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  1. Anyone who havent received their activation code from the official fm-seller yet? How long is IT supposed to take? I have waited a day now.
  2. I am one of those long-term fans and legal players. So when I bought the game from the official link on the official site of SI Games, I naturally expected to play it straight away today. But I am still waiting for the activation code many, many hours after that. And I ask myself: is this really the right way to treat the honest players? Make them wait for more than a day to legally play a digital game they have paid for on the day of release? My answer is no. If going to a physical store and get it is faster, then Sega and SI Games are doing all the errors in the book. This isn´t 1992/93 where that was the only option. Sorry guys, but if this is the way it´s going to be, then I´ll gladly join the pirates for the very first time, for FM2014. I´m sure I´ll get the game quicker that way... For now, I´m not even able to play the game. This is just wrong.
  3. I bought the game from the official SI Games-link and have nearly waited an hour now. Does anyone know how many hours this process should take?
  4. I bought the game via sigames.com, and have to wait for the code. How many hours will this usually take?
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