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  1. I can't remember how many seasons I had played on CM93 or CM94 but I was Luton Town in the Premiership and had the likes of Robbie Fowler up front, Giggs on the Wing, Gary McAllister in the centre of midfield. Wished I had kept a screenshot of it. Was quite impressive. I think it must have been about 1998-1999 by then. I fully intend on taking the mighty Hatters to the top of Premiership in FM09. May take me a few seasons though. As long as I'm not in the Conference next season.
  2. The thing about the press Conferences is that I don't want to upset any of my players by saying the wrong thing. As for players I used to sign on CM93. Whenever I managed Luton I would always sign Kevin Francis. You were guaranteed at least 25 goals each season from him.
  3. Anybody miss the simplicity of the first Championship Manager game way back when. I still play it through DOS now. Don't get me wrong the FM series has been great over the years and I've pretty much bought every incarnation and stayed loyal to the great team at Sports Interactive. I just feel that sometimes there is too much to get involved with nowadays. Like in CM93 you want to sign a player, you put a bid to the club - it's either accepted or rejected, next screen does the player want to join you if so then you sort out wages and it's a done deal. Or something like that. No great involvement with finances at the club or really that much with training. I just don't always have enough time and effort to get the most out of it. I love the new Transfer Rumours and News pages, great idea. Just wondered what other peoples views are on the matter? Cheers Danimate
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