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  1. It feels more robust and dynamic than FM13. It feels like less of a lesser game and more of a different game. It's the only way I wanna play Football manager now!
  2. Nostalgia, burnout and being the victim of what are likely financial decisions. The fact is, the game being a yearly franchise doesn't really do it any favours. The Development cycle is extremely short for a major video game. There isnt enough time, I'm sure, in the months after they finish one game to completely rebuild from the bottom. At least not every year. What is tending to happen now then, is that often some editions are merely expansion packs. It was easy to be revolutionary between CM2 and CM3, because the technology and their own ideas were advancing exponentially. I tend to skip years, personally. FM10 for example had nothing that interested me. It was confusing and difficult to play. It was too time consuming. For me FM11 is a big improvement, as they made it a lot more accessible. The tactic creator is great. The way it highlights needed attributes for positions. How I can just switch a dude to defend instead of having to change a million sliders. If making tactics and changing a million sliders didnt bother you, then yeah, I can see why it wouldnt seem to interest you. At the end of the day, it's a lot like politics. People get bored by the things you've been doing right for the last 5 years. Take a break, do something else, and maybe FM12 will call to you!
  3. you can be international and club manager at the same time I believe?
  4. Yeah its to be expected, its complicated, based on your league co-efficient, your past finishing positions, your results.
  5. Seems pretty realistic to me. The AI would be unstoppable if it looked at stats, and we'd all be complaining about how it cheats.
  6. Could you not play a "flat" 4-4-2, and set one MC to attacking and one to defensive? Isn't that what they used to replace the arrows?
  7. Yeah! It'd be great. I'd like to be able to have a private chat to tell my striker to stop sleeping around with older ladies of the night too, or have legal get a super injunction to protect my players. Just imagine it "So and so is unhappy because you asked him to stop cheating on his wife."
  8. It's not really just a case of making an engine like Fifa. Fifa is one of the worlds biggest video game franchises, and they are at the cutting edge of technology. EA has a massive amount of money being pumped into the graphics technology, building engines to fuel Fifa, Madden, NHL, etc. Almost the entire development style is building the engine. SI would need a team as big as Fifas to JUST work on the graphics engine, and then a team to work on the rest of the game. Development costs would be massive, and sales would not match it. It's not a trivial thing to do, nor feasible nor even desirable.
  9. Yeah, in the BSP and below, the youth stuff is worthless. usually they're on 5 quid a week though, so eh. in L1 & L2, youth you might get lucky and get a championship or premiership future star that you can play for a year before you're forced to cash in.
  10. Just read this from the start! Great thread, found myself cheering you on and cursing when a run of form crumbled! Looking forward to seeing this progress
  11. The tool-tip (if you click on it) says its non-football staff wages.
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