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  1. Depends what you consider attacking. My most "attacking" tactic in practice has only two outright "attacking" players, two advanced forwards. The most important thing for the midfielders to be doing is constantly winning possession back. They need less vision because the pass I usually want them to make is long and direct in to the channels. So I want work rate, stamina, aggression, anticipation, team work, etc. Surely every formation, besides maybe parking the bus, is an "attacking" formation in the sense that you've got to try and score some time. It's not just how MUCH you want to attack that'll effect the attributes you need it's HOW you want to attack.
  2. Genie scout will literally give you someone's exact PA and hidden traits. It's obviously immersion breaking and not realistic. I'm not sure I'd call it cheating as such but it's a bit boring. Takes all the fun of the unpredictability out of football management. Cheating is add a manager at PSG to buy your reserve players for 100m or sell you Mbappe for 500k, I'm not sure a list of - 9PAs is "cheating" it's just a bit dull. I agree with the post on the first page, though. This is a single player game, people can go and enjoy it however they want even if that's downloading a tactic, a short list, simulating every match and having your AM do everything.
  3. Interesting read. I have Lucas Paqueta and Houssem Aouar as the indisputable stars of my team and I've been struggling to reinvent myself to get the best out of both of them. Tactically, I'd normally describe my approach as punk rock. Fast, aggressive, simple, direct, I take the tenets of Klopp ball and ramp it up to 11. I was playing a 352 where my central midfielders largely exist to win the ball back and then punt it in to the channels for either a wing back or one of two advanced forwards to run on to. It's great, I like it, my wing backs rack up huge ratings and bags of assists and the strikers score for days but the midfield is near totally bypassed. I've been struggling to adapt and tweak what I have to get them more involved but I always get very frustrated by football that's too slow, too patient. I've borrowed a lot from your tactic, opted for a single false nine and two wide players, also used your mezzala and roaming playmaker. Oh my days. Aouar and Paqueta are on an absolute rampage, scoring for fun. They'll take it in turns to bag a brace in alternate games (they're also my set piece takers tbf and some were dead balls.) However, as positive as all of this has been, I do find that my striker becomes a bit of a passenger. Or maybe that's harsh, a link man (even when experimenting with more advanced ST roles.) Obviously I've not copied you exactly so I don't expect identical results but I'm surprised Tammy is still so comfortably top scoring. Goals are pretty evenly split around what I'd call my front five.
  4. I'm playing as Zaragoza and my Reserve team is comfortably lost down in the unplayable depths of the fourth tier. My understanding has always been that reputation is the only way teams get promoted from down there and even then its a bit random. The sum CA of the squad has no relevance as far as I'm aware? So I went for a quick Google to confirm my suspicions and I found a few threads on here, fm base and on steam from previous versions of the game 15/16/17 etc implying that "B" teams never get promoted this way at all in Spain with a lot of people posturing that this was perhaps a stealth bit of hard coding? One guy had experimented extensively with reputation in the editor and had still only found "independent" teams getting promoted and never any reserves? Does anyone have any experience with that, has anyone found reserve teams getting promoted specifically from a non playable to a playable league in Spain? Currently I'm having to rely on having Oviedo has a junior partner to get some reliable loan time. I'd like more control really.
  5. The above post is all absolutely true but I personally still wouldn't bother. Nobody has gotten in my club with that poor mental stats in pretty much my entire FM career. Keep looking. He can't be the only quality regen. Don't turn in to Arsene Wenger and sign a bunch of skillful bottle job show ponies.
  6. I don't mean to be rude, Herne, but I don't see how there's any confusion in those lines. As the screenshots above show, there was an option that said "reject all offers" (I just used the game's own wording) and now there isn't?
  7. It was a random example of a player that wasn't "young"to counter a previous point...? I didn't really expect this to spark debate, it's either in the game or it isn't (it looks like my suspicions were right, it isn't) and if that's the case - I'm sorry but why would you ever remove a quality of life feature? I accept one or two of you don't mind and that's fine, good for you, but as someone's that usually got a squad packed out with fairly young players that seem to be in demand - I've got to be honest, I find transfer windows in FM2019 to be an absolute bore of rejecting alot of offers. Deadline day is absolutely horrendous, I'll get a club literally repeatedly make more or less the same offer over and over and over and swap to attempting loan offers when I reject transfers. It's like, come on man. To reiterate, I've no problem with the AI aggressively bidding - I just want the option to flat out ignore it back. Can't think of any good reason to remove it really.
  8. Sorry mate but come on. Firstly, the AI is never going to bid a billion, it's probably never going to bid two hundred million and in the vast majority of cases if you're completely determined to keep a key player it's never going to bid enough for you to be swayed. Secondly, if you want it to not auto reject you can turn that option off again or set a threshold. But the option should absolutely definitely be to auto reject literally all incoming advances. Not to stop them happening, not to stop my players bugging out, just literally to spare me the same repeated two or three clicks per offer endlessly every transfer window. It's just awful QOL.
  9. Am I being thick here or has Reject All Offers been removed from this version of the game? If so, who on Earth made that design decision and why on Earth would they ever think it was a good idea? Most of us go out of our way to install ad blockers and spam filters in our day to day life because the real world is already full of needless harassment that we do not want. Why would you ever want to have it in Football Manager? As far as I can tell, they've now split it up so you can only reject all loan offers OR all transfers offers and whichever you pick, the AI will just spam you with the other? And occasionally they even like to bombard you with cheeky trial offers and inquiries? Just give over already. Just to be clear - I don't expect to be shielded from having my players bid for and nor do I expect to be immune to the consequences of rejection. If I say no to everyone, I'm perfectly happy with any want-away players having a sulk. My issue isn't at all with any game mechanic around transfers, it's just purely someone seems to have deliberately gone out of their way to make a backwards quality of life bork just... for reasons? Idk? Is it just me? Am I missing a setting on my personal assistant or something? If not, I'm off to Suggestions quick sharp with my pitchforks, torches and placards.
  10. Exactly. It's not very total football having position requirements on praise at all!
  11. If I get any five star potential regens with CA high enough for at least the league below I tend to chuck them straight in the first team squad. My youngest player in the squad is nearly always a 15/16 year old haha. I get no problems. They don't develop from it as fast as they did a few versions ago but they still benefit from "playing at a higher level" particularly if they're performing fairly well and keeping their moral up.
  12. This has been grinding my gears for about the last several years but can we have a couple of just small tweaks to player interactions, particularly those after good performances? It absolutely infuriates me that I can't praise a a wing back or a striker for "number of quality chances you created", for example, despite the fact that either could be my team's biggest provider. Wing backs get stacks of assists and so can strikers depending on how they're used. Being confined to either praising my player's "passing", which is rather vague, or their defensive work / finishing is really clumsy. It's especially frustrating when they turn around and say "but boss, I was rubbish" because maybe their pass completion was low but you had them set up to take high risk, high reward passing options which paid off brilliantly? Even if there was just a catch-all at the bottom of the list phrased something like "your all round performance was superb" if they're picking up a 9+ performance I think that'd help.
  13. This has been infuriating the absolute F out of me. It's absolutely awful. I didn't post it in bug reports because I assumed it was just a feature to be honest or maybe I was missing an option to disable it but it's so vastly annoying. They keep changing back to "playing position" for no obvious reason when I don't want them to. And yes I've got full responsibility for first team individual training. Literally every couple weeks I have to recheck that they're all still doing what they should be.
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