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  1. Network Game Help

    *bump* *bump* *bump*
  2. Quit and Reload After A Defeat?

    I only do it when im really peed off at the result but i agree tht it takes the fun out of the game
  3. Basiclly, my mate and i cnt get a network game going, when we connect, the host's game crashes. Not straight away though, it happens straight after I or he clicks the button that confirms your team choice. We are both on laptops, he has installed it through steam and i haven't Plz help. :D
  4. First Name:Ben Second Name:Harvey Position: AMR Height: 175 D.O.B: make me 21 City of birth:Wegburg Nationality:Northern Irish Other Nationalities:English Strengths: Free Kicks, Long Shots, Pace, Acceleration, Crossing Favourite Club: Man Utd, Barcelona, A.C. Milan Disliked Club: Liverpool, Arsenal