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  1. Iwill persevere with the current training schedule but every player adopting it have dropped down on the stats, maybe it just takes time. They're getting used to my formations which is good. As for Magno Viera, as soon as the game finished I sent my scout to watch him for 3 games. Do need to get rid of some players unfortunately Crow is out for 5-6 months so won't be going anywhere. I may release Colin Samuels but tempted to let his contract run out.
  2. So I've played 4 games and won 4 but the defence has really been letting me down. Beat Darlington 2-0 great start clean sheet, won 7-1 at Kettering, they're thr whipping boys it seems. Now it gets interesting, was 3-0 up against FGR, they were all over me 2nd half and it finished 3-2. Was 3-0 up at Fleetwood at h/t, ended up winning 5-3. Magno Viera tore us apart, the defence was all over the place and I gave them a bollocking. Lots of injuries, Adam has only scored 2 andthat was in one game. He's not happy with the training despite using that schedule. A little concerned but I am sitting 2 points clear at the top.
  3. So pre season has finished, ended with a 2-0 defeat at home to Liverpool, over 9,600 in attendance and in front of the tv cameras. Tyler pulled off some magnificent saves and the defence did themselves proud. We also had a goalbound effort cleared off the line right at the end. That was 6 games, 4 wins, 1 draw and 1 defeat. Can't complain. Adam scored 7 goals in 6 games. Very pleased with him, bring on the season. I'm very close to off loading Crow with AFC Wimbledon and Lincoln chasing him. However both Morgan- Smith and Fleetwood are sidelined with injuries. I hae decided to use both Howells and Wilmott in that Attacking left wing role with Kissock in the AMC role. Need to vary my formations though it almost looks like 4-1-5 or 5-5 with Keane as the DMC and Kissock as the AMC.
  4. How Brabin is still in the job is beyond me. I'm not convinced we'll make the playoffs with him in charge. Anyway back on with important matters. Thanks to Mad Hatter and Clokey I managed to sell Foley's clause and they got £382,000 for it. I've also set up a feeder club relationship with Leeds United so hopefully they'll have a decent left winger for me to loan. That's the area I'm struggling with, up front is great I have Jamil Adam and Pablo Counago. They're starting to gel in pre season, Adam has scored 5 goals so far in 3 games. I scrapped the friendlies and arranged my own which included a 2-1 win over Hartlepool and a 2-2 draw with Middlesbro, both at Home. I've also arranged a lucrative friendly with Liverpool for Kenilworth Road, a week before the season opener. Have also signed a very good left / right sided defender named Gregory, his first name escapes me. Like I say just need one more player and that's for a Left winger, may need another central defender. I've also downloaded the training schedule you suggest Clokey and I've adopted it it's just knowing which players will benefit which schedule as we have far too many versatile players.
  5. How do you actually go about to sell the clause in Foley's Contract? I've been all over the place within Foleys's profile etc and in Luton's and I can't see where it'll be done.
  6. Right Danimate is back. Should be receiving the game by tomorrow, wasn't going to buy it this time round as I seem to get bored very quickly which is why the original Championship Manager, in my view, was much, much better. Keep it simple is what I always say. However I'm adamant I'm going to lead my Luton to the Premiership, irl League Two would be nice. It's the training that bugs me, a lot of pfaffing about. Right got some great tips on this thread by and large thanks to Clokey1988, hope you got on well in the Prem and kept hold of Jamil Adam, look forward to reading your update. He will most definitely be a must have purchase for me but first I'll need to clear out most of the backroom. Goodbye Neilson, want my own Assistant, Goodbye Carden, why you're at Luton irl and the game is beyond me. New scouts to be brought in and I'll be transfer listing Gleeson, Crow and one or two others. The game looks better this year so maybe I'll be sticking around long enough this time. Also I think it's brilliant that we can sell off Foley's sell on clause to make room for extra wages. Also Clokey1988 did you upload any goals from Adam or any other Luton player to Youtube?
  7. I can't remember how many seasons I had played on CM93 or CM94 but I was Luton Town in the Premiership and had the likes of Robbie Fowler up front, Giggs on the Wing, Gary McAllister in the centre of midfield. Wished I had kept a screenshot of it. Was quite impressive. I think it must have been about 1998-1999 by then. I fully intend on taking the mighty Hatters to the top of Premiership in FM09. May take me a few seasons though. As long as I'm not in the Conference next season.
  8. The thing about the press Conferences is that I don't want to upset any of my players by saying the wrong thing. As for players I used to sign on CM93. Whenever I managed Luton I would always sign Kevin Francis. You were guaranteed at least 25 goals each season from him.
  9. Anybody miss the simplicity of the first Championship Manager game way back when. I still play it through DOS now. Don't get me wrong the FM series has been great over the years and I've pretty much bought every incarnation and stayed loyal to the great team at Sports Interactive. I just feel that sometimes there is too much to get involved with nowadays. Like in CM93 you want to sign a player, you put a bid to the club - it's either accepted or rejected, next screen does the player want to join you if so then you sort out wages and it's a done deal. Or something like that. No great involvement with finances at the club or really that much with training. I just don't always have enough time and effort to get the most out of it. I love the new Transfer Rumours and News pages, great idea. Just wondered what other peoples views are on the matter? Cheers Danimate
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