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  1. the most hated player on fm

    In 09, Marlon King scored a hat-trick in 7 matches in a row against me.
  2. If you want to be like Fergie, you just need this. Seriously though, i'd go with Valencia if you prefer Spain or even something harder like Bilbao. Or you could try building a team up from the bottom, if you were to do this in England, I would recommend Notts County as they seem to have quite a bit of money and an okay ground to start with.
  3. I used to post in th 09 thread all the time until I got a network game going and basically left this thread. Hoping to get FM10 soon but still on 09 at the minute.
  4. Football Manager Cut-Out Megapack

    Is it possible then to transfer megapacks, i.e logos and facepack from FM09 to FM10? If so, how would I do this and which link in this thread would be the best one to do this? Thanks.
  5. FM 2010 being shipped today?

    There is a spy among us...
  6. FM10 Network Speeds

    I have never noticed any lag in online games.
  7. Are you from St Helens by any chance?
  8. That video is the best thing ever.
  9. I remember once, I had played 30 games and gone unbeaten as Liverpool and drew away to Arsenal first. I had to play Chelsea and Arsenal back-to-back later on. I beat Chelsea 4-0 and got killed at home by Arsenal 9-0 with Adebayor scoring 8.
  10. The Official sortitoutsi.net Update 2009

    I downloaded the database and put it in the DB folder but FM cannot recognise it. Any ideas? Edit: Never mind done it.
  11. Not been in here in ages. Had a cracking online game going but 1 member has got work stuff so won't be on for 10 days. Using an FM weegie update which has all the transfers so far. Looking good.
  12. Yeah I am in my network game. Bossing it with Chelsea. Beat 1 mate who was Arsenal and lost to my other mate who was Man Utd.
  13. New Pitch Advert \o/

    You may of just solved lifes problems.
  14. Giving up FM 2009 for good.

    Most players I have had injured in my current save at 1 point is 2 injuries.
  15. Thought I would ask in here. Me and some mates are going to try and do an online game but whenever I type in his network address it keeps saying it is unable to connect. Any ideas?