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  1. I get them as per usual...know it's obvious but have you checked your subscriptions?
  2. 800 passes?!?!?! Omg lol that is crazy...and I see what you mean with the time given to players on the ball. Scott Sinclair is given so much space and time everytime he gets the ball, pretty devastating actually since he's scored around 14 goals in 13 games for me so far. But maybe managers should be given a more precise profile and tactical preference, cus clearly (although doing well) barca's game revolves around tiki-taka style of play, so it would be cool if they implement such aspects so they play more of an impact in the game. I mean wouldn't it be cool if somehow guardiola ends his reign at barca then joins a team like spurs, revolutionises the team with his style of play? But at the same time I guess it is quite a complicated mechanic but it'll be cool if one day this happens
  3. For me it has to be Bassong!! Cheap and godlike!!!!
  4. Hi all!!!! I've recently realised that the AI don't really play Barca like they do IRL. I say this because despite obtaining the 8.0 rating for players like xavi, iniesta and messi each game, their passing completion % hovers around the 60% mark!!! Only reason I took an interest in this is because I'm playing as swansea atm and am striving to mimic their game IRL (perhaps their earlier form ). Been paying a lot of attention to pass success % and the like and was just slightly disappointed at the statistics of the 3 titans of Barca!! Would just like to see what the community thinks of this and if they've realised this or not!
  5. Guys should head over to the Swansea team guide and have a look at how muhammadrizka plays his side. Getting over 80 successful passes for players like joe allen and britton: Just like an usual possession setup. Play short and slow, but not narrow. Just give normal width, so not too crowded in the middle, not too hard for the playmaker to find space. From the back, play with high D-Line help me to keep the ball well. My defender will pushing support the midfield, and offer some save passing between them. But, would be very dangerous when offside trap fail. Still necessary risk. In midfield, fluidity is the key. Make them moving around, make them hard to marked, but still keep the midfield shape. From the picture I post before, Leon Britton (MCr) play it simple, comes deep, be the link from back line to midfield. Then, a playmaker McEachran (MCl) more adventurous, that nearly every opponent man marked him and this really has a big impact on your passing. I have one way to at least make the playmaker more harder to man marked. Switch position with AMC Jonathan Viera.
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