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  1. Robot Wars sign up

    I'd say Chris Owens for goal frenzy as well
  2. Robot Wars sign up

    id say Chip Butty - World Wars, Alex Seddon - Regional Wars Chris Owen - The Gauntlet on the other hand i didn't think my player would be moved to the under 19s at Sevilla hoping in a year he will be on the move at least on loan and hoping the high determination attribute will aid in his development along with the good facilities at Sevilla...but professional Debut at 16 is pretty good even though it's not in the league. At least i was cautios this time round. Well done jim owen
  3. Robot Wars sign up

    goal frenzy for me
  4. Robot Wars sign up

    Name - Cristiano Fucile DOB (must be 1990-1994) - 18/03/1994 Chosen club to start - Sevilla Atletico (not the team in in La Liga their B team in the Spanish Second Division B4) Nationality - Italian 2nd Nationality (cannot be declared for first already)- Spainish Attributes at 20 (costs 20,000 per attribute chosen) - Determination PA (costs 1,000 per PA above 150) - 200 CA (costs 2,000 per CA above 75) - 75 Position - ST Favoured Club - Juventus If the chosen club being a 'b' squad is cannot be chosen i will change it.
  5. A handful of transfers in hope they are able of giving the higher quality needed as well as the consistency. Su Shun left and was pleased to leave me, he was a China U19s starter thus the high transfer fee although only 5k were upfront and the rest over 12 months. In the league we started off well like last year but in the second round we lost it all apparently even losing to one of the football schools. but we eventually picked things up and went on to record a six match winning run which saw us win the northern section. from there we kept our amazing form and won the play offs taking us to the National first Division. Still struggling a lot financially and seeing how scab is doing can't really hope we will be out of it any time soon. Anyway we are off to the first division where hopefully my ability to scout Brazil can make the difference. Although looking at the clubs the jump in quality is not very obvious and although they seem better than the Second division it is not by much. at least some of them. Season League Finish FA Cup Achievements 2012 Second Division North 4th - 2013 Second Division North 1st - Promotion won through playoffs
  6. Therefore started once more to be honest. The first time around i did some mistakes so tried it again and once against Tianjin Locomotive finished dead last. So once again I took over. lTransfers were close to non existent given the horrible club finances. However we did no do too bad in the league. As once can notice we started off well and closed off pretty well and ultimately we reached the playoffs altough most of the teams do. In the playoffs we made it through against the Champions of the Southern section winning a close encounter 2-1. But ultimately lost in the next round against the giants that Songjiang proved to be all season long. Finances are still down the drains but hopefully with the new reduced wages and a couple of targeted signings i already did along with an amazing prospect(in terms of my club) who came around losses will be reduced. Also the board are injecting money from time to time (not lending apparently) therefore they will help things move along apparently. EDIT: Two football schools are now present in the league and therefore we should have no problem making the first 4 in the league and the more wins we manage the higher reputation and attendances should rise. off to the next season could probably update tomorrow being sick and all. Also well done Scab pretty easy transition to the Super league seemingly hopefully you'll manage even better next season And a simple question. i had read somewhere around the forums that physical stats in lower leagues are extremely important and a players with good physical attributes and low technical attributes could prove to be better than one the other way round...just what you think through your own experience?
  7. thanks scab it is graphically better now. i'm calling it a night after my first official game ending 1-1 against Beijing IT and it's 1 in the morning over here will be posting as the season ends.
  8. Thanks just saved me from my own personal hell went 40 times about loading just before reset date and trying over and over again. So took over Tianjin Locomotive as they were the ones to finish last and the other team wasn't as good in its facilities. The finances are a truly horrible sight. This is me btw.
  9. Joined the new newly promoted GFW Football School as KeithCaruana. I believe they have quite impressive facilities for a semi-professional club in the Chinese 2nd Division however i am hoping stadium maintenance isn't that high give the 18000seater stadium :O. I have no staff therefore that is my first aim. Pretty rough for first day at work. Okay i have a big problem as i can't seem to register my players is this just me or is it a problem someone else had if so what did you do? EDIT: holidayed a day and all was good...hope this doesn't happen everytime however. Just figured out i could only sign U-17s. (it's too hard then for my likings will be starting again in China)
  10. Decided to give this challenge a try. I will be starting in China(first time in Asia for me) and I have currently loaded to 2nd division with a large database and players from top clubs in Asia. 12000 players in the db hoping it will be fast. I read the OP more than once to make sure I was correct in what I did and the database I’m hoping is fine. Started in December 2010 and currently holidaying. I stuck with being Maltese seeing it was not a problem. If anything is incorrect please feel free to point it out.
  11. I like Immobile but he is not quite Juventus standard and Iago doesn't convince me at all. on my save i sold both. Kadlec does a good job for me and Hulk is a real beast although he can be rather expensive and there is also Babacar and the much sought Dzeko. On the results impressive winning run well done
  12. I'm using Atomic Training http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/241356-!!!-Atomic-training-!!! which is working well for me although i am waiting for mantralux's training schedules as he seems to be onto something which someone mentioned earlier in this thread IIRC. Board expectations were still that of qualifying to European competition through league finish. However I wanted to do well in the CL and win the Serie A. I offered the players low bonuses in all competitions as I wanted to cut a little bit on spending by any means possible, hoping this would not backfire. In January only 3 regens joined the ranks and Correa never did. While only one youngster without any kind of future at Juve left. This is one of the regens and the one I am mostly proud of snapping up from the hands of Milan and Roma…Wenger(now at Milan) wanted him therefore that’s a good sign. Serie A Started off with a draw to Parma. Then went on to win 2 games and a draw again. Form didn’t start greatly ( I also made the mistake of leaving the match preparation on very low despite changing tactic). On the 10th league day we moved to first place and form really picked up and we never looked back. A slight dip in form caught up with us however when we were eliminated from the Champions league but got back in with wins over Napoli, Inter and Roma respectively. League victory was sealed on league day 36 with a 3-0 win at home against the league’s punching bag Lecce League Table and Past Positions Kadlec was 2nd top scorer with 22 goals and he was also the Fans’ Player of the year. Champions League The first game was against Dinamo (the Croatian side) were we drew 3-3. Against Lille we lost 1-0. Liverpool was no better and we lost 1-0 in England and were humiliated 4-0 in front of our fans. This left us with a single point while Dinamo and Lille were on 5. On matchday 5 I won against Dinamo 3-0 while Liverpool beat Lille doing me a favour. After that I beat Lille 1-0 while Dinamo only managed a 2-2 draw against Liverpool and we made it through the group stage by a single point. In the First Round I had to face the English Giants Man Utd (EPL holders). At home we went 2-0 up after 9 minutes but conceded a goal and the match ended 2-1. In England it was a whole other story and we were trashed 3-0 and never seemed to be in the match. The major disappointment is the money we could have gathered through the CL. Coppa Italia Like last year we went out in the first round but this time to Wenger’s Milan. We lost 1-0 an evenly matched contest. I hated losing to Milan more than anything here Hulk will be joining to replace the now ageing Iaquinta and I passed on buying Necid from Cagliari for 5 million because I thought he wasn’t that great and given my strikers and the soon-to-be Juve player Hulk I’d rather keep a youngster reserve. Can’t sell Iaquinta because then Chiellini would get mad and I am not risking losing him. On a side note as I am running Spanish, Italian and English leagues thought I’d give an idea of how things are going. At.Madrid won the 10-11 league while Madrid won the 11-12 league. Barcelona have finished 2nd on both occasions. Athletic (the basque squad) was relegated in the first season but bounced back up. In England Man Utd won in the 10-11 league while Man City won the 11-12 league. No big squads have been relegated The Champions league was won by Man Utd against Arsenal the first season while Arsenal beat Man Utd the following year. Europa league was won by At.Madrid in 2011 while Palermo made the title theirs in 2012.
  13. Krasic is there for squad rotation although he doesn't do wonders for me but his wage isn't very high. a brazilian regen playing on the right would should be joining in january (but so does correa so i don't know what will happen i'd rather get the regen...they are both non eu players if anyone is wondering why i can't get both) and i'm not pretty sure how i will go about things. Pepe and Marchisio do not get along therefore Pepe could be leaving soon. i hate the guy IRL (except for the fiorentina match) and Marchisio i will be keeping at all costs. About ramos i don't honestly know depends on how both van der wiel and ramos play for you and your finances. getting on your feet financially is a must i think. is anyone filling the new stadium btw? because my average attendance is around 30000 people.
  14. not something i was expecting to hear but well done. how much did he cost you? Just a minor update about my Transfer exploits for the second season. a lot of players have come in but i got rid of the dead wood i had and the wage bill is slightly lower than that in season 1. The thread seems to be coming to life.
  15. when i get some time i will start a new game and holiday for 1 year to check whether something went wrong when loading or whether it happens every time. i'll get back to you. for me the fact that it doesn't happen with all divisions is the strangest. anyway i'll be getting back to you.