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  1. I used the Dortmund tactic and it seemed to do a pretty good job. The most impressive accomplishment though was using the 433 with Cobh Ramblers in the Irish 1st Division. Predicted rock bottom; went the whole season unbeaten winning the league! Didn't score a huge amount, but might have been the quality of my players. Defence was rock solid though!
  2. Is the offside trap essential in your tactics? Just never been a fan of it to be honest.
  3. I swapped to sympathy for the devil 4222 as it’s listed higher on fm base for subtop teams, considering I was top with Ipswich I thought it made more sense, and it seems to have reduced the ai one on ones. Bournemouth are predicted 15th so I guess they’re considered as underdogs. Hoping the Sicilian with be effective.
  4. Hi Knap. Do these tactics work in touch? I've used Sicilian 4222 with Ipswich and have done well, but I've noticed that the offside trap seems to get beaten regularly. Is this because of my defence etc? I'm also starting a network game on the full version using Bournemouth. It seems to suit them positionally, but was just wondering if you think it will work or if I should be using something else. Thanks mate.
  5. I’m not particularly tactically minded and usually have to rely on popular tactics from knap etc. I’ve used the wing play preset with roles to suit my players and gained promotion with Ipswich in league one. Although I guess they have a stronger squad than most in the division so a fairly basic system would do the job anyway. But as soon as I’m back in the championship it obviously becomes more challenging and I don’t particularly want to use wing play anymore. It’s difficult to escape the mindset of wanting/expecting to win every match and accepting that you’re going to lose more games in a tougher division. After all it’s just a game and I just want to have fun playing. Frustration does tend to take hold of me when developing my own system so that’s why I wondered about the presets. I may as well stick with tried and tested tactics from knap etc.
  6. Yes I see what you're saying there. I'm just curious to know if anybody else has tried this, that's all.
  7. How effective are preset tactics? I've been considering starting a save using just the preset tactics, un-altered. I'm thinking in theory they must work, otherwise SI wouldn't include them in the game? Surely if they're used under the right circumstances then you'd have success. For example using control possession preset against a counter attacking opposition? Gegen against a possession based system etc...
  8. I’ve noticed that it’s extremely hard to convert chances so far. More often than not it’ll be long range strikes and headers etc. I very rarely see clear cut chances converted, most of the time the keeper makes an unbelievable save or the player simply chokes.
  9. Using the 4141, which is great. But I’ve been caught out quite a lot recently on corners because no defenders have been left back, and the opposition just goes and scores. What can I change to stop this?
  10. Thanks for the advice! Swapped to 4141 and won Ipswich’s first Euro cup since 81! What makes it better is by winning it I nicked Man City’s Champions League spot!
  11. Is a 4141 stronger than a 451? Always preferred the latter because of the attacking wingers.
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