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  1. When I walk down the stairs to the w'house at work which HIGHLY resembles a tunnel to dressing rooms and your mind plays tricks on you so you hear thousands of bouyant fans thumping the ground with their feet whilst grinning. I also woke up at 4am traumatised over my loss to Chelsea with my Fulham team, wondering how I can get the fans back on my side. 7-2!! ...or when I spend the last hour (or five) of the working day reading through tactic and training print offs from the internet and leaning back in your big office chair looking like your deeply involved in a report. The when your manager asks if you have 'done that report' or 'booking that in' you reply, "Na, mate sorry I've been way too busy today, get Rich to do it" ...how about when you answer the phone and expect it to be an agent offering you the services of his Brazilian client...then your heart drops when you realise theres actually some real work to do. ...and finally, the most unethical of all, you break the speed limit to get home and put to use the tactics you've found on these forums today. This is by far my favourite thread EVER! I have chuckled so much over some posts.
  2. haha. i like it and yes he should be able to have his say, its a waste of time looking through threads from months ago because its not exactly what we want to say is it. someone may touch upon the surface fo soemthing, granted not on this subject, but in all fairness if you don;t wish to read or post on a subject you don't have to, just ignore it.
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