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  1. I mean, probably, but that would make it a slightly overpowered training focus. You gotta remember this is a computer game and that all games designers are trying to balance realism with actual gameplay.
  2. I actually have more joy with power than placement over the last two iterations of the game tbf. Playing strikers on their strong foot side and having them shoot across the keeper far corner from the channel seems to be the most consistent way I finish one v ones. Historically I always preferred by the placement ppm but less now. I've avoided lob keeper like the plague this year because it was hilarious in 19, every single chip went straight in to the keeper's arms without fail. Honest to god I didn't see a single lobbed goal go in last year. No idea if it's been fixed, don't think I've even seen one attempted in 20? Tries tricks and uses outside of the boot are producing some lovely stuff though. There seems to be a new rabona animation in the game I've seen a lot? Is cracking.
  3. We shipped seven goals in two games to Man City and Liverpool over Christmas with Chilwell getting absolutely murdered down the flank so quite right! The middle is fine though. I won the league with Leicester in the first season this year with Maddison as Mez A, Tielemans as Mez S and Ndidi behind them at Anc which isn't far off what @Fosse posted. Didn't have any problem with the Mez failing to do their bit defensively.
  4. I think my 433 is pretty Liverpoolesque tbf. I play three forwards, two CF(A) flanking an F9 doing the Firmino link up stuff. Main goal threats are the wider strikers pushing on. I'm aware you can get good results with inside forwards from the AM strata but it's never quite worked out for me. My wide strikers do push right out to the touch line to use the space when necessary but they default to narrower, pushing the channels looking to get behind.
  5. Football Manager is a sandbox game, there's no right or wrong way of playing as long as you're enjoying it. There's forever been arguments on here about whether you should apply the principles of real football to your tactics or whether you should build one purely with the match engine in mind and treat the ME as its own "sport" in a sense. The truest answer is that you can win games, cups, leagues, et all doing it both ways so just do whatever makes you happy. I'd imagine the most munchkin, optimal answer is always going to be a hybrid of both - as in, making a system to exploit the match engine is always going to be the ultimate move, however, understanding the principles of football (space, movement, balance, et all) is always going to be beneficial in doing that.
  6. I have some sympathies with the devs for both Football Manager and FIFA, to be fair. Or really, any game producer that's expected to knock out a new version of a franchise year after year after year. I don't really like coming on to forums and complaining about the product because I realise how immensely difficult it is to balance and fine tune something as detailed as this at the best of times, let alone when you're under pressure to turn something around so quickly. That being said, I also really dislike when you get radio silence from developers and / or a refusal to just put a hand up and say "you know what, we agree, X or Y isn't perfect at the moment - we'll try and persist in balancing, please be patient." One on ones have been consistently, persistently awful for the last few versions of the game. It's obviously difficult, making them a guaranteed goal would not only be untrue to life (some players are flat out awful at them tbf) but it'd also make every game a ten - nine goal fest because it's far too easy to just punt it long to create one currently. But then how do you fix that? Work on defensive positioning, tone down long pass accuracy? Everything has a knock on effect and it hard as hell to balance and tweak and test mid cycle. So yeah, I'm sympathetic but I do also agree it needs to be addressed fairly shortly before a whole damn lot of people - myself included really - just walk away from the franchise in frustration beacuse, I've got to be honest, it does pretty much shatter my suspension of disbelief when I'm watching Jamie Vardy, one of the best one on one finishers in world football, butcher chance after chance by just smashing it straight at the keeper from ten yards away from him whilst one on one in acres of space. Eh. A lot of people conveniently forget the many drab 1 - 0 wins we slugged out in the second half of the season or the way we parked a fleet of double deckers in many games to get a result. It's a bit of a myth that we played the entire season with complete swashbuckling, manic, counter-punching madness. That said, it's not the number of "xG" we created that defined us but the efficiency with which we did then and still do now convert them. Everyone likes to pretend that Jamie Vardy's pace is his greatest weapon but you'll actually find that what makes him both remarkable and the perfect Leicester striker- then and now - is his % conversion. He scores a frankly ludicrous number of the chances that come his way, a tiny, tiny amount of which are anything other than what Football Manager would call a "CCC" (sorry @Svenc )- which is sort of the point really and exactly why he's a great example of what makes a mockery of the current ME problems. It's difficult to produce a tactic that relies on counter-punching patiently to create the ideal goal scoring moment when you can have no faith at all in the ME to offer you a viable chance of scoring it.
  7. This has been the case for years. Two, three, four maybe iterations of the match engine, maybe even longer? I've seen it come up on forums both here and independent sites countless times. Occasionally there'll be an answer from a mod or a dev that tries to claim it's realistic to life but I find that frustrating. It isn't really. You'll consistently get players with pretty good attributes for vision, teamwork and decisions with instructions to shoot less and even the Looks To Pass trait and they'll still just blast it at goal from silly angles instead of squaring to a team mate that's wide open for a tap in. It's like there's a sweet spot. This year's ME issues are pretty well documented but in 19 and 18 you could very reliably make a system to cultivate far-post taps in for a striker or wide attacker but those crosses always came from a selection of positions out wide where the ME logic thought "this is a great place to cross." When you get in something like a 2 - v - 1 with the keeper it's very rare if borderline impossible to see your forward just square it to the team mate for an open goal tap in. It doesn't help that the "Low Crosses" option seems to be there basically for decoration more than more than anything else with the vast, vast majority of balls into and across the box still being floated even when you pick it. I actually took about 20 odd screenshots of it happening this year because I was going to post but then I realised there were already a lot of complaints about the ME and the whole "side-netting" shot thing looked like a known issue by the devs. They have fixed that, can't argue that point, but I'd say decision making in the box is still largely poor by the AI. It's a bugbear but it is what it is.
  8. Really beautiful skin, probably my favourite aesthetically but will there ever be a DF11 version? I probably won't get to use it otherwise.
  9. @Arsenal02071 Whilst not scripted, I do think they've made tweaks to the match engine this year that somehow increase the probability of goals in added on time and in particular games after the allotted 'minimum', which then in turn is likely why they've written in new press conference questions about the amount of added on time. In previous iterations of the game you almost never saw goals in the very last minute of allotted time. You knew with almost complete certainly in 99.999% of games that if 3 minutes had been added on and you saw some action starting 92:45 that it was just going to be a "highlight" for the final whistle. People had commented about it, they've clearly reacted to try and make the game less predictable and more "realistic."
  10. Whilst I'd never really encourage you to create a tactic that was deliberately defensively ignorant, it's definitely true that every version of FM over the last few years seems to nerf one on one's even more. I really don't get it. It's a bit of a FIFA style fix, a means of scoring is too succesful so instead of working to try and minimise those opportunities arising in the first place they just make it unrealistically weak. Obviously it'd be harder work overhauling the entire ME to reduce the number of one on one's in a game so they just make them worthless instead. Last year was hilarious as well with traits that might help like lobs keeper being utterly useless. Every one on one the forward would just dink it calmly straight to the keeper without drama. Amazing. I do love this game but I also do disagree with the people who claim your tactic should 100% replicate what's succesful in real life and not be preoccupied with treating the ME as different to real football. It just is.
  11. I'd have Vardy either left or right, I personally have the central forward dropping back a little to like up the midfield or attack. I'd be looking for someone with a bit more vision and technical ability there. The STCL and STCR will pick up the majority of goals.
  12. Just a question, is the team cohesion low or the tactical familiarity poor? Are the players low in footballing intelligence? Keep in mind, it's not always the tactic. It could be, though. If you have a bunch of messy, contradictory instructions it can throw up these problems. You likely need to share some more context.
  13. Hello from a Leicester ST holder! TLDR: lower the tempo, less is more, to allow you to get more bodies forward in useful positions. I'm going to caveat this advice by saying that I'm terrible at getting goals out of a one striker system. Largely because I like to get my strikers in behind and it doesn't help that 1-v-1 right down the middle is an awful way to score in the current ME. When I play a single striker, I end up with loads of great scoring chances that they just don't put away. For about the last three iterations, I've been running different versions of 433 based around getting strikers to cross for each other and maximising the output of full backs. Getting the ball to a striker at the back post is one of the most effective ways to score in FM. With that in mind, my first two recommendations to you would be to get Chilly and Ricky right as far forward as you can, leave them in the FB strata but I don't see any problem with having them both at WB(A) roles. This works for me on my save. You want as many swinging crosses and cross field passes as they can provide. Give both of them instructions to cross for the far post. The key here is to then drop Wilf to an anchor role at DMC to give you some solidity. I wouldn't have him at BWM, chasing the ball around, it's not really how he plays in life either, not unde BR. In front of Wilf I have Madders and YT both in the CM strata as MEZ A (Madders) and MEZ S (YT.) Not only do I think this is the best interpretation of how they play in real life (as alternating 8/10s), it's also very effective in FM with them pushing up in to the space left behind the strikers but also pushing wider to make nice triangles with your full backs and wide attackers, also as they do IRL. YT at DLP particularly is a waste, get him forward. Mez role will still make sure he comes back to defend in position and Wilf will have him covered, I promise. All of this requires your centre mids and full backs to be extremely fit as they're bombing forward to support your front line but are expected to return to defend from deeper positions, as Leicester are. One key thing I'd stress here is that, whilst I play usually exclusively with the Attacking mentality and I do up my tempo a bit and play in to space, much like you, I don't ever do what you've done and crank it up to ultra high maximum tempo. That's a bit nuts. You're essentially then kinda getting your players to smash forward SO fast that the midfield are almost irrelevant, which is sad because they're some of your best players. It's probably why Dimi is shining a little for you, because he's too lazy to track back, he's fast and he's always going to be loitering up the pitch when you smash it straight forward. Just tone it down a bit to Higher Tempo, a notch up from default, trust me when I say it'll be fast enough. As for your front line - I want you to do something for me. Go to YouTube and look for highlights of Leicester away at Brighton last week. Look how Vardy creates three chances in a row and where they come from. He's supposedly a single central striker in theory but he operates on the counter by coming wider in to the channels as if an STR. He creates three chances in a row (2x Perez, 1x Madders) by getting behind the defence and squaring in to the back post for a tap in. Sadly two are butchered but Perez gets one in. Imagine this to be what you want in FM. The best way of setting up I find to utilise this in FM is to ditch the AM strata entirely and play three ST. Maybe a DLF S or CF S with a couple of AF or CF A either side. This would be my interpretation really of how Liverpool's front three play. My problem with AML and AMR is that I can never, ever get them to sit narrow enough to really be wide forwards. I've not liked them in FM for years. Even as inside forwards I find them just bombing up the wing too wide. Stick your two forwards at STL and STR and watch the goals flow. Normally I'd upload a bunch of screenshots and diagrams to illustrate what I'm trying to say but I'm on my phone at work so I apologise if this is an awful post.
  14. Depends what you consider attacking. My most "attacking" tactic in practice has only two outright "attacking" players, two advanced forwards. The most important thing for the midfielders to be doing is constantly winning possession back. They need less vision because the pass I usually want them to make is long and direct in to the channels. So I want work rate, stamina, aggression, anticipation, team work, etc. Surely every formation, besides maybe parking the bus, is an "attacking" formation in the sense that you've got to try and score some time. It's not just how MUCH you want to attack that'll effect the attributes you need it's HOW you want to attack.
  15. Genie scout will literally give you someone's exact PA and hidden traits. It's obviously immersion breaking and not realistic. I'm not sure I'd call it cheating as such but it's a bit boring. Takes all the fun of the unpredictability out of football management. Cheating is add a manager at PSG to buy your reserve players for 100m or sell you Mbappe for 500k, I'm not sure a list of - 9PAs is "cheating" it's just a bit dull. I agree with the post on the first page, though. This is a single player game, people can go and enjoy it however they want even if that's downloading a tactic, a short list, simulating every match and having your AM do everything.
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