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  1. Vizzini

    Everton Tactic, Any Advice?

    The overall setup with roles and duties seems fairly well balanced, but your mentality and shape + TI's seems overly aggressive for a team of Everton's standard. With a control mentality you are already playing quite risky with a high line and a lot of width, why push that even further with the TI's? I would look to remove push higher up and play wider, and instead add more close down to your front four, and stay wider + run wide with ball to your fb-a. This will create the high pressing out of possession you seem to want, while at the same time not causing your defenders to overcommit. The PI's on your left-back plus the winger on the right side will you provide the width you want and help stretch the opposition defence to create space for your central players. I am also questioning your use of fluid shape, as it gives all of your players higher creative freedom to divert from your gameplan as well as making them more congested, meaning there is less space to play in for your attacking players. I would recommend changing to a flexible or structured shape, as this will make your duties more pronounced, meaning that your defend and support duties will be more conservative and probably make you less prone to overcommiting players in the attacking-phase, as well as making your attack-duties more aggressive within the mentality-framework.
  2. As you said, Chicha has the perfect attributes for a poacher, and was absolutely lethal for me in my 3rd season, but he needs service! Had a shadow striker behind him to open up space and play him through, with two wide-midfielders looking to cross the ball low to him.
  3. You want the DM to shield the defence, the BWM-S is not going to do that, your DLP-D will tho, so I would switch these two around. Also, playing wingers putting in crosses, to who exactly? Especially with hit early crosses activated, the DLF-S will drop deep before entering the box late on, not someone to pump crosses into, you can either change the forward into an AF-A or you could switch the wingers to inside forwards, but that would not make the mezzala function properly.
  4. Vizzini

    New Laptop/PC- Help Needed

    I am buying from a norwegian site (where I live), but thanks for the heads-up The norwegian krone is quite weak compared with other currency, which means that computers are a bit pricey nowadays, but if my mates spend 800 pounds on a mobile-phone, I see no harm spending a bit more on a solid computer that will last me a long time.
  5. Vizzini

    New Laptop/PC- Help Needed

    Looking for a new laptop that can run FM18 quite well. My budget is around 1000£. Battery-time, weight and that sort of thing is not important, I just want the best performing laptop in terms of running FM in that price-range. I have been looking at the Acer Predator Helios G3: https://www.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/predator-model/NH.Q28AA.001 and Asus FX502VMA (Both have similar specs). Any other suggestions?
  6. Have attached dxdiag, crash-dump file, and screenshot. Hope this is useful. See thread-title for what happened. FM 2018 v18.0.1.1030019 (2017.10.28 23.06.01).dmp DxDiag.txt
  7. Vizzini

    My Mourinho inspired 4-2-3-1

    Have you considered putting the double-pivot in the DM-positions, and making your Ramd-A into a IF-S? The reason I am asking this is because watching the Everton game last night, I observed that the two holding midfielders are always sitting right in front of the defence without the ball. The knock-on effects is that the defence will sit slightly deeper, so no need for an offside-trap, and you can also afford to be more adventourus with your double-pivot, for example by giving Paul Pogba the RPM-S role. Changing to a IF-S will make both your wide-players track back in a 4-4-1-1 defensive shape without having to use man-marking every game, which can drag players out of position. I know this is not a exact replica, just interested if that was something you had thought about, or tried out?
  8. Just logged in to say how impressed I was with this this thread, really great work! You should send this to the people working on the deep lying podcast, as they have a weekly shout-out for pieces they want to promote, and this fits in really well with that.
  9. Does having coaches with the right personality (Professional) make the players develop faster, or is this just relevant for the Head of Youth Development?
  10. Just to add to what rashidi was saying. I'm currently using a 4-2-3-1 system, and all my players in the attacking strata (am and fw positions) are on support duty, which for me means that they contribute more in the defensive and transition phase. The DF-S occupies the cb's making space for my if, Winger and am-s, plenty of dribbling, penetrative passing and ofb movement and links up well with my cm-d's and fullbacks.
  11. Two great post, well laid out. You have an aggressive mentality. Then you add push higher up, which also increases closing down, and then finallly on top of that you have close down more, which more than likely will cause you to loose youre defensive shape. You play a high pressing system, but the only player high up the pitch pressing the opponents is the AF-A and to an extent your W-A and Treq. I think it would be beneficial if you dropped the close down more so your players would keep the shape a bit better in the defensive phase, which suits your structured formation better imo. Such a high line would also benefit from the use of an offside-trap as well, but then without the cover-defender and with the added inclusion of a sweeper-keeper who can deal with throughballs when the trap fails. I think the attacking setup looks great.
  12. With the Euros coming up it could be fun to replicate Spain in 2012 where they sometimes played strikerless with Fabregas as a false-9
  13. No problem =) You have tempted me to do another season with Chelsea and tweak my system, hope you get some success!
  14. If it is doing that well I would not change anything. Also, my knowledge of Anceolottis systems are not that great. In regards to the Lb, think about what you want the player to do and search for attributes that corresponds with your vision
  15. I think the setup looks fine. Some potential issues: The WP-A goes into the half-spaces alot, so you leave that flank vulnerable if you loose the ball high up the pitch, maybe have the LB on a more conservative role like the FB-S, he will still support and provide width but be more defensively solid, you can also give him cross more to offset the reduced crossing you get from a TI like work ball into box.. The BWM-D is a role I like and is useful in a 4-4-2 when he has to cover alot of space, but you have the AM-S in front who will track back to some extent so you don't need him to cover a lot of space, I think maybe a CM-D will give you what you need while also protecting the back four better, Matic is quite an accomplished passer so there is little risk in giving him that role. Look forward to you putting your system in to play, I would do what Cleon do and play the first 3 matches without changing anything, then go back and watch them to spot the things you need to tweak. It may sound like a lot of effort, but it will probably help you in the long run as you are then pretty set for the rest of the season.