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  1. How would this run FM20? https://www.apple.com/uk-business/shop/buy-mac/macbook-pro/16-inch I want something which will do business and pleasure.
  2. Regarding RAM, is there a point at which adding RAM becomes pointless? I’ve just bought an HP Pavilion with 8GB. I’ve ordered another 8 but I thought should I not just stick in16GB x 2.
  3. Is the Dell a better buy than the HP Pavilion recommended to me?
  4. I’ve been playing FM on a MacBook Pro for five years but it’s starting to creak. Can anyone recommend a machine around £600. I favour speed over graphics.
  5. I have tried so many tactics but I keep coming back to this in combination with Pilgrimage.
  6. @White Europedo you use a third tactic to attempt to score or hold a lead?
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