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  1. 1. Iniesta did not constantly try through balls, so he should be on a support duty (mezzala) or you could have him as a B2B-midfielder to keep him closer to the DLP and get those passing triangles going. The other thing I would change would be the AML - Both Villa and Henry played more as a wide poacher, so either a Ramdeuter or an IF-A would replicate it better. In terms of the instructions, Guardiola has always favoured width in the attacking phase to create space in the middle, so maybe play wider with exploit the middle could achieve that effect? Also, Barcelona did not counter much, instead they tried to hold shape until the final third, where Guardiola gave players freedom to leave their position, so here you could activate hold shape and roam from position on your front three. 2. Not really, as the IW-A will make forward runs, while the F-9 should drop deep (in theory). 3. This is because their pressing is maxed out due to the extremely urgent pressing instruction. 4. See point 1. 5. I think DLP-S is about right, you can also try RP-S, but that could leave Busquets with too much to do.
  2. It should work, probably suited to a Tiki-taka setup. The 3 up top needs to be quite aggressive, and you also need the fullbacks for width. Maybe a balanced/positive mentality? Watch the RPM and Treq closely, there is a risk that they will occupy the same space if play is congested.
  3. Personally, I would not sell for less than 150m. You should figure out how much a replacement would cost, if you are looking for a similar skillsett, or use the money to rejig your squad.
  4. I would definitively hold out for top dollar. Does he have many years left on his contract? If so, you can probably reject it and his unsettledness will pass.
  5. Just to keep the save interesting. There is not really that much of a difference, other than the 4-3-3 being a bit more solid, as you said.
  6. I think Treq is a good choice - It will see him float between the lines and be both a creator and goalscorer.
  7. Changed back to a 4-3-3 Results have been promising:
  8. Have a look at teamwork, work rate and stamina for those who will start most games, if the attributes look good it has a decent chance of working.
  9. @Gee_Simpson I use this for seeing out games: If I am down a goal, I usually increase the mentality to attacking and change the IF and SV to an attacking duty. Against top opponents I use oppossition instructions on a few key players. If the other side is creating loads of chanches while I struggle, I tend to switch to catious and tick pass into space.
  10. Then I would just keep it as is. Depends on the players, as you say the 4-1-2-3 is better balanced, so it easier to make it work. The challenge with the 4-2-3-1 is that it is top heavy, so it is easy for space to congest, that is essentially why I opted for two DMs instead, to have more space for Bruno to thrive in, and for better progression from deep.
  11. There is not really that much of a difference between a PF and an AF, other than the former being more aggressive out of possession, so that is up to you. If you play a striker with low workrate and stamina I would probably play him as an AF.
  12. Does not look bad at all (4-3-3)! Couple of suggestions: Even though both defenders are suited to being a ball playing defender, having two of them often leads to giving away possession needlessly. The most glaring thing for me is the shorter passing. You say you love prolific striker, yet you tell your players to pass to the nearest team mate and into feet, even though you have a lot of players aggressively moving into space. Personally, I would leave the passing on mixed and add "pass into space". The last point: You want a striker who looks to get in behind, yet you try to pin the oppossition down in their own box, leaving little space for your strikers to exploit. Ditch the higher defensive line and more urgent pressing. The counter press will take care of what you need. The second one looks good too, although I would remove the pressing and d-line TI's there as well. How does the AMC play? If he is getting low ratings and you see him in the same space as Pogba I would consider putting him on an attacking duty to exploit the space that the striker creates.
  13. Is that because he was playing as more of a creator? I have used the 4123 a lot this year, often playing a direct "Fergie-style" type of football, and I have almost exclusively used an Advanced Forward to great success - On my Milan-save Greenwood scored a goal a game in that kind of setup. The striker does not have to link play, you can use more aggressive roles in midfield, such as a mezzala to bridge the gap, or supporting wide players.
  14. Yes. In your case, there is no need to have higher tempo, more direct, higher line of engagement, more urgent pressing, etc, if you are already playing on a higher mentality, such as "positive". Why? Because that is already part of the mentality you have selected. Secondly, by activating counter press and counter you have already made sure that the team will press high up the pitch when losing possession and to play fast and direct with bodies moving forward when the opportunity presents itself. Also, if you are struggling with tactics I would strongly recommend to only adding one TI at the time, because then it is much easier to see if it is working or not in the match enginge. If you select a bunch to create a "style" it can be difficult to figure out how to tweak it, use the "clean slate" template, pick a formation you want to use, and start with 1-2 TI's per part (in possession, out of possession, in transition). The last advise is about roles and duties: Who do you want to be your main goal scorers? Who will create the chances for them? Who will defend when they are attacking? Choose accordingly to suit your style of play and try not to care to much about role familiarity.
  15. Sure, they are both quality players and Kimmich is quite versatile as well, although having him and AWB could be considered overkill. I had plans to move Lindelof on and upgrade the CB-position and Skriniar would have been one of my main targets. Putting all that aside, I think it also provides some realism, as IRL a manager cannot always decide who the club brings in.
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