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  1. What can i say... Starting mentality was mostly determined by the Assistant Manager, also OI during the match. Then you can follow the rules from Mentality Masterplan, linked many times in this thread. So, in practice i was playing cautious against Juventus and Napoli in the league or in the final rounds of Champions League. Like in the most of high intensivity tactics you have to monitor your players fitness throughout the season, and rotate the team wisely. I made my own rule in this save, where against weaker opposition at home i removed all the players with matchload level "heavy" or "ver
  2. Sure. Mostly i played him as a wide stiker (RMD(A) role ), but of course he fits into three slots in the starting lineup.
  3. BEOWULF RMD P105 ALL CUPS, m.e. So good that winning becomes boring
  4. @knap Have you been working under current match engine on some tactic useful in the low-possesion and more defensive oriented (maybe even strikerless) type of play? I've created a separate thread here, where i presented some solutions for beta mode, but i noticed, now the counter-counterpress combination seems to be the most powerful, like in the previous FM20 edition.
  5. You're right. The main concept was based on keeping our strikers close to our midfielders, to gain more options when exploiting the space behind oppontent defenders. In my save i simply retrained Lautaro Martinez and Sebastian Esposito from CF to AM/CF roles. I also sadly notice that match engine update made the tactic less effective, especially in the creating phase of play. Actually there are many much stronger tactics on the forum, but mostly they use the same combination of instructions in the transistion phase (press & counterpress).
  6. In addition i would like to show the results from the next season, when i managed Inter team. The main stats remained at similar level. Low ball posession (47 %), low pass completion ratio (84%), tackles won below Serie A average. High number of clear cut chances created (38, best in the league) and interceptions (3rd in the league). Because the tactic focuses on creating goal chances via through balls and leaving opponents GK on 1vs1 with our strikers, SS(a) plays very important role in the tactical setup. With Lautaro Martinez playing as a false striker, i had conversti
  7. As a big fan of fast and direct type of play, i tried to combine the tips from @OhhScottySinclair topic with more wing-focused play and higher defensive line. My inspiration :https://community.sigames.com/topic/394126-the-rise-of-diego-simeone-4-4-2/?tab=comments#comment-10626426 Set pieces were not set by myself, taken from Zealot tactic, presented here: https://community.sigames.com/topic/534731-fm21-nostradamus-4-1-2-3-tactic-by-zealot/ At the start i would like to mention, that my main idea was not to present the tactic, that would give the most possible points, but giving
  8. I haven't tweaked anything, but take into account that in Napoli i had a couple of decent defenders. Without good players in defensive formation you'll suffer from through balls played by deep lying opponent playmaker. and from advantage on the wings that AI builds up during counterattack phase. In my saves the more succesful for mid-table teams was the combination of two similar tactics, with positive/attacking mentality for home games, and cautious for away. With some tactics, like Sicilian 4222 i ever gained more points than at home.
  9. I just used "hold shape" and "regroup", without changing the mentality settings, but of course it's a lot easier with the decent defenders that i had in my team.
  10. New formula for efficiency should look like Ef=TeaforOneOX+ @knap Let's take a look and compare chances created and pass completed stats, pure efficiency, without unnecessary possession. Really mad season, where 99 points wouldn't gave me the title. Also, another win in Europa League with your tactic, it's slowly becoming a habit in my games. What is really worth to mention, despite attacking mentality the defence looks pretty solid, 25 clean sheets it's not a bad result, and it could be slightly better, but i wanted to pump some goals stats for my offensive players. By the way, con
  11. @Rober82 @knap I'm still using the old 20.3 version of TeaforOneOX, and i agree, it's really powerful. I advanced from 17th place into CL area, within 6 months of management, without any incoming transfer, because of 0 transfer budget in winter transfer window. Also won Spanish Cup. Counterattacks started by fast, good dribbling wingers are enjoyable to watch. Sevilla v Betis 2-2p (final Pucharu Hiszpanii 2019-20).pkm
  12. I can't wait to give your strikerless tactic a try (maybe with cautious mentality). I'm a very big fan of defensive style of play, and strikerless formation. Last time when i was very impressed with them, it was in 2017 when CelticFM prepared tactic emulating Simeone style, where both attackers were replaced by shadow strikers. In the meanwhile... Lille won Europa League in their first season, no ingoing transfers. PreachingBlues451VOL4P108 strongly recommended Lazio v Lille 0-1 (final Ligi Europy 2019-20).pkm
  13. After 3rd place in 2019/20 season, this time I've won Serie A title and Coppa Italia with Lazio team, using FM20.3.0TeaforOne4222VOL2P100ALLCUPS. As seen in the pictures, i made just one transfer for the starting eleven. Really good defence, we conceded only 17 goals throughout the season. Also away from Rome i got more points, scored more goals and conceded less, than at home. In my opinion it's one of the best defensive and counterattacking tactics. Lazio v Fiorentina 1-0 (final Pucharu Wloch 2020-21).pkm
  14. Decent overall performance using Argus343IF101 and SUS version in last 5-8 minutes of the game. From interesting team stats : we were the best dribbling team (1st in Serie A), but with one of the lowest conversion rate (15th in Serie A) and tackles won stats (17th in Serie A). Good job @knap
  15. FM20.1.4 (beta) FM20.2.3SympathyforthedevilKnapZaipVOL2P108FACC First season, without making any transfers in the winter window. I prefer to start most of home games on positive mentality (and switch to attacking eventually). Away on balanced (eventually switch one up or down, depending of the result). Because fast winger have many opportunities to cross, i used Bellarabi on the right side, and Bailey on left, but without changing their main tactical roles. During posession play they give another option for wide defender to pass, being positioned in at the edge of the box, d
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