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  1. Ok, so I've purchase FM through direct2drive, but can I now activate it through Steam to access the skin and achievements?
  2. Termination: Xenon 2010 Released

    Ah, just found it. That has just made this skin perfect
  3. Termination: Xenon 2010 Released

    Fantastic skin. Only problem I have is where has the "clear selection" or "ask assistant to pick" option on the team screen gone?
  4. Sorry if this has already been answered, but is it possible to actually become friends with other managers in 2010. In previous version I could never get past the "feels the two of you could be friends" stage. Is it possible to have a better relationship than that?
  5. Funny Screenshots Thread

    The thing behind the dog is supposed to be a coal mining rig thing. Good old north east England...
  6. Oh good god yes. Just started a new Newcastle game, and a Turkish businessman called Safa Firat has promised to give me £156m for players if he buys the club.
  7. Think I solved my earlier problem with the blob rename thing, but now it simply says "game not available, please try another time"!!!
  8. I'm getting a problem through Steam when it trys to install. It says it can't run DirectXC on 1 64-bit version of Windows, and when I try to run the fm10.exe it says the same. I'm on Windows 7. How do you get a refund from Steam? just going to go to the damn shop and buy a copy.
  9. Make sure you are taken over by a tycoon.

    This works for me, Started 6 or 7 games as Newcastle and always got another board member take over, who pumped nothing in. Started a new game after editing the edt files. Its August 21 2008 and a New Zealander Cameron Walker has just upped the training and youth facilities and pumped £106m in