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  1. Using the 4141, which is great. But I’ve been caught out quite a lot recently on corners because no defenders have been left back, and the opposition just goes and scores. What can I change to stop this?
  2. Thanks for the advice! Swapped to 4141 and won Ipswich’s first Euro cup since 81! What makes it better is by winning it I nicked Man City’s Champions League spot!
  3. Is a 4141 stronger than a 451? Always preferred the latter because of the attacking wingers.
  4. Brilliant! Can’t wait to get back to playing 😊
  5. Whenever you can mate is great. Look forward to it 😊
  6. I built my Plymouth side round this 352, and my squad will not fit any other formations, so if there are no plans for you to update this can you let me know please? If not then i'll resign and go elsewhere. I haven't played since the update and am starting to get withdrawal symptoms Thanks.
  7. Any plans to update this for 19.2? Seems to have lost its effectiveness 😟
  8. Ok mate thanks. Don’t get a lot of possession with weaker teams but I assume that would change with a better team.
  9. Absolutely smashed it with this Knap. Plymouth in league one, record number of wins, points and goals. Just wondering if you have any plans of making a version more suited for ‘big’ teams?
  10. Originally had a fairly poor dressing room atmosphere, but Skuse came to me and suggested we had a team meeting, of which we did, and it seemed to work. Only a few months later and everyone else is happy apart from Skuse himself. So I had a chat with him and asked him what’s going on, and he said that “Cole Skuse is the problem!”
  11. Excellent tactic. Started a career unemployed and a few months into the season I got the Stevenage job. They were languishing in the relegation zone. I’m now in January and am currently 4th thanks to this tactic. Even won 10 league games on the trot! I change mentality to control when away from home and when underdogs at home. Love it!
  12. Ahh thanks guys. Running on very low as its smoother, but I can't be dealing with no fans!
  13. Really enjoying it at the moment. For some reason though there are no fans when I view a match in 3D. I've checked the settings and I have it selected. But still no fans. Have not seen anyone else have this problem as yet so is it something I can fix?
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