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  1. thanks again - i've done some more searching and will probably plump for this as better processor and will be able to upgrade ram further down the line, and still within budget https://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/9S7-16R112-255-MSI-GF63-8RC-255UK_2410406.html good choice?
  2. thanks both for your advice. that one is 8gb ram, i read your advice earlier on the thread saying 8gb is fine for fm, would you caution getting this one with lower ram and better processor with the option to upgrade the ram further down the line? upgrading ram is easy, no?
  3. Hi all. finally upgrading to new laptop after nearly 7 years. use my laptop for FM and general music/web browsing/streaming etc. Budget circa £800 but i can be tempted to stretch if really worth it/advisable. on fm, i'm not that fussed by 3d, so would be a bonus if possible but i wont cry if i cant do it decently. i like running 9-10 leagues and as large a database as i can. key for me would be to buy something that should serve me for at least 4/5 years, although i appreciate that's hard to predict. i've seen this https://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/9S7-16J962-2073-MSI-GL62M-7RDX-2073UK_2418012.html what do we think? can i do better? thanks in advance.
  4. I'm really struggling away with this tactic on 19.2. I'm arsenal, have lost to Huddersfield and Burnley, scraped a draw with brighton and at home only just beat leeds. all teams in bottom third of table. all in the past 5/6 weeks or so. anybody else? any ideas?
  5. i am post brexit in the game, playing as Arsenal. brexit resulted in squad limit on 17 foreign players, with work permits in force. all players already in the country at time of brexit were given 'non-foreign' status. since then, i am having real problems getting offers from domestic clubs for players on loan. these are good (and sometimes) young players, and even for the good young british ones i struggle to get loan offers. so they wouldnt need work permit etc. i am receiving plenty of loan offers from clubs based abroad but i would rather loan domestically so the player works towards english second nationality and therefore no longer a foreigner (after 5 years!) is this a known thing? is there some impact of brexit i am not understanding that resulted in this happening?
  6. Really struggling away from home with this one, and not sure why. any ideas/tips?
  7. still good for me too - only issue is DLF not scoring much
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