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  1. I am also Arsenal and just paid 160 up front with another 18 in coming clauses, 178 all up. I figure its a game, meant to be fun, so whatever!
  2. Gueundouzi from the Gunners in my save has been challenging Savic for first team minutes thats how good he has been. I assume his PA may be randomised though.
  3. I am playing Arsenal and Guendouzi has been a beast, oh and of course Savic if you have the coin.
  4. As with Boss' suggestion above, the Bundesliga is fun and the teams are all quite talented. Try Leverkusen, Schalke or Hertha as a few out of many who would be a fun long term save in that league.
  5. I have been playing Hertha Belrin in the Bundesliga on my last few long term saves, great league with 5-6 teams who all challenge regularly. Good luck holding onto Heinrichs, Tah and Havertz as in my 2026 save they all turn out brilliant and all got lured to bigger reputation clubs overseas, which continues to be the main challenge playing a bundesliga save. Offer them contracts EVERY time one of the big teams shows interest, even if you only gave them a new contract less than a year ago, its the only way i managed to hold onto my young talent Ive won 5 titles and finally wont eh CL
  6. Whats the most effective way to stop your FBs chasing wingers who cut in from the wing into mid pitch and exposing your flank? Even on low closing down settings they seem to chase after guys like a dog after a tennis ball, anyone found anyway to at least minimise this behaviour?
  7. CB - Jordan Torunarigha from Hertha Berlin is a stud and relatively unknown. I play Hertha and even though i have bought numerous upgrades he still plays and plays well. Not sure what he would cost to pry away from them but he is worth a shot.
  8. Wonderkid Alli Diallo has been rock solid for me, and I play Ezequiel Barco at CM/RPM and he is awesome there with his speed and dribbling
  9. Benteke and Davie Selke (Hertha) have both been great for me
  10. Just restarted my season with Hertha Berlin after struggling with my 4-1-2-3 and found this thread. Really should have looked at your posts earlier Cleon as I generally steal an idea or 2 off you every couple of years Going to try this formation with the same roles, we have lots of winger types at Hertha so should be ok there, just need to find myself a good Segundo on the transfer market. As always thanks for sharing your wisdom you always help slow me down from the click click click style of game i always start out with and then your posts make me think, analyse and slow down - whi
  11. I played 1/2 a season with this as mentioned above and wont he CL final, I have now played a full season and the table below speaks for itself. Won the PL, FA cup and CL final again. 32-3-3 with 137 goals for and only 32 against.
  12. Just wanted to pop in and say THANK YOU I do like to build my own tactics and had up and down success with a 4-1-2-3 which I persisted with for 2 seasons. I then decided to give this tactic a go and although it didnt 100% fit my personnel it was magic. Beat Real Madrid to win the CL final 4-1 and have had a great run of results over 1/2 a season so far with it (beat Barca 5-2, ManU 4-0, Tottenham 6-0 etc) The attacking movement is the beauty of this tactic and it has shown me that players like the WMa can be attacking and at the same time seem defensively responsible, also its nice to see t
  13. Nice thread, very well thought through. This is what I am also trying to do in my Arsenal save with Sanchez and Depay on the left. Some thoughts; Maybe distributing the ball to Gibbs would be better so he can quickly move forward and play it further up to a 'roamed and found space' Sanchez? With 'Close down More' on I would be tempted to tell my central defenders to close down less, but thats just the way I like to play, I dont like them being too agressive With the striker role - this is an interesting one. Will a T/a get in Sanchez's way? He is supposed to float in the gap between D and
  14. Also of note; Ozil is annoyed I have him on AML training but this only comes out after the Bellerin sale, its like the events culminated for him into a mega tanty but the game gave me ZERO ability to determine it was coming. In my eyes I was selling a fringe u21 who would never break into the squad for a good sum of money. Bellerin isnt a visible favoured personnel either. Anyway I will upload this save to the other forum... whole thing seems stupidly over the top for me though, how the hell was I ever supposed to see that coming?
  15. Ozil has just demanded to leave the club after I sold Hector Bellerin (2.5 star potential) for 5 million pounds. I have the supremely better Chambers at RB and also an aging but effective Darijo Srna, we have also been performing very well in the EPL (1st and 4th in last 2 seasons) He demanded to talk to me, I calmly told him the club knew what they were doing selling Bellerin, he demands to leave. Personally this seems just silly to me. Now my best player wants to leave cause I sold a fringe prospect who was likely never going to start in the first team? crazy and game wrecking!
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