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  1. What's Brandon Baiye's CA/PA? Pretty much plays 60 minutes every game at a decent/good level. I guess it might be due to work rate that he's a good youngster but I don't think he has played many games this season yet?
  2. Could it be that resigning from the club cost you points? I mean, if you didn't, you would be a club legend but now you started more disliked as you resigned and returned?
  3. You could make it as a choice wheel like in some RPG's: Red box means agressive answer, green is a nice answer and such. It would make PC's go by faster and be less tedious, but I don't think it would fit the game. Also just had a PC with a load of questions I didn't bother to read. Most of the time I just play nice and don't start a fight with other managers so I also just read the start of the phrase because I know them by heart now.
  4. That would mean no North- & South-American teams, no Asian (India & China?) and a loss of quite some European leagues... with the Belgian league as the number one league being missed *cough cough*. I really hope that's not true! No Belgian league -> even less people here buying it
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