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  1. I started a game unemployed with minimal coaching badges and experience just for fun and the only team to accept me was Helsingborgs IF Akademie, a 4th tier training affiliate of a Pro Swedish team and we regularly draw crowds of as many as 270 people (probably all relatives of the 17 year olds that make up my first team). So far I've had the media interview welcoming me to such a prestigious backwoods irrelevant club and then several others congratulating me for bringing a slew of 16-year olds to the team on zero wage part time contracts and grilling me about what impact they might make on the team and whether it might upset any of the other spotty little bastards. I've now gained a reputation for storming out of interviews as the questions were just hilarious. Can the whole media thing not be tapered? With the lower the league the less media attention? I mean, if you're a Sunday-league manager the local Gazette won't give a toss if you've just poached Steve Felcher, full-time fireman, from Bradford Bumbles Athletic U21.
  2. You would alienate half of the player base which would mean FM 2019 would sell half as many copies, no way SI would do that. Not all of us are football aficionados, when FM was still called Championship Manager all there was was stats and stats and stats, no stars, and it was amazing for people who lived and breathed football but was completely unapproachable to casual players like myself who love the game but are not savvy to all of it's ins and outs. That's why I played Premier Manager and Ultimate Soccer Manager instead, they were awful and about as much of a simulation of football as sticking your hand in a toaster, but they were open to anybody and you didn't need a degree in Office Excel to play them. Also I think SI have did great things with the stars system recently, especially in FM17, you no longer have a scout take one look at a player and get a solid star rating and no longer does that star rating stay the same for very long, it's more variable than ever, you really need to extensively scout a player to get a decent rating and then if he fumbles in his first couple of games that 4-stars you bought him for can drop to two as your coaching staff discover that he is poor and their manager's judgement is as bad
  3. If a midfielder is recommended as a box-to-box player is it because internal mechanics such as personality, experience and history show that he excels in that role or is it because he simply has the right skills for the job and may aswell be as great as anyone else? If you have a centreback with midfield skills he can be highly rated for a stopping and closing down role rather than just defending and holding his line, but is he rated for that role because he has passing, dribbling and anticipation or is it because he is fantastic in the role? It just seems strange that the same person can be a deep lying AM or a poacher just because they have the required relevant skill numbers to do both jobs. In real life no 25-yard striker is also a 5-yard striker.
  4. Can you ever become manager of a team if you are of a rival nationality? It makes sense to me, it'd be like Klinsmann or Maradona managing England.
  5. Does this get checked regularly by FM staff? Just curious. Posted a thread and was told to post in here instead, so here goes... The ability to sort columns for 90th minute penalty takers, this is just a small niggle, but all columns throughout game are sortable except when it comes to choosing penalty takers after full time. Easy enough to scan your players skill and composure manually but the ability to sort in order would be a plus. The ability to choose ' X nation' as a preference when browsing potential scouts would be awesome, I have on many occasions wished for a scout to have 100% in a specific nation and other than recruiting someone from that nation (sometimes at an extortionate wage) I have to click on each and every scout hoping to find one who has full knowledge of the nation I would like. More options in the "Choose next reserve game players..." email, such as select all and select none, or better still an option within the squad page itself so that you did not have to wait for an email before reserve games. I occasionally re-order my teams and with 50+ players it becomes hard to remember who is in the reserve and who is a senior with reserve duties. I have to set view to "player status" and check who has 'res' icons. A short player mood history (this would be a biggy to most people) showing what decisions and such led to a superbly happy player suddenly hating you and wishing they could move to another club after burning yours' down. This would help people understand the oddities that are "feels manager doesn't appreciate them" when you've only managed the team for 4 days and already have the player in first team squad and offered a s**t-hot contract. I'll think of more...
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