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  1. Play your GK up front. On a serious note, just enjoy the game! It's a game after all. They don't always have to be difficult. If you're not enjoying it, don't play it. Simple. I love winning, so I love this game
  2. Happened to me too when I won the league. But the following season when I won the league again; the ceremony happened. I reported it as a bug during the beta.
  3. I think I’ve come to realise that my keeper is just ****, so I’ve signed a new one 😂
  4. IMO keepers should have a default rating of 7, unless they make mistakes, saves etc. Far too often my keeper gets low ratings as he's had nothing to do.
  5. All my players seem pretty inconsistent rating wise, despite the team being very successful in the league. I just assume SI haven't got it quite right yet.
  6. I reported this during the beta and was hoping it would be sorted, but it hasn't. When trying to swap players positions in the squad screen, it sometimes, not all the time, replaces the player with someone completely different! Quite annoying when it swaps your keeper for an outfield player. I haven't seen anyone else have this issue yet.
  7. This happened to me earlier today. I gave my team talk, which got a great reaction. I then tried to speak to my striker individually, and it cleared all of the reactions back to neutral. Then tried to start the match and it said that I was giving the squad silent treatment.
  8. Included is the match file. Extremely odd what happened. I think we (Halifax) gained a free kick, but the ball decided to move to a completely random place near our goal line. It was also floating slightly off the ground! Anyway, my goalkeeper trotted back and proceeded to volley it straight to a Salford centre forward, who in turn struck fiercely into the net! I was absolutely livid at the time, as this was a Papa John's knock out match, and Salford are a division above us. But fortunately we fought back to win 2-1, so I'm not too bothered now! FC Halifax v Salford - bug.pkm
  9. Absolutely gutted. Just won the Vanarama National League and there was no ceremony! Was really looking forward to seeing it. Bug?
  10. This evening I turned graphics up to very high and reduced the crowd down to medium. Seemed to be a lot better, but still not perfect.
  11. Maybe having a selection of celebrations to choose from after scoring, in the same format as shouts. As the graphic capabilities are improving it may be a nice addition. Scoring a last minute winner and choosing the ‘shhhh’ celebration 😆
  12. I’m glad to see I’m not the only person having this issue. Graphics rating of my laptop is full stars but still jittery unless I play on low setting. I’ll disable the crowd for now, but I love seeing it.
  13. I started unemployed so obviously I had a low rating etc. Took over Halifax who were in the relegation places. I managed to guide us to 8th, just a couple of points off the play-offs, which I'd consider a pretty decent achievement. My team cohesion is Average, Club atmosphere the same, and manager support is 'Poor'. I don't understand this, unless it's a bug? I haven't done anything that would warrant such poor support. A couple of players unhappy, but nothing major.
  14. I'd just confirmed the team etc then the game crashed as the team sheets appeared.
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