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  1. I'm not sure if it's a bug, but it looks like wrong player value calculation. My current first team WBL Mark Cucurella (ranked at 4 stars) is a La Liga champion from last season, current regular starter of La Liga leading team, current 1/4 finalist of UEFA Champions League (game saved at 29.03.2024), current best assistant in the league with 11 assists, has been named 8 times for the best eleven of the week this season, his average rating is at 7.39 level and he still has 15 months of his contact remaining, but is valued at ... 700 000 euro. Comparing to the other players from my team, it looks very weird. Link for my save from 29.03.2024 (61MB) : https://easyupload.io/q8g65b
  2. I haven't tweaked anything, but take into account that in Napoli i had a couple of decent defenders. Without good players in defensive formation you'll suffer from through balls played by deep lying opponent playmaker. and from advantage on the wings that AI builds up during counterattack phase. In my saves the more succesful for mid-table teams was the combination of two similar tactics, with positive/attacking mentality for home games, and cautious for away. With some tactics, like Sicilian 4222 i ever gained more points than at home.
  3. I just used "hold shape" and "regroup", without changing the mentality settings, but of course it's a lot easier with the decent defenders that i had in my team.
  4. New formula for efficiency should look like Ef=TeaforOneOX+ @knap Let's take a look and compare chances created and pass completed stats, pure efficiency, without unnecessary possession. Really mad season, where 99 points wouldn't gave me the title. Also, another win in Europa League with your tactic, it's slowly becoming a habit in my games. What is really worth to mention, despite attacking mentality the defence looks pretty solid, 25 clean sheets it's not a bad result, and it could be slightly better, but i wanted to pump some goals stats for my offensive players. By the way, conversion rate could be better, below are my personal unrivalled favourites from Europa League Wolfsburg v Napoli 1-2 (final Ligi Europy 2020-21).pkm
  5. @Rober82 @knap I'm still using the old 20.3 version of TeaforOneOX, and i agree, it's really powerful. I advanced from 17th place into CL area, within 6 months of management, without any incoming transfer, because of 0 transfer budget in winter transfer window. Also won Spanish Cup. Counterattacks started by fast, good dribbling wingers are enjoyable to watch. Sevilla v Betis 2-2p (final Pucharu Hiszpanii 2019-20).pkm
  6. I can't wait to give your strikerless tactic a try (maybe with cautious mentality). I'm a very big fan of defensive style of play, and strikerless formation. Last time when i was very impressed with them, it was in 2017 when CelticFM prepared tactic emulating Simeone style, where both attackers were replaced by shadow strikers. In the meanwhile... Lille won Europa League in their first season, no ingoing transfers. PreachingBlues451VOL4P108 strongly recommended Lazio v Lille 0-1 (final Ligi Europy 2019-20).pkm
  7. After 3rd place in 2019/20 season, this time I've won Serie A title and Coppa Italia with Lazio team, using FM20.3.0TeaforOne4222VOL2P100ALLCUPS. As seen in the pictures, i made just one transfer for the starting eleven. Really good defence, we conceded only 17 goals throughout the season. Also away from Rome i got more points, scored more goals and conceded less, than at home. In my opinion it's one of the best defensive and counterattacking tactics. Lazio v Fiorentina 1-0 (final Pucharu Wloch 2020-21).pkm
  8. Decent overall performance using Argus343IF101 and SUS version in last 5-8 minutes of the game. From interesting team stats : we were the best dribbling team (1st in Serie A), but with one of the lowest conversion rate (15th in Serie A) and tackles won stats (17th in Serie A). Good job @knap
  9. FM20.1.4 (beta) FM20.2.3SympathyforthedevilKnapZaipVOL2P108FACC First season, without making any transfers in the winter window. I prefer to start most of home games on positive mentality (and switch to attacking eventually). Away on balanced (eventually switch one up or down, depending of the result). Because fast winger have many opportunities to cross, i used Bellarabi on the right side, and Bailey on left, but without changing their main tactical roles. During posession play they give another option for wide defender to pass, being positioned in at the edge of the box, during counterattack they act like classical wingers. @knap Very good job
  10. What do you think about defending in wide areas of the pitch, when playing in 442 formations? Here's an example of leaving some free area for wide opposition players, just before losing two goals from crosses. Against some world class wingers, like Jadon Sancho it could be very costly. Maybe assigning specific player marking for my ML and MR, to avoid exposing my wide defenders on 1vs1 against pacey dribblers? Played with 20.2.3Wulf442DLKnap101ECFA. Borussia Dortmund v Real Madrid 2-2.pkm
  11. It's not so easy to implement in a team suffering from a central defenders shortage, also requires new position trainings for most forwards. You have to display opponents tactical formation during gameplay and control it strictly, to assign effective marking settings for your players. Probably your main goalscorer won't grab a golden shoe award These are disadvantages. The advantages are more important. Top notch defensive play (see the attached pic below). Enjoyable to watch, you can see many players involved in offensive schemes. Very powerful set pieces (you can see it also in attached pkm file). Competitive against more powerful teams even without big signings. Lyon v Real Madrid 2-0 (final Ligi Mistrzow 2019-20).pkm
  12. In my Juventus save very succesful was the combination of two mentalities, with a bit of tweaking during the matchplay. I decided to pick Oxford 41221 tactic, but with lower defensive line. All matches i started with cautious mentality as default, unless the assistant recommended a change (mostly switching to positive in home games against mid-table oppontents, or worse). When i watched a match, mostly i paid attention to the shots statistics. When i saw after 15-20 minutes that my opponents getting a shooting opportunities too easily, i lowered mentality by 1, even to "defensive" in some away games. Maybe it wasn't the most entertaining football on Earth, but gave my many crucial victories, and definitely the best record of away wins in Serie A. Maybe it's just a coincidence, but finding the best partner for my offensive midfielder (Dybala) made me the biggest difficulty in Oxford tactic. Even Zaniolo didn't exceed the average rating of 6.90.
  13. Reffering to the tests from MRL site, i started a new game with Legia Warsaw using two tactics as a set, depending on where the match is played. I chose Oxford 41221 for matches at home, and Argus 352 for away games. As you see, the results were very good. The main disadvantage is the need to have a fairly flexible squad compositon, because you need to fill many positions, I had difficulties in deciding which individual training should i choose for a specific player, for example when he is playing as a DMC at home, but as a WBL away. I can also recommend using "mentality masterplan" by Optimus (mentioned a few post ago) for learning about the basics of mentality changing during the individual match. Sometimes it requires many changes in one single match, but it's very useful tool in reading the match properly.
  14. Currently i also use Sicilian 4222, with mixed results. At home we're able to dominate Liverpool in CL (qualified from the group including Liverpool and Real Madrid) but in away Bundesliga matches, sometimes our defence is shattered into pieces. I started to change mentality and defensive line for those matches. In a result we won at Munich, without giving Bayern a single CCC (0-1, using cautious mentality and standard defensive line), but we lost in Paderborn and Lepizig.
  15. How many CCC are created by your rivals ? Currently i'm playing with Inter, using ARGUS 352. I've spared nine points in the last three away games, but the defensive play was really awful. From one side, 5-3 win on the pitch of my fierce rivals look impressive, but giving them 7 CCC to score makes my frightened in the perspective of another difficult matches.
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