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  1. According to FM20 my Graphics Card has a 1 star rating. I have an Nvidia940MX, I don't think it should be 1 Star. I undertook the suggested fix in the 3D Settings switching to "prefer maximum performance" and I have no caches to delete in my C drive. Yet it still doesn't work. I also can not get any custom graphics to show in the game, what happen to the old tick boxes in the Preferences menus to force graphic updates through?
  2. Hi @Felix Wilkie I have uploaded the file as instructed to the fm/game-save folder, it is simply called "Villa" There is no further specific information at all, the game just crashes during general game play.
  3. Hi I have an application error in my saved game which has only started recently in my 2nd season. It happens during a game being played. It has happened three times. I attach the dmp files. Would appreciate a fix. I have AVG antivirus. FM 2017 v17.3.2.970983 (2017.10.15 17.24.53).dmp FM 2017 v17.3.2.970983 (2017.10.14 17.43.14).dmp FM 2017 v17.3.2.970983 (2017.10.15 16.12.39).dmp
  4. Yep thats what I have done Dolfin152, to the letter. It doesn't change the kit colours in the ME.
  5. Same as me funnylittlefrog. It is a huge annoyance to me though. Why make all the changes just for the ME to not change. I cant play with Cardiff in red. Rubbish!!!
  6. The only database available is default! My fmf file is amongst the editor data files again.
  7. My other fmf file was saved in the editor data folder.
  8. "save editor data" is greyed out I cant select it!
  9. Thanks again for your reply. OK confused now. How do I save changes if I dont save them as an fmf file? I really dont get how the databases load/import/ save etc it makes no sense to me. do I just press "Load Database", make the changes and then how do I save those changes? I thought the only way was to create an fmf file?
  10. Thanks for your reply. I have manually changed the kits. I have only tried it on a new game (ie made the changes before I booted the game). I created an fmf file for this change and ensured it was in the active add ons list when booting the game. Do I need to do something else?
  11. Right; all I want to do is change Cardiff City kit colours in the game. I have changed all the kit graphics, all I want to do is edit the kit colours in the game so my Cardiff team play in Blue (mainly). I have created my oen edited fmf file but it doesn't work in the game (it is added to the list of data files I am using when I set up the game), the amended kits just don't show. The only other additional files I have are the real name fix files from susie. Can anyone tell me a step by step way to achieve what I want as this is really getting on my nerves.
  12. I am really angry with this, it is so annoying and frustrating. How utterly and completely pointless.
  13. What on earth is the point in loading a skin, that should be part of the game anyway, through the useless file system that is steam. This is just ridiculous in my opinion. Why cant we just download this skin in to our skins folder as we always have done?
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