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  1. Are they both natural / fully comfortable in their positions?
  2. Yeah sorry, I noticed another post of yours with a changed shape. People are right when they talk about creating space for your AMC to operate in but it's also about the options he has in front of him, the more there are the more productive he's going to be. Another problem I think for people with the AMC role in this version is that the majority of people seem to be playing fast, high pressing, attacking systems. When you play this way, your CAM tends to get bypassed with the ball going straight to your forwards and he ends up just being an observer.
  3. @jozza800 The answer is mezzalas! Oh I do love mezzalas. I have a very similar tactic in my own current save and whilst it's not perfect it sounds like it's definitely getting more out of my AMC than you're getting. I am absolutely determined to get a diamond to work with a CAM as productive as possible and I've been keeping an eye on this thread on and off and just noticed your post. Where you've got two vanilla CMs sat, presumably holding shape, next to your DLP - I've got a pair of mezzalas either side of him (I occasionally swap one up to a carrilero as they're less aggressive if
  4. I mean, probably, but that would make it a slightly overpowered training focus. You gotta remember this is a computer game and that all games designers are trying to balance realism with actual gameplay.
  5. I actually have more joy with power than placement over the last two iterations of the game tbf. Playing strikers on their strong foot side and having them shoot across the keeper far corner from the channel seems to be the most consistent way I finish one v ones. Historically I always preferred by the placement ppm but less now. I've avoided lob keeper like the plague this year because it was hilarious in 19, every single chip went straight in to the keeper's arms without fail. Honest to god I didn't see a single lobbed goal go in last year. No idea if it's been fixed,
  6. We shipped seven goals in two games to Man City and Liverpool over Christmas with Chilwell getting absolutely murdered down the flank so quite right! The middle is fine though. I won the league with Leicester in the first season this year with Maddison as Mez A, Tielemans as Mez S and Ndidi behind them at Anc which isn't far off what @Fosse posted. Didn't have any problem with the Mez failing to do their bit defensively.
  7. I think my 433 is pretty Liverpoolesque tbf. I play three forwards, two CF(A) flanking an F9 doing the Firmino link up stuff. Main goal threats are the wider strikers pushing on. I'm aware you can get good results with inside forwards from the AM strata but it's never quite worked out for me. My wide strikers do push right out to the touch line to use the space when necessary but they default to narrower, pushing the channels looking to get behind.
  8. Football Manager is a sandbox game, there's no right or wrong way of playing as long as you're enjoying it. There's forever been arguments on here about whether you should apply the principles of real football to your tactics or whether you should build one purely with the match engine in mind and treat the ME as its own "sport" in a sense. The truest answer is that you can win games, cups, leagues, et all doing it both ways so just do whatever makes you happy. I'd imagine the most munchkin, optimal answer is always going to be a hybrid of both - as in, making a system to expl
  9. I have some sympathies with the devs for both Football Manager and FIFA, to be fair. Or really, any game producer that's expected to knock out a new version of a franchise year after year after year. I don't really like coming on to forums and complaining about the product because I realise how immensely difficult it is to balance and fine tune something as detailed as this at the best of times, let alone when you're under pressure to turn something around so quickly. That being said, I also really dislike when you get radio silence from developers and / or a refusal to just put a hand up
  10. This has been the case for years. Two, three, four maybe iterations of the match engine, maybe even longer? I've seen it come up on forums both here and independent sites countless times. Occasionally there'll be an answer from a mod or a dev that tries to claim it's realistic to life but I find that frustrating. It isn't really. You'll consistently get players with pretty good attributes for vision, teamwork and decisions with instructions to shoot less and even the Looks To Pass trait and they'll still just blast it at goal from silly angles instead of squaring to a team mate that's wid
  11. Really beautiful skin, probably my favourite aesthetically but will there ever be a DF11 version? I probably won't get to use it otherwise.
  12. @Arsenal02071 Whilst not scripted, I do think they've made tweaks to the match engine this year that somehow increase the probability of goals in added on time and in particular games after the allotted 'minimum', which then in turn is likely why they've written in new press conference questions about the amount of added on time. In previous iterations of the game you almost never saw goals in the very last minute of allotted time. You knew with almost complete certainly in 99.999% of games that if 3 minutes had been added on and you saw some action starting 92:45 that it was just go
  13. Whilst I'd never really encourage you to create a tactic that was deliberately defensively ignorant, it's definitely true that every version of FM over the last few years seems to nerf one on one's even more. I really don't get it. It's a bit of a FIFA style fix, a means of scoring is too succesful so instead of working to try and minimise those opportunities arising in the first place they just make it unrealistically weak. Obviously it'd be harder work overhauling the entire ME to reduce the number of one on one's in a game so they just make them worthless instead. La
  14. I'd have Vardy either left or right, I personally have the central forward dropping back a little to like up the midfield or attack. I'd be looking for someone with a bit more vision and technical ability there. The STCL and STCR will pick up the majority of goals.
  15. Just a question, is the team cohesion low or the tactical familiarity poor? Are the players low in footballing intelligence? Keep in mind, it's not always the tactic. It could be, though. If you have a bunch of messy, contradictory instructions it can throw up these problems. You likely need to share some more context.
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