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  1. Hehe. The screenshots look tempting. Hopefully around the holidays I'll manage to get a game going. Once again, your efforts are very much appreciated.
  2. Great work, guy. I'd love to manage my hometown one day, sadly never had the opportunity. Once I get my hands on a copy of FM 16, I'd love to give this a spin. Keep up the great work. I hope you keep at it.
  3. +1 from me. Last FM I played was FM 12 and I thoroughly enjoyed it, mainly for the sliders if I can be honest. That "specificity" is exactly why I love the sliders. I like complete control and not "loose" definitions of roles and duties. One tactic, 30+ seasons in with minor adjustments while playing matches. Call it simplistic or mundane, but it was a pleasure to know exactly what would happen after a few notches up or down of the relative slider. Maybe I'm outgrowing the series, not sure.
  4. I apologize if this has been asked before, but does FM 16 fully support 64bit systems (ie. utilize more than the 4GB RAM limit on 32 bit systems)?
  5. Can anyone with the beta confirm if they can buy down the contract of their DP player(s) so they are not counted as a DP player anymore?
  6. I think he might be referring to this (scroll to the middle-ish of the page)
  7. ^This is a major error that needs to be addressed before the latest release, in my opinion. The MLS has always been buggy through out all the FMs however something so basic as this should not be overlooked. I truly hope that SI read this thread, look into it and fix it. Once again, an official response from SI regarding the MLS and this issue (among others) would be great right about now with release being about a month away.
  8. Indeed, the Canadian Championship winners qualify for the NACL. When playing in the MLS, the Canadian clubs are represented with an American flag, while in the NACL, they are represented with the Canadian flag. Not sure if this is a sign that reputation is handled accordingly under the hood or what, but thought I'd point it out. Once again, confirmation of some sort would be great. As mentioned however, it doesn't seem to be a priority on SI's to-do list.
  9. Something I'm curious about as well. I'm still on FM 12 and would have figured this would have been looked at for the later versions (if indeed it needs fixing). Would be nice to have some confirmation.
  10. +2. I have been hoping this would occur sooner than later as each release comes out but it seems like it just won't see the light of day. A huge chunk of game and performance-dictating attributes are hidden and have a higher priority and effect when it comes to the match engine that so many visible attributes are just unnecessary. Several attributes should be condensed and the player profile should be a simpler layout. As it has been said, the way they are handled under the hood can remain as it is, but from an aesthetic stand point, it just makes it more of a numbers game then anything. Examples (not to be taken literally but to spark an idea); Ball Control - first touch, technique Toughness - bravery, strength (maybe even aggression) Speed - acceleration, pace. * I've never been a fan of this. I truly believe it should be one attribute, but that's a story for another day. Don't shoot me! Just a few ideas. I still have a few more I could write but I'll leave them out for now. I feel the game would become more fun to play this way rather than scouting 'till your eyes bleed as you try to find the "right" numbers and hope for a good turn out. My two cents.
  11. It's a great league that offers a lot of challenges, which can be a good or bad thing depending on how you look at it. Can't remember what the A-League rules were as the last time I managed there was in FM 2007. I'm currently managing in the MLS and have my usual setup (my save has been going since 2012, mind you): several leagues from Europe and 1 from Asia. None from South America or anywhere else. You can put together a very good squad, regardless of which leagues you have active. The issues lie elsewhere; 1. The transfer system is nothing like you are used to. While it may seem terrible or annoying at first, once you get used to it and fully understand it, you begin to appreciate it as odd as that may sound. You can pick up players for free, for a trade or two, as well as allocation funds (ie. transfer money). The AI in the MLS is quite terrible as MLS FMers will let you know. Terrible squad building which means you will see players released that could be in the first 11. 2. Wage cap - this will be your #1 enemy, not your opponents. To keep it short, after a while, you'll need to sell your performers as you simply cannot afford to keep them for 2 reasons; a) wages and b) designated player slots (max 3). 3. Playing during the typical off-season - if you have a large number of International players, you will find yourself short on players as they are called up to play in the Gold Cup, Confederations Cup, Euros, World Cup, Olympics, etc. I'm currently playing with 4 subs out of 7, 1 of which is a greyed out 'keeper One of the nice things about the MLS, for me at least, is that you can sign players if they are based in the US/Canada through out the entire season essentially. And the transfer windows for overseas based players are pretty long too. Anyway, I could write a ton more but then you'd know it all! The best way to fully grasp the MLS and it's beauty is to manage there yourself.
  12. I spent a few seasons in the lower leagues of Italy including Serie B and it is a ton of fun. You can pick up players (including youths) who are released or near the end of the contract from the bigger clubs and form a decent team that can challenge for promotion. I picked up over 20 released players (as well as unattached ones) this way with good attributes for the team I was managing at the time (SPAL) and finished 1st at the end of the season. Picked up older players who still had something to give too (35 y/o ST was my top scorer with 34 goals). Don't look for world-class players. Look for ones with potential and try to turn them into something. That's half the fun, at least for me. Or ones with decent attributes for their roles/position. After promotion, some of the players ended up being sold to higher rep clubs, the very same ones they were released from. Be creative. In fact after my current stint I plan to go back to Serie B.
  13. I'm not sure if this has been an issue in the releases after FM 12 (still playing that version) but I hope it has been looked into. Here's the scenario which just happened to me and it is heart breaking (especially since I had been chasing the player for over a year, and went through a torturous contract negotiation process. Anyway I digress); 3 DP slots, 2 of which are occupied. 1 of those players will be leaving on the first day of the transfer window (July 1st in my case), while another incoming DP will be transferred (transfer confirmed) to my team on the same date. So now, total DPs = 2 (bare with me). While this is happening and those transfers have been confirmed for more than several months prior to July 1st, I'm in the contract negotiation stage with another potential DP from another team (non-MLS) who has agreed to a contract (green confirmation thingy) but I'm still waiting for the inbox message to officially confirm the transfer. So, thus, the total DPs should still be 2, until the 3rd DP transfer has been confirmed. The game doesn't seem to take all this into account, at least from what I have seen. I lost out on that special player due to this, just now, and I feel robbed, literally. The transfer was cancelled due to "having used up the maximum allotted DP slots". It looks like there's no algorithm (for lack of a better word) to handle such a scenario. I had saved on June 30th and reloaded several times (I never do this but had to in order to test this out) to see if there was a way to complete the transfer. The only way that would happen, is if I withdrew the contract offer I had made to the potentially 3rd DP player (the one that had agreed to a contract, but transfer wasn't confirmed). Hopefully that wasn't so confusing but I thought I'd post this here as it seems illogical that it should occur this way. Until a transfer is fully confirmed, it shouldn't be assumed that it's a done deal.
  14. No face pack. However FM 12 came out of the box, that's how I'm playing it (still). They look good enough for me.