My issue with the midfield is most of them are very good playmaker types but very poor tackling and marking stats. This is how I have lined them up. ST(P) ST(Treq) CM(RP) CM(B2B) CM(AP(A)) DM(D) FB(S) CB(D) CB(D) FB(S) I have them on standard and flexible TI's Play out of defence, work ball in box and retain possession. The two questions I have is 1. Has anyone had any success with two playmakers in midfield and a treq upfront? 2. Should I change my full backs to wing backs to offer more width? Any other suggestions?
  11. microsoft surface pro 3

    Not purchased it yet but now I know it can run on it I might go and buy it. I was just wondering if it was like a dumbed down version like when you play on the PS vita? Or are all the features available and can you watch matches in 3D?
  12. Can I play FM15 on the microsoft surface pro 3? You can play other games on it but wasn't sure about FM15 Thanks
  13. Sweepers

    How are you getting on with your sweeper formation?