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  1. For what it's worth, they are there in FM 16 Touch (PC) as I use them as well. That would be very odd if they were removed in FM Touch 17?
  2. 2D Classic all day everyday. 3D isn't good enough for me. At least not yet.
  3. They are still in there although rare as in real life I suppose. This just happened in my current save on FMT 16. The player in question was their central defender.
  4. Still on FMT 16 so apologies in advance if it's already in FM 17+. If you have a player(s) shortlisted as a transfer target(s), it would be of immense help if you received a notification/inbox news bulletin from your Assistant Manager or Scout letting you know when that player has been listed for transfer or made available for loan. I've missed out on dozens of transfer targets because I simply didn't know they were transfer listed (by request at that!) after I had unsettled them by scouting/making repeated transfer bids and so on. Thanks in advance. Here's hoping!
  5. Who are these guys marking? Where are my tactical gurus at? Plenty of scarring memories coming back after seeing this. ] As all I'm into is tactics, it's the only thing that can excite me to be honest. Hopefully FM Touch also gets some love.
  6. How exactly are you going to achieve that with out access to the source code? It's not like you can decompile fm.exe. :-)
  7. Purchasing FM 2017

    There are plenty of legit product/cd key sellers and that's how a large number of people purchase their copies, including myself. The site you mentioned is one of the legit places to buy a product key and has been in business for years. One thing to keep in mind when purchasing product/cd keys is that they may be region-locked. It will say so on the product page if it is so read through carefully.
  8. Buying an older version

    You can also purchase the CD/Product key from a legit site such as AllKeyShop among many others. Then, register the code with your Steam account/client and it should give you the option to download the game.
  9. The same player I mentioned in my earlier post got injured again in training. This time he's out for 4-5 months according to my physio and I was given the option to activate the release clause. So far, 4 months is the minimum I've seen, for whoever else is wondering. Again, an official response from SI would be greatly appreciated though.
  10. How long must the player be injured for in order to have the option to activate this clause? Minimum of 2 months? Does it have to be a specific type of injury? I just signed an older player who injured themselves in training and is out for 1 month however I don't have the option to activate the release clause. Any official information from SI would be much appreciated. Length of injury period, type of injury, etc. I've searched on the forums and via Google however I couldn't find an actual answer to this. Thanks.
  11. This happens regularly for me during the beginning stages of a journeyman career save. Unfortunately, every time I have resigned thinking it would work, but it never did. The club would never come back and offer a contract even if I re-applied. I ended up never doing this again as it has ruined a save for me and I don't reload once I've done something within the game world. (edit: This is for FM16) It does excite you once you see the news bulletin though.
  12. I was playing FM12 since it was released until last summer and made the jump to FM16 in August. I'm sticking with it until something major is released (feature wise). I stopped purchasing each release a long time ago since the difference between each years release isn't enough to justify the price in my opinion. A data-update and a few gimmicks doesn't cut it for me anymore. So, you're not alone.
  13. ^Thank you. So, it's a Steam client update which means that one would need to have their PC connected to the internet so Steam can update itself and then it will allow you to run FM 16 (and other games) in offline mode again. Here is the official announcement of the release; http://steamcommunity.com/groups/SteamClientBeta/announcements/detail/1344737036195030377 Not sure why this still occurred or why it took this long for a fix however at least it works, for now. For those of us who play FM 16 (and any other game) on a computer without internet access, you will need to hook up to the internet for the Steam client update. After the update is done, you shouldn't have any more issues in offline mode.
  14. http://steamcommunity.com/app/378120/discussions/0/2119355556484378152/ ^That's the discussion he's referring to. This is quite a big problem from what I've been reading and I am amazed that Steam, being the biggest player in their line of work, hasn't fixed this. The same user has responded with Steam support's reply however the reply isn't very assuring. Might be a while before it gets fixed? Hope not. Edit: For what it's worth, I am hoping this isn't a DRM related matter. If they make it so that you must be in online mode to play certain games....I hope I am completely off with that remark but in this crazy world? :S
  15. I have changed my computer's date to before the 14th and can confirm this allows me to run the game in offline mode. Thanks for the tip. However, this is obviously not a longterm solution. Can anyone suggest why this problem is occuring? Is it a Steam issue or an FM issue? Either way, I hope it gets fixed soon.