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  1. Congratulations. Are the wages accurate? If so, pretty darn good for that level. I had a friend who was a professional (very low rating and reputation unfortunately) in the earlier FMs (I think 09 or 10) and I would sign him up for every team I managed in my journeyman game. He had decent physical attributes and half-decent technical attributes so made for a decent-ish fullback. I would update him every now and then with how he would be doing in the game since he didn't play FM. When I got the job at Barcelona, I brought him with me. Couldn't stop laughing as the fans were questioning my transfer policies, saying what a terrible player, terrible deal etc. I couldn't leave my friend behind though. Loyalty!
  2. This may or may not have been suggested before so apologies in advance if it has. When setting up a game and you are at the league selection screen, I think it would be quite useful to have a little information icon next to each league/nation that would give you information such as number of teams and how many games played per season in that nation's league (sort of like the icon next to players names that shows their attributes if you hover over the info icon). I think it would be a great little addition that would give you more information when making your league selection as it would give you a better idea of what to expect. I don't think it would be too difficult to implement either. Ex. - Number of teams in league: 18 - Games played per season: 34 Edit: Added a quick mashup of what it could look like. Used the in-game Add/Remove league screen but apply for New Game option as well.
  3. I also use software rendering as I prefer a quicker transitioning menus (and my graphics card is quite old anyway) however I still have the option to watch the matches in 3D if I prefer. Make sure you have the "View Matches in 3D" option ticked under the "More Match Settings".
  4. I agree. A toggle like for attribute masking, first window transfer budgets, etc would have been the better route. Both sides satisfied. My 2 cents.
  5. I think it was mentioned that the outcome is decided quite early on in the game, possibly even at the start of the save.
  6. What other worthy game in this category besides the FM series is there? :S It's a forum. People are allowed to express their concerns. It plays quite a significant part.
  7. All good points and certainly welcomed regardless of opinion. Ignore those that are quite harsh as there are a lot of people who post just to throw side shots and what not.
  8. How so? Is it not directly linked to and representative of the decisions (ie. AI) players make in a match? That's what I gathered from the announcement. Explain if I'm mistaken.
  9. Could be wrong but it seems like most releases they say something along the lines of "more realistic player decisions", "smarter AI" etc., Within a couple of matches, you could always tell things still have a long way to go. Defenders and goalkeepers reactions come to mind. In other words, for me, not an eye-brow raising announcement.
  10. ^Sorry but I strongly disagree. Unless you meant almost any current generation dedicated graphics card. Especially since the direction FM has taken in the previous installments with the higher emphasis on graphics. There are a number of factors involved such as but not limited to, resolution at which the game is played and the resolution which the graphics component (dedicated or shared) can comfortably push out to (not to mention the type of memory, ie. DDR2, DDR3, DDR5. Try running FM 16 on a 512MB DDR2 card), the level of details (including anti-aliasing which is a huge memory bandwidth killer by itself), texture details, etc. In fact, the ability to adjust the frame rate speaks volumes about how far FM has progressed and how graphic-heavy it has become. My definition of ancient is 8+ years and when I tell you that my DDR2 card is ancient and cannot handle FM16 on 3D (at any resolution) without lagging and stuttering constantly (settings: everything is on Low, no anti-aliasing, etc), I really mean ancient and cannot handle FM 16. People that are purchasing systems (laptop or desktop) need to be aware of the difference in card memory type and the type of graphics card in general they are getting, more than ever before since SI is pushing forward with their 3D graphics emphasis and user interface animations which require a more capable card so the user can experience the changes (and even play the game smoothly, to be frank). Even the skin/user interface has become more graphic heavy if you compare it to previous years installments (and I mean within a a couple of years only). I'm certain no one wants to shell out 500+ dollars/pounds/whatever of their money only to find out they cannot play the game on very high graphic settings at 1080p resolution. Even worse, if they can't play the next few installments with the same, highest settings possible at a 1080p or the very least 720p resolution (which in my opinion is not acceptable). A few things to keep in mind.
  11. Out of curiosity, what kind of performance do you get from your GTX 750Ti? I'm guessing you can play on high detail graphic settings, at 1080p resolution and a fairly high frame rate? That's a GDDR5 card if I'm not mistake and it should give you high to very high settings as far as the 3D match display is concerned. I've got an older GT 730 DDR3 card which I'm planning on testing for a friend and it should handle FM 16 without any major issues so I thought I'd ask about your card since it caught my eye. If you don't mind, of course.
  12. The only features (announced, at least) that are interesting for me are; 1) 64bit - finally. Hopefully, if optimized and implemented properly, the game will fully utilize all available RAM. More and more leagues. 2) MLS AI - in previous versions, MLS has been absolutely terrible with regards to AI team-building and transfers. Ex. You would see first team players released when contracts expired from nearly every team in the league. Simply put, in less than 2 seasons, you could dominate the MLS without any challenge whatsoever. 3) Negotiate Affiliate club Relations - superb addition in my books. Might be overlooked by many but it will add a lot of depth to that side of the game. Hopefully you can make a non-financial link a financial one, but that's wishful thinking. 4) Join new club at end of season - been wanting this for a solid 10 years. Massive feature addition. I've always hated leaving current club in the middle of a good season when winning the league/cup/etc is a real possibility. And while it's aesthetic, the teams lining up in 3D is great. Adds to the immersion. Wouldn't exactly call it a feature but that's me. Still, having only recently made the jump from FM 12 directly to FM 16, I will take my time.
  13. I'd love to read more about the findings of this person you mention, Shirajzl. Would you or someone be able to direct me with a link where I can read/find out more?
  14. I think you know quite well what people mean when they refer to the 3D graphics/engine/whatever you would like to call it. Edit: For what it's worth, I also believe the fact that there is no real worthy competitor for SI, things are easier for them with regards to development. When it's a one-horse race, you don't have to worry about losing sales as much.