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  1. daft question but youre not about to be entered into administration are you?
  2. id like to see a bit more interaction with the media, instead of the same old generic tripe over and over
  3. i had a problem with dutch h.g.p players, i started to build up a good squad but it was taking 3+ years to get the status' right in the end i moved onto a different club i find though that the further you get into the game there are more and more teams struggling to get enough h.g.p.
  4. do people honestly believe a word that comes out of 'arrys mouth? lets face it you dont get to live in the most expensive house on the most expensive street in england by managing mediocre teams
  5. when im winning everything i set myself targets for the next year, go unbeaten, break records etc. journey man saves though i move on without a second thought
  6. usually takes me about an hour to do a month, unless its pre season then about an hour and a half per month
  7. i never single out players and very rarely use the hair dryer treatment, if someone plays badly they are dropped for the next game
  8. try being a newcastle united fan and finding the actual club for sale on the website
  9. he's usually one of the first players i sign (getting bored of him now tho), last time i signed him for barca he banged in 73 goals in a season but when i left his form dipped and he hasn't done much else, i was going to sign him for my current club but hes 31 now on my save and on £125 k per week which would obliterate my own wage cap
  10. ah right cheers, makes sense now, how does it work if you end up with the same points? goals scored?
  11. I'm currently managing in holland and have guided my team to the european play offs, the problem is the aggregate scores are completely different to the actual score in the first round i drew 2-2 and won 3-1 but the aggregate says 4-1 to me now in the second round first leg i have just won 1-0 yet the aggregate says i won 3-0 is this a bug or is there a reason behind it?
  12. the main things i would like to see added are: better interaction with the fans, i.e telling them why you let a player leave or why you went out of the league cup in the 3rd round after playing youth players a tick box on the player filter for home grown players manager personalities, purely cosmetic but it could change the press conference questions you would get
  13. many moons ago i used to play a management game on the amstrad, can't remember the name for the life of me, anyway it didn't matter what team you picked to manage you always started in the old division 4, the game had no licensing so you spent the first 15 minutes of the game re-naming your players (a copy of match or shoot magazine always came in handy for correct squads), the most stand out "feature" of the game was the fact that if you scored 4 goals you were certain to win the match for some reason and you were pretty much guarenteed a player to break his leg each season which ended his career and you would get a pitance in compensation
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