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  1. So I ended up getting that new BIOS error of Alert TPM etc etc. The fix was to open laptop and disconnect battery etc So I ended up buying the Torx screwdriver. I didnt end up fixing the TPM issue but both fans had a huge amount of fluff/dust around them. Cleaned it and I may not have fixed the TPM issue but I fixed the FM slowness issue. Its breezing through now no issues Thanks for all the feedback all. Appreciated.
  2. Yeah fm20. Sorry yeah can this be moved or do I need to repost?
  3. Hi all I have a fairly good laptop but since the update it's killing it. Norton is using 1.5gb but FM is using the same. I've 16gb of ram so not sure how it's happening. I7-7700HQ 2.80ghz 8 processors and Nvidia GeForce GTC 1050. it's only when I play FM this happens. I did change anti virus to Norton around same time. Sometimes it's fine but when it happens I just need to leave it for 15 minutes and it's fine then. Any ideas? Any help is appreciated. Btw 5 Leagues, 77,000 players. It was fine literally up until the update/I changed to Norton so must be one of them.
  4. Agree with this, I was over 1 million in debt in season 2. Didnt sign any players. Only for qualifying for the Europa League group stage I would have been done for.
  5. Just an update. With Ireland we can start in 2019 or 2020 season. Ive tested both. This happens in both years.
  6. Joe Gamble named new Cork City Assistant Manager. https://www.corkcityfc.ie/home/2019/11/02/joe-gamble-appointed-assistant-manager/
  7. John Cotter is no longer Cork City Assistant Manager, he left the club in July. New assistant to be announced any day now. WIll update
  8. From 2019 season it shows Cork City as reigning cup winners from 2017, there is no 2018 historic winner which was Dundalk. The 2018 League Title winners is correct however
  9. This game was basically unplayable. What's the story for 2020? I don't fancy forking out money for a game I can't play again. Do we even get a discount code for 2020 version? The game is unplayable without this fix.
  10. Yes this is same for me except mine seems to be registering inch or 2 up which makes continue near impossible. Any fix for this FM?
  11. Hi all Long time Fm player 1st time FM touch player. I just bought the Samsung A 10.5 Tablet and gae is fine but if I leave the game idle for 5 minutes are lock the screen. When I go back in its unresponsive. I must restart the game again. Is this a known issue? Regards
  12. Cork City, club went to the wall in 2009, fans took over the club 2 weeks later, 4 weeks later with 13 players we drew our first game in Division One 1-1 against Derry City away. In November 2017 we did the double, League of Ireland Premier Division Champions and Cup Winners. Its been an amazing 8 years. We now enter Champions League quali rounds. ex Cork City players: Shane Long, Kevin Doyle, David Meyler, Damien Delaney, Sean Maguire.
  13. Personally I think you should always load the Big 5, England, Italy, Spain, Germany and France. That covers pretty much every big league and player, For Scotland, load Scandinavia and Ireland I would imagine
  14. No its all good, The one you pointed out is perfect. Your input is very much appreciated and if you ever make a Cork City game Ill buy you a pint!
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