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  1. Four seasons in with La Real. Finished 2nd, 1st and 2nd, they have a great squad from the start, maybe a tad overrated, but hey ho. Managed to pick up Ousmane Dembele on a free and got Nuno Mendes in, other than that the core of the team is still Zubeldia, Merino and Oyarzabal. Managed to sell Januzaj, Isak and Sergio Gomez (who I picked up on a free) for a combined total of a around 230 million. Would recommend!
  2. That is an insane record by Inter. I agree with the notion that the top leagues are more competitive this year and it is more difficult to coast through. It will be interesting if you are able to knock them of their perch, certainly something to keep the save interesting going forward.
  3. I contributed with some post a couple of months ago, but since then I have continued the save all the way up until the end of the 2030/2031-season. This is my Milan-side of 2031: We finished the season strongly and ended up securing The Treble! We used a 4-2-3-1 for most of the season, but it never really seemed to click, so I changed the style of play into a 4-3-3 Tiki-Taka to great effect. I am now considered a legend at the club after winning 5 league titles, 2 Champion Leagues, 1FIFA Club World Cup, 3 cup-titles, 4 Supercoppa Tim-titles and a UEFA Super Cup. Wha
  4. 1. Iniesta did not constantly try through balls, so he should be on a support duty (mezzala) or you could have him as a B2B-midfielder to keep him closer to the DLP and get those passing triangles going. The other thing I would change would be the AML - Both Villa and Henry played more as a wide poacher, so either a Ramdeuter or an IF-A would replicate it better. In terms of the instructions, Guardiola has always favoured width in the attacking phase to create space in the middle, so maybe play wider with exploit the middle could achieve that effect? Also, Barcelona did not counter much, inste
  5. It should work, probably suited to a Tiki-taka setup. The 3 up top needs to be quite aggressive, and you also need the fullbacks for width. Maybe a balanced/positive mentality? Watch the RPM and Treq closely, there is a risk that they will occupy the same space if play is congested.
  6. Personally, I would not sell for less than 150m. You should figure out how much a replacement would cost, if you are looking for a similar skillsett, or use the money to rejig your squad.
  7. I would definitively hold out for top dollar. Does he have many years left on his contract? If so, you can probably reject it and his unsettledness will pass.
  8. Just to keep the save interesting. There is not really that much of a difference, other than the 4-3-3 being a bit more solid, as you said.
  9. I think Treq is a good choice - It will see him float between the lines and be both a creator and goalscorer.
  10. Changed back to a 4-3-3 Results have been promising:
  11. Have a look at teamwork, work rate and stamina for those who will start most games, if the attributes look good it has a decent chance of working.
  12. @Gee_Simpson I use this for seeing out games: If I am down a goal, I usually increase the mentality to attacking and change the IF and SV to an attacking duty. Against top opponents I use oppossition instructions on a few key players. If the other side is creating loads of chanches while I struggle, I tend to switch to catious and tick pass into space.
  13. Then I would just keep it as is. Depends on the players, as you say the 4-1-2-3 is better balanced, so it easier to make it work. The challenge with the 4-2-3-1 is that it is top heavy, so it is easy for space to congest, that is essentially why I opted for two DMs instead, to have more space for Bruno to thrive in, and for better progression from deep.
  14. There is not really that much of a difference between a PF and an AF, other than the former being more aggressive out of possession, so that is up to you. If you play a striker with low workrate and stamina I would probably play him as an AF.
  15. Does not look bad at all (4-3-3)! Couple of suggestions: Even though both defenders are suited to being a ball playing defender, having two of them often leads to giving away possession needlessly. The most glaring thing for me is the shorter passing. You say you love prolific striker, yet you tell your players to pass to the nearest team mate and into feet, even though you have a lot of players aggressively moving into space. Personally, I would leave the passing on mixed and add "pass into space". The last point: You want a striker who looks to get in behind, yet you try to pin the oppossiti
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