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  1. Interesting - had no idea! I'm managing blind as to most of the players but managed to win the Apertura. Had never heard of Dorados (had heard of Sinaloa obviously) before watching the Maradona documentary on Netflix. Been looking for some Dorados merch around, but there's nothing available it seems.
  2. He has filled in there on occasion so would do a job. Has also played as a DM at times for the u23s
  3. Managing Dorados in the Torneo Apertura and somehow I'm on 37 points after 13 games despite league rules telling me it's 3 for a win and one for a draw https://mobile.twitter.com/CManny99/status/1196511186386407427/photo/1
  4. All these gripes and none for Bolton - that makes me very happy
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