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  1. I think there are two main reasons for this, one being that his movement means that he is often at the end of crosses, and the second one is that instead of being paired against a central defender, he is more than not going against a much smaller full-back who is marking him. There is no question that the role work as intended if we look closer at the stats, as he ranks first in goals, avg min per goal, shots, shots on target and offside. I also think PPMs are vital here. His PPMs are move into channels and likes to try to beat offside trap.
  2. I am trying this out with Real Madrid, which I took over in 2023, and I am deploying Braut-Haaland as a Ramdeuter (with Luka Jovic as rotation) on the right to great effect, currently topscorer in La Liga. Will post more info as soon as the season is finished, but I am really enjoying it so far. Paired him with a False-9, a Mezzala-S and a CWB-S (support structure round him) in a short passing-system. He is also the player covering the most distance per game and who has the most key-headers in the league.
  3. Brilliant! Reading it now, and wanted to clarify something. In the part about the Half Back you write: "The Half Back sits in front of the defence whilst in possession, being a passing outlet to keep recycling the ball. When the team loses possession, he drops between the centre back pairing, and splits the centre backs wider, creating a back three. " - Is it not supposed to be the reverse? That the Half Back drops between the central pairing during build-up to help play out from the back, and that he acts as a shield in front of the defence when out of possession?
  4. If you put the winger in the mr-slot, he will actually act as a true winger hugging the line, while if you have him at amr he will be more prone to going inside, which may congest space. Having your winger at mr may help free up space for your amc and make your attacks more undpredictable.
  5. You could argue that both employed more of a 4-4-1-1, as Yorke and Okazaki played a more withdrawn role and often contributed in the defensive phase when transitioning. Ferguson himself, always maintained that he never played a 4-4-2. If you look at his sides throughout the years he almost exclusively relied on someone thriving between the lines (Cantona = AMC - Treq, Scholes and Rooney = AMC - Shadow strikers). Could be worth considering playing a 4-4-1-1 to give you more defensive security.
  6. Pogba has been absolute fire for me this season! Playing him in a midfield three as a CM-A has brought out the best of him at the ripe old age of 31, cannot believe I have wasted him as a deep-lying playmaker for all these years, what a waste!
  7. I have also tried creating a replication of the Invincibles, and I feel that I am getting closer after some tinkering. The defensive shape is a 4-4-2, but performs much more like a 4-2-3-1 with the ball. Based on the information online and my own faulty memory, this is what I have cooked up. As you can see I am using the 03/04-database, which means that the players attributes are somewhat overpowered since they have been imported directly from said game. That being said, using this setup I constantly overload the left side, and the goals are coming from the same personel as it did in reality (per the statistics availabe on wikipedia). I started on a cautious mentality and had Henry as a CF-S to begin with, but it lacked penetration and the play was somewhat sluggish. After changing Henry to a AF-A and the mentality to positive (adding work ball into box), the play is now much more fluid, and Henry looks much more like the real life version did. In tougher games I tend to drop back to cautious and remove work ball into box, as there is more space for us on the counter. I avoid having playmakers as I want us to be as unpredictable as possible in the transition-phase. The original Invincibles used quite a small squad, but with how fitness works in-game, I felt that I had to add a couple of bodies (Dejan Stankovic, Paulo Ferreira and Junior) for the squad to survive a long season. They are mostly like for like replacements for Pires, Lauren and Cole in terms of their attributes. There are no PI's, what makes it work are the PPM's each player have to give them their identity, I think this is crucial for making this replication work, which is also something Cleon made a note of when he tried to recreate this side.
  8. Just took over at Juventus for what seems to be quite the rebuild. I agreed a contract to take over in June 2023, and during the summer I added namely a first choice CB (regen Zoppi) from Lazio for around 50 million pounds. As you can see Sandro, Pjanic, Dybala and Costa's contract is up in the summer and all of them except Dybala (who has refused to sign a new contract) are about to go past their prime. Obviously I will not have the money to sign replacements for all of them at once, so my plan is to phase them out slowly over the next couple of seasons. The reserves are lacking in talent so I will have to employ my scouts to find replacements. Lefebre will probably replace Douglas Costa in the attacking areas, but I will have to shop for a new LB (WB-S) and MC (DLP-S). Hopefully I can keep hold of Dybala, but time is running out, and right now it is a game of poker in terms of who flinches first. Edit: First international break and Dybala wants a meeting... ...Anyone been successful in convincing a player to stay after getting this message?
  9. Season 4 Review: 2021/2022 As you can see it could not have gone better with an unparalleled septuple! Going unbeaten in the league was a particular delight, as we only had one loss last season. The Champions League-final was played at Old Trafford, beating Liverpool there felt truly special as we went past them with six CL-trophies against their five. The under 23s and 18s were not to bad either, winning both league and cup (and losing in the final of the Youth-CL). The standout performers were mostly the defensive players, Varane won player of the year, while Dalot won young player. That being said, picking up Cristiano Ronaldo in january for around 4 million pounds proved to be a bargain as he still has his goalscoring boots on at the ripe old age of 37, scoring 18 goals in just 20 starts. This is the tactic I have been using for the past three seasons with small variations. Its purpose is to keep it tight at the back, while we attack the United-way with speed on the flanks, getting crosses in the box and pinning down the opposition. This year we conceded only 13 goals, while scoring 86, last season we conceded 18 goals while scoring 101, which gives you an idea of how successful this setup has been for us. These were the ins and outs during the season. As you can see we sold Martial before the season, I did not want to, but he wanted out, and both Rashford and Lewandowski was ahead of him in the pecking order. Lukaku was sold in January to make room for Ronaldo, a bit strange perhaps as he may only last a season, but the plan is to promote Rashford to the striker position soon, and I have a boatload of talent down in the U23s. These are my biggest talents in the u23s and u18s, and I am looking to promote a couple of them next season, because of this I am not planning to sell or buy that many. I am possibly looking to get rid of Sanchez as his wages is far too high for someone playing a rotational role in the side. What I have liked about this save so far is that I have tried to manage the side in the spirit of Sir Matt Busby and Sir Alex Ferguson, both in terms of player-recruitment (some big signings with room to develop), youth development (promoting from within) and playing style (Attacking wide-play, not afraid of takings risks).
  10. Not him of course, but I have progressed even further. As you can see I included Dean Henderson and Diogo Dalot as well, as they are the ones who have developed the most so far.
  11. The overall setup with roles and duties seems fairly well balanced, but your mentality and shape + TI's seems overly aggressive for a team of Everton's standard. With a control mentality you are already playing quite risky with a high line and a lot of width, why push that even further with the TI's? I would look to remove push higher up and play wider, and instead add more close down to your front four, and stay wider + run wide with ball to your fb-a. This will create the high pressing out of possession you seem to want, while at the same time not causing your defenders to overcommit. The PI's on your left-back plus the winger on the right side will you provide the width you want and help stretch the opposition defence to create space for your central players. I am also questioning your use of fluid shape, as it gives all of your players higher creative freedom to divert from your gameplan as well as making them more congested, meaning there is less space to play in for your attacking players. I would recommend changing to a flexible or structured shape, as this will make your duties more pronounced, meaning that your defend and support duties will be more conservative and probably make you less prone to overcommiting players in the attacking-phase, as well as making your attack-duties more aggressive within the mentality-framework.
  12. As you said, Chicha has the perfect attributes for a poacher, and was absolutely lethal for me in my 3rd season, but he needs service! Had a shadow striker behind him to open up space and play him through, with two wide-midfielders looking to cross the ball low to him.
  13. You want the DM to shield the defence, the BWM-S is not going to do that, your DLP-D will tho, so I would switch these two around. Also, playing wingers putting in crosses, to who exactly? Especially with hit early crosses activated, the DLF-S will drop deep before entering the box late on, not someone to pump crosses into, you can either change the forward into an AF-A or you could switch the wingers to inside forwards, but that would not make the mezzala function properly.
  14. I am buying from a norwegian site (where I live), but thanks for the heads-up The norwegian krone is quite weak compared with other currency, which means that computers are a bit pricey nowadays, but if my mates spend 800 pounds on a mobile-phone, I see no harm spending a bit more on a solid computer that will last me a long time.
  15. Looking for a new laptop that can run FM18 quite well. My budget is around 1000£. Battery-time, weight and that sort of thing is not important, I just want the best performing laptop in terms of running FM in that price-range. I have been looking at the Acer Predator Helios G3: https://www.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/predator-model/NH.Q28AA.001 and Asus FX502VMA (Both have similar specs). Any other suggestions?
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