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  1. I can't remember whose set pieces they are, maybe xPer on FM Base? I've had them for a while. If anybody knows please tell me and i'll credit them. But here ya go xCorner(att)v1_381D07B3-EE8E-423D-BFF4-21E42A357225.fmf
  2. Haha, yeah I only took the screenshots in the 3rd season when I was already in charge of Man U. I only made a few signings in the first season so I had enough cover to use 3 centre backs - Burnley's squad is set up to use 442 really. In the second season I was given a large transfer budget because i'd reached the champions league so I used it. Generally I improved the squad with older players for slightly less money. I took advantage of West Brom and Everton being relegated and pinched a couple from each. After I left for Man U they hired Laurent Blanc and signed Ross Barkley and Danny Welbeck among others - their squad looked in better shape than mine did when I was there. However, he was sacked after 4 months and replaced by Patrick Vieira.
  3. Tested this tactic over 3 seasons. First two seasons I was with Burnley, and as well as finishing 2nd and 1st in the Premier League I also won an FA Cup, a Capital One Cup and a Europa League. I was then given the Man Utd job. I spent the majority of the season unbeaten with my only defeat coming away to Manchester City after 35 games in the Premier League. I also won the Capital One Cup, Europa League and FA Cup. I have included screenshots of Anthony Martial (my top scorer) and Paul Pogba (who was incredible! I played him as MCL in the tactic and he scored 24 goals with 13 assists from 44 appearances). I did use my own corner tactics and ended with 15 goals from corners in the Premier League. The next highest scored 7. My only comment on improvement to the tactic would be that I never settled on a tactic for when you need a goal late on. Maybe something more attacking from Knap to compliment the other tactics would be great
  4. Goals get shared amongst the two at the back post usually. I usually have the most goals by corners in the league but i'm usually equal with 2nd or around 2 clear
  5. No, hardly an exploit. I have corners aimed at far post with layout as follows; 3 players back 1 lurk 1 near post flick on 1 stand far post 1 attack far post 3 go forward provides a steady stream of goals for me but don't think it's an exploit?
  6. Only tweaks I've made are for set pieces. But everyone has their own preferences there By the way.. check out this screenshot!! Sporting Lisbon - Eat my goal!
  7. I'm using the tweaked version that is posted.. I had made those tweaks anyway before Magick posted the updated tactic and they were working well for me and others which is what led him to re-post the tactic
  8. They're both successful, but the tweaks do make a difference. I'm currently using the updated version By the way as previously hinted I've had an impressive start to the season so thought I'd post a little quick teaser screenshot! Results My Champions League group is Sevilla, Bayern Munich and Sporting Lisbon!! But a lovely start to it.. Sevilla AWAY
  9. I have to agree, all of the tweaks are working brilliantly. I'm worried that any more tweaks and we'll have a diablo on our hands!! I've just started my new season with bcfc, won the community shield then got a 1-1 draw at Old Trafford first game of the season!! CHAMPIONS LEAGUE HERE WE COME!!
  10. Thank you, I wish Bristol City could do it for real.. haha I'm not sure how I'll do in the Champions League. I will undoubtedly have an incredibly hard group so probably will be aiming for 3rd place and a Europa League spot. Of course I will post the screenshots here when I finish my season. WATCH THIS SPACE!
  11. Well my predicted position was 19th, but like I said I did make some changes with the money that was given to me. I told my board mid-table finish and that is where I was expecting. My reputation is still very low so I can't attract many players. Highest value on player search was £6m! As for being down to 10 men, I always sacrifice the CM.. the MCL and MCR control the midfield whilst my CM plays DC because he's a DC/CDM/MC
  12. Couldn't really have asked for a better first season in the Premier League with such an average squad. Lets just get straight to the screenshots! Firstly, the cups. League Cup was a little disappointing. Only made the quarter final stage. League Cup fixtures Quarter Final knockout - I was robbed!! Now, the FA Cup. I WON! Amazing really. I have reached Wembley in both by seasons so far as Bristol City manager, but to actually win was pretty great. FA Cup fixtures Semi Final vs Manchester United - Check the sending off before the match facts! Final vs Manchester City And finally, the league. I'll let the pictures do the talking... Final table Tottenham domination Man City snatch and grab!
  13. I changed to the +3 line and counter attack and honestly it's practically revolutionised the tactic! It was beginning to lose its effectiveness - maybe because of the AI. However, after the tweaks i re-found my form and almost completed an incredible first season in the Premier League.. screenshots to follow in the next hour!!
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