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  1. That would mean no North- & South-American teams, no Asian (India & China?) and a loss of quite some European leagues... with the Belgian league as the number one league being missed *cough cough*. I really hope that's not true! No Belgian league -> even less people here buying it
  2. damn the location! If only SI could move a few couple of hundred miles for me.
  3. Just do some job hopping when being an international manager and you should have quite a selection too.
  4. it's nice because it shows the potential, but it's not a certitude he will get that far... I have signed some players dubbed "the new..." and in some cases I never heard of those players.
  5. it's nice because it shows the potential, but it's not a certitude he will get that far... I have signed some players dubbed "the new..." and in some cases I never heard of those players.
  6. Yeah, Walter Baseggio (Belgian player for the now bankrupt Mouscron) got cancer. His medial news item says "serious illness" so I guess this guy has some very serious illness as well.
  7. I want to get the lowest wage I can to save my club money... unfortunately, you can only go up, not down in terms of making money.
  8. Unless something happened within the last five minutes, Romélu Lukaku is still playing for Anderlecht. He has a minus PA so sometimes he becomes a beast, sometimes he'll be "just" a good player.
  9. Just hoover over it in the expenditure screen and you'll see what it is.
  10. "Ass Man notes that we are overawed by teams with a higher reputation." That's OK! We still have the lower reputation clubs and those that have the same rep as us... One item further: "Ass Man notes that we are overcomplacent against teams with a lower reputation." Ah crap! You mean we **** our pants against better teams and let the lower rep teams have their way because we think we're too good to kick a ball around?
  11. Yes, Flemish is a dialect, we are supposed to speak Dutch (Belgium, The Netherlands and Suriname form a language union). There should be some changes in the manager languages soon though! I took over as England manager and one of the first questions was: you do not speak English, will this form a problem? Considering we study English at the age of 15 and we do not dub our movies/shows/... I'd say my English is good enough to manage a national team! It would be great if you could make up your own profile instead of the standard profiles SI gives. I'm from Belgium and the least I should be able to speak when graduating high school is: Dutch (my mother tongue), French (second official language, start studying at age 10 I believe), German (third official language, start studying at age 14/15, but I admit I only have a basic knowledge of this, they should start studying this much earlier) and English (at age 15/16). Also, some students take up courses in Spanish during their high school, they should be able to include this in their profile too! Not to mention those that go to college/uni and start studying languages...
  12. no postponing matches and the pitch condition is better so when it's snowing or you have heavy rainfall I believe your passing doesn't become that terrible
  13. The power of posting instead of looking things up.... scary.
  14. As far as I know only that single one you know of activates the J-League. Unless SI has head researchers there or the Japanese fanbase is working on it, I doubt real players will be made available anytime soon...
  15. Only if they know that that player is in it, I believe.