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  1. the main things i would like to see added are: better interaction with the fans, i.e telling them why you let a player leave or why you went out of the league cup in the 3rd round after playing youth players a tick box on the player filter for home grown players manager personalities, purely cosmetic but it could change the press conference questions you would get
  2. yeah but an unlicenced version could be an option, wouldnt be difficult to set-up becasue the foundation is already there with you being able to vote for player of the year as international manager
  3. 1. squad bonding days 2. team holidays/training camps 3. option to loan the player back to the club you're buying him off 4. option to warn ass man about upsetting team in press conference 5. random kit generator 6. L.M.A manager of the season 7. option to ask board to make loan repayments higher/lower 8. ability to "remind" international managers that they are playing well
  4. brilliant tactic this, most matches for me seem like basketball games though with plenty of goals at both ends, anyway ive im in the 2018/19 season and ive been at blackpool for 4 seasons ive turned them from a mid league 1 side into a steady mid table championship team with my own tactics and now with the your classic tactic we were going well (3rd and in the race for the title), until january when alot of my players came out saying they cant handle the media pressure and my strikers are going on long runs of not scoring which im still sure is a bug anyway ill finish this season and get back with a season review
  5. the sporting lisbon keeper - QUIM - always make me chuckle
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