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  1. Can we interact with other managers or have we to wait until we're asked about them in the press? I seem to remember a historic addition where it was possible to interact.
  2. Until tonight. Strangely, it was a NI League Cup Final and a goal was disallowed for offside: it was lashed in following a melee in the box after a corner. It must have been tight. So, it can happen but I wonder if it was entirely co-incidental that it happened in the highest profile game I'd been involved in. This was my 205th game in management incidentally: one season in Wales and half way through fifth season in NI.
  3. Ha, yes. Even on overload with a one goal to get you just want them to shoot or do anything other than stop and pass it back as the whistle goes.
  4. I have encountered no issues with penalties in four seasons LLM in Wales and Northern Ireland. Lots scored; a few missed. There seems to be more awarded at the start of seasons - presumably something to with players not being match fit perhaps? I haven't had any goals disallowed for offside. I watch key highlights only; could this mean I miss them? There haven't been any press questions about offsides. There were in FM16 and didn't there used to be a line sometimes to demonstrate the offside?
  5. My experience of injuries so far is that I don't think there are enough. I've done four seasons in Wales and Northern Ireland and only had one significant long term injury. I've had no injuries at all to goalkeepers. Maybe it's because training is part time so not very intense?
  6. I think the replies are a touch too vitriolic; it seems quite a reasonable point. I'm in the second season with Sport and Leisure in Northern Ireland, Mr Tut. The pre-season odds were about 850-1 that I'd win Division 2 first season but that's what happened. I played a at home and a away. In my first game in the second season we beat Ballinamallard, just relegated from Premier Division, 7.1 with the AF scoring five. Same tactics. We've also been given a much bigger wage budget that I can feasibly spend on non contract players. Maybe it'll change or maybe it won't but I think I'll be a bit suspicious if this team were to motor through Division 1 in a similar way. However, I'm obviously going to try and make my team as strong as possible. I've got the lowest possible reputation at the start of play and don't use the editor but I have commented in the bugs forum that one of the Sport and Leisure players seems far too good for Division 2 at the start of the game. I understand there was an issue with some data getting lost or corrupted in this league before the game launched so this is a bit disappointing as it does affect realism. I like reading the forums and seeing how other people are finding a game that I maybe play for three or four hours a week. Cheers, Davy
  7. Hm. I think this is more general feedback than a bug. I won the NI Div 2 with Sport and Leisure in the first season. Large database but nothing edited. We had a budget of £450 pw or so which was pretty reasonable as all the players were non contract and on £40 basic appearances with pennies for add ons. Now, despite the club being in financial trouble apparently, the playing budget has been increased to £1600 pw which is more than the rest of the teams in the league I think. I can't spend it as the players I can sign are still only asking for £40-60pw. Also, the regens are on pennies (literally). It just seems like I'm being invited to cheat and this detracts from the realism. Am I missing something do you think? Cheers for thoughts, Davy
  8. This should secure him five star hotels and business class air travel.
  9. Carl Piergianni is travelling the world. I agree, it's bizarre that you should have been able to sign him. http://www.lincolnshirelive.co.uk/emotional-carl-piergianni-thanks-boston-united/story-29248625-detail/story.html
  10. No mate, left in 01 but had a glorious three years in the college leagues. Skippered Bowland in third year. Made college select for the Roses 01 and guested for the Uni 3rds away at Newcastle when they were desperate. Halcyon days.
  11. I love it. Bringing the Champions' League to Bailrigg. Winter matches on the Astro, no Thursday matches because of the hangovers. Keepin' it real!
  12. Hi, QUB are restricted in real life to players who are current or past students of the university and affiliated colleges in Belfast. Is there any reflection of that in the game I wonder? Can the team employ any player on a contract for example or is it a similar situation to Queens Park? Thanks, Davy
  13. Yep. I asked for an extra fifty quid from the Wakehurst chairman. They were delighted to agree. Slightly different context :-)
  14. Yes, that's true. I think it's just because I know how far some of these players are away from the first team (or even the reserves in Jake Trodd's case) in real life. It just jars a bit. Not a particular issue though.
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