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  1. hi pardon my ignorance, i like to ask, how isit counter-atking when its on control and counter atking set to no? And, does only individual mentality work if i apply it to every player? Btw, ur tactic is a great one. I was having injuries trouble in my team, and couldn't get sturridge to fire in regularly. I was actually thinking of using ur tactic as a reference, but i decided to try it for a few matches. 1st match i won with sturridge hattrick, and 2nd, sturridge hatttrick again within 48mins against wigan. It's a very great tactic, thks.
  2. hi, update your first post, its stated 2nd of sep, thks btw
  3. i thought it was a regen-.- i didn't know it was a rl person. his stats looks good Perhaps everton has got another gem up their ranks.
  4. haven't tried playing, but looks great, great work and thanks. so anyone tested if tis is compatible with 11.3 database or any other updates like forbes or smth? Juz started trying everything looks good. I have loaded german lge as well, but i can't find kahn. any ideas why?
  5. In my version of your update, i saw shevchenko still one of the top value players in the game, Can u fix that? Btw, can u do stats editing for players like toni kroos, thomas muller and others?
  6. Hi chiellini, u think its possible for u to release the super lge today/tomorrow?
  7. Hi chiellini, when do u think u can release the super league ?
  8. thanks for the database/update, really appreciate ur work.
  9. Hi. Can someone re upload the file to another hosting site? My country can't get into rapidshare, and it seems im having error downloading from the filefront link above. Or send it to my email, marine-daredevil@hotmail.com Thanks.
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