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  1. [Released] Netbook2013 Skins

    Grand that worked!, now all I really need are the logo's instead of kits to show up and I'm set to go I have that set in the match incidents small file, guess it has to be in the match incidents file as well?
  2. [Released] Netbook2013 Skins

    I copied it, but now I only have a blank match overview screen. No club logo's/kits, nor do I see the goalscorers. What's wrong?
  3. [Released] Netbook2013 Skins

    Thanks mate!
  4. [Released] Netbook2013 Skins

    Can this be done to the default FM 2013 skin as well? Because I don't really like the split screen view which FM 2013 has in the match screen. FM 2012 was way better, where you had just the match overview screen.Also, can these netbook skins be used for 1280 x 1024 screens as well?
  5. Editing expectations

    I believe lowering club reputation should have an influence, at least it had in earlier FM's. and perhaps finances affects expectations.
  6. Deleting him from the game fixed it (though it shouldn't need be the solution)
  7. Strange, I haven't created a team. The only thing I have done is create Bert Van Marwijk and downloaded this MLS update.
  8. I'm using this update with the 13.3.0 patch and database, but I noticed Belgian U-19 coach Sandy Martens is the Reserve Team Manager at every MLS team? But when I click on him he's U-19 coach at AA Gent, like he is in real life. Anyone else noticed this?
  9. Retain a certain player

    Hi, I know that through a ddt file you can make the game load all players from certain clubs. You use the "RETAIN_PLAYERS" But I have created a player which the game won't load, so I want to use a file to make the game load him. My question is, what line do you use in that file if you just want to load one certain player and not a whole team? I've tried using "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "player name" but it didn't work. Any guesses?
  10. Thanks very much widehawk. Good to finally see a Japanese database.
  11. Too bad nobody else bothered to make a Japan database. Last year widehawk's version was amazing.
  12. Any news on this? Would be a shame if this is abandoned again.
  13. [FM13] Japanese League System

    I have added some key staff for J1 League Teams, because I've noticed staff members weren't imported from FM 2012. It's not perfect, I've mainly just added names, birth date and stuff. No attributes. I'm sure this will get us by for now, until the Nippon update is released. Because I don't play in Japan, but do have a custom database which loads all people from top division clubs, I only did J1, not J2 (apart from Ventforet and Shonan) http://www.sendspace.com/file/a2wj68
  14. Think it is yeah. I'm using widehawk's and there's not staff at Japanese teams, only players.
  15. FM2012 Gambare Nippon! Work in progress

    This is the ony you're looking for: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/328866-FM2013-Gambare-Nippon!-WORK-IN-PROGRESS