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  1. Is there a difference between "US", "EU" and other versions/releases? Or is it a business/marketing matter? I always thought the game was one and the same wherever you purchased it.
  2. Interesting. I'm not sure why there's a discrepancy.
  3. On Voidu, with the discount code applied, it gives me £24.62. I noticed it says "Football Manager 2019 - US" in the cart, however. Not sure if it makes a difference or if there will be unlocking issues in certain regions, though?
  4. ^Nothing to do with it being "tragic enough". If it was, they would have done something about it decades ago. This is all about the mighty dollar as has been mentioned before. History has shown, time after time, the greenback is valued more than human life.
  5. For what it's worth, they are there in FM 16 Touch (PC) as I use them as well. That would be very odd if they were removed in FM Touch 17?
  6. Arkim

    This is not a drill!

    When I say memories I don't mean of an individual in particular but rather memories of the impact of an event on the people, the country and its society, as I alluded to.
  7. Arkim

    This is not a drill!

    Nothing to do with first hand experience. The impact of that attack has been enormous. There is an annual remembrance day which is observed in the US and if you know anything about the US and it's culture, historic events like those are talked about in the media and among its people and not forgotten, regardless of how many years ago it took place. Tributes and raising awareness are big part of the culture. It's also incorporated into the school curriculum to say the least. You don't need to survive an attack to feel its impact on people, culture and society as a whole. And I'm not sure how closely you follow US news outlets or your familiarity with US culture but scores of people have been hiding in underground bunkers, basements, city shelters, sewers and even manholes.
  8. Arkim

    This is not a drill!

    Memories from the attack on Pearl Harbor would be a good reason to make people there panic. You know, the reason the US entered the second world war.
  9. Arkim

    Cryptocurrency Thread

    Currently trading at over $1k. The 3 I have are worth a little over $3000. In less than 3 months 1 month, massive gains. I don't know how long it'll last but this is quite unexpected. Now makes me feel like I should have bought more just for giggles. If it goes up like bitcoin, this will be the most insane gamble I've made in my life.
  10. Arkim

    Cryptocurrency Thread

    While I'm still incredibly skeptical of all these cryptocurriencies, I've decided to buy and hold 3 Ethereum in case it goes up in value like Bitcoin has. It's trading between 450-500 USD at the moment. A year ago it was at about 7 USD. Three months ago it was around 200 USD. I figure, at 1,350 USD for 3 ethereum, it would be a hell of a return if it went up in value like Bitcoin has. Hopefully next year it'll be at 5K per or something and I'll cash out for a cool 15K just for doing nothing. If it all goes bust, I'll have made the 1,350 USD back through wages way before then. All in all, worthy risk for me. Still heavily suspicious of all this stuff though.
  11. Arkim

    Texas Mass Shooting

    It's a billion dollar industry and there's no way anything will change that. I really like that picture that was posted with the buttons because it's the truth. And the brainwashing that goes on by the media in the US is a major part of the problem. It's the equivalent of what goes on in North Korea to an extent. Downplay certain events, promote others, ignore factual matters (aka reality) and focus on implementing political agendas that benefit the people running the place. People are told to love their guns because somehow they will protect them. Those that aren't brainwashed, however, are aware that it's all about the mighty dollar. You should see how a vast majority of Americans look at us across the border (Canada). They think we are commies because we have universal healthcare that, you know, doesn't exclude anyone based on financial grounds. Meanwhile, in places like Baltimore and Chicago, people are slaughtering each other every day, literally. The numbers are astounding. But hey, the freak-show continues as long as it's generating money. Another terrible tragedy, though. One that could have been prevented.
  12. I used to love IRC chat rooms back in the day (still do to be honest, though don't get on as often due to life) but I've never felt "attached", -- for lack of a better word-- and certainly not to a forum. Regardless of the number of posts. I do think attachment to a forum seems to be common among certain personalities (ie. introverts and those not as outgoing socially) more so than others. I love talking to friends in real life though and need to hear some people's voices to get my "fix" as I hold them in high regard. I guess that would be the equivalent of the feeling some of you share towards this forum or any other you regularly post on. One thing I truly dislike about online forums is when members post hateful, ignorant and bashful comments just because they can and won't change. In real life, these are the same people who wouldn't dare say those type of things because their social circle would be people who are just like them and those don't end up doing well. It's the anonymity and lack of consequences that they crave. I do visit several forums including this one but prefer to read more than post due to the types of people I just mentioned posting quite often and any intellectual post or a post that has a different take on things turns into a childish flame contest. Something which is way too common on forums in general. It's great to see that for some it can be therapeutic, which is wonderful. But for others it is a place where they can let their ignorance and hatred come out. I wouldn't miss it like I'd miss a close friend, no. I'd try to visit a couple of times to see if the ban is permanent and then move on. No losses, no gains either way.
  13. Anything to sell a few more copies. FM 2020 will have match-fixing. For regens only of course. You heard it here first.
  14. I just read about players (regens) coming out as gay in FM 18. If you get a son in the game, they can come out as gay too, if they are. I don't know how that is determined. Interesting feature.