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  1. Gnabry or Sancho perhaps. What are you looking for in the player?
  2. Thank you for your reply. After a horrid start with 1 point from the first two games I tweaked a couple of things and we are suddenly looking much better. I agree that some of the inital instructions were a bit of an overkill considering the cautious mentality, so I replaced "regroup" with counter-press, added "run at defence", removed "narrow" defensive width and upped the pressing to extremely urgent. I also changed the formation with a DM in front of the back three and AP in the MC-position on an attacking duty. After the changes we beat Newcastle and West Brom 2-0, Arsenal 3-1 a
  3. This was our match stats from the first game at home to Aston Villa, quite awful to say the least...
  4. So, Mourinho has just been sacked in March during the first season, and I have taken over the job. I am trying to set up a tactic that is solid in defence and that can catch teams on the break. I would appreciate some feedback on my setup, especially the three ball playing defenders. Since they all operate on a defensive mentality I thought that playing more risky passes would reduce the chance of them hoofing it long, but I may be wrong on this. Also wondering if I should drop the AP-S into the CM-position and the CM-D into the DM position for a more solid defensive shape? As for the TI''
  5. I think the BBM will get in the way of the AP, and you have the WB on that side as well, I would possibly change it to a carrilero or a ball winning midfielder. I would also question the need for a DLP if you want to transition quickly, a DM-D would suffice.
  6. Loved this! One of my absolute favourite periods as a Manchester United-fan. As you mentioned it is difficult to pin down the formation they played, but I would still argue that the 06/07-version is quite different to the 07/08 and 08/09-squad, when they added Nani, Anderson, Hargreaves, Tevez and later, Berbatov into the mix. The 06/07-team was quite possibly my favourite of the lot, and the reason for that is because the title win was quite unexpected. This is my take on the aforemention 06/06-team, and I'll give my reasons for it. Firstly, Ronaldo was more of a traditional winger, he
  7. Had a crazy last season where Empoli won the league! It was like watching Leicester under Ranieri all over again. Has anyone else had a surprising league winner like this before? On paper they are basically a mid- to lower table team, but it seems like everything just clicked for them. Also, the previous season Lazio were relegated, so it is a really interesting save so far. This year, Empoli is struggling at the bottom of the table, but still qualified from their CL-group. Hope Roberto De Zerbi can cling on to his job.
  8. Holy hell! What did you do in the second season to make him explode unto the scene like that?
  9. @Gee_Simpson When does Rashfords contract expire? If he has more than a year left I would not be worried.
  10. Since last time I have changed a couple of things as I was not seeing the patterns of play I was after on the pitch. This is what I start most games with now and not only am I scoring more, I am also conceding less goals. If you look at the results below, you will see that we finally started to pick up results from the Lille-game and onwards, and that is when I changed the setup into its current state. The wing-backs were changed to support and defend to provide better balance both offensively and defensively and the carrilero covers brilliantly for the WB-S. The striker
  11. What about just dropping the wide-players into the mr/ml positions? Wouldn't that create a more resilient shape?
  12. My interpretation is that the CM-A is more central and attacks the box more, while the mezzala looks to go out wide and in the half-spaces. The point of the attack-duty CM is to be more of a goalscoring threat, while the mezzala is more of a creator, and in this setup I wanted more of a goal threat.
  13. Would a carrilero coupled with a fb-a and iw-s provide better balance on the left flank in your opinion? I would agree on the CM-A, he already has traits that make him play like a mezzala (MiC, gets forward, tries killer balls)
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