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  1. If you are trying to write a real time editor than you don't need any sort of APIs. All these programs do is read and write to memory. In other words, they are simple memory editors. The same effect can be had with a tool like Cheat Engine. Once you find the memory address (static or pointer) to whatever value you'd like to edit, you can write up a simple program in your choice of language. That way you don't have to load up a memory address finder like Cheat Engine every time. Essentially, it's a repetition of hook, read and write. I wrote one in Delphi several years ago. Its not too difficult. I remember talking to the coder of the well known 3rd party editor before it got big. I might have the logs somewhere stashed with old memory addresses from earlier FM versions on a backup hard drive. Anyway, look up examples of memory editors in your preferred language and then start hunting for the memory addresses of whatever value you want to edit. There are plenty of tutorials/guides online.
  2. 2) I had this happen against me just a few days ago; So it's definitely in the game, just maybe not as often as we'd like.
  3. So it's possible to have a GK receive a red card in the game (calculated/simulated) but not in the match engine?
  4. Unfortunately, I can't click on the event itself as I'm not managing in England thus have the detail levels down to none. Which I didn't think would make that huge of difference since it was only 16 days ago in-game time. Now I'm really curious.
  5. I just finished reading this thread and then booted up FM 16. I clicked on Continue and in the news feed I see something along the lines of; Spurs goalkeeper sees red. So, I decided to check out what fixture it was for Tottenham and any other details I could gather since I found it interesting. Sure enough, their GK was given a red card, in the 5th minute at that! I haven't seen too many GK red cards but they are definitely in the game and am glad I haven't had one.
  6. One little tip I can suggest is while trying to sell a player (whether a first team or backup) is to offer to contribute to the wages of that player. I've had lots of success with this clause/feature. It's especially helpful when trying to get rid of players who are on high wages and no longer part of your plans. It might not fetch you a very high bid however it gets teams interested more often than not, from my experience. I had Gervinho on 5 mil/year at a Chinese club in the CSL and at 32, obviously he wasn't quite the star nor the player he was years ago. Offered him out at a very low price (250-300K if I'm not mistaken) and offered to pay 60% of his wages. Ended up selling him quite quickly. I took the same approach to another player whom I wanted to get rid of, a much younger player at that, and a transfer was quickly arranged. While it may not be the most ideal transfer arrangement, it definitely helps. With that being said, I do believe the 0K/extremely low fees for good players (even if on high wages) who are offered out coming back with zero bids is something that needs to be looked at. It's obvious the in-game mechanic isn't perfect but I'd argue that it needs work in that aspect. If Wayne Rooney or Depay were offered out for 0K by Man United right now, in real life, I am certain without a doubt that there would be a host of clubs lined up to get them on their books. Anyone trying to suggest otherwise is being silly. What the game currently does is take into consideration only a few things, one of those being whether a player is transfer-listed or not, if they are playing regularly and whether they are happy/unhappy. And it weighs them differently. This is where you can see that it's limited by what the developers have programmed based on how they think the transfer mechanics should work.
  7. Is there a screen that shows this info (ex. country profile) in FM 16? In all my years of playing FM I've never come across this screen. Or you mean going player by player (which is just insane) until you manage to get the info?
  8. Can you expand on what you are referring to? I am still on FM16 and I add/remove leagues every few seasons as I like to try managing in different leagues. I've added and removed a couple of leagues so far and I haven't noticed anything out of the ordinary. The player count in the bottom right corner (on the league selection screen) shows the total player count based on the addition/removal and while it seems strange (to me) that players are removed when a league is removed, it's not a game-changer. Hopefully there is no game-breaking bug that I am not aware of as I'm well into a journeyman save.
  9. Felipe does what? I swear no tampering with this one. I think SI need to look at the name database and see who put that one in. Clearly something wrong there.
  10. Your graphics component should be able to handle the game on high settings without issues. Have you checked the in-game option to have graphics rendering done by the GPU and not CPU? I see that it's selected via the NVidia Control Panel but in-game it might not be (although it should be). Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, it helps to rollback your graphics component's driver. Meaning use an older version of the drivers, not the latest. It helps quite often actually.
  11. I made this suggestion a couple of times before in another thread, too. I completely agree and think that graphics could (or should rather) be better. I think a different direction should be taken with regards to the 3D graphics but unfortunately judging by the progress made with each installment, they will continue down the current path. I personally stick with 2D as I cannot watch 3D due to skating/floating, inconsistent player movement/animations and goalkeeper animations. I will watch some goals in 3D if they were built-up well however even then, I get turned off after watching it and switch back to 2D and let my imagination do the rest.
  12. This is again another reason (among many others) why SI need to provide a full game manual. There are games of equal complexity with regards to game mechanics (ex. Civilization series) that have well-detailed game manuals from the developers and to this day, I still find it quite odd that a game such as as FM does not come with a manual that provides a thorough explanation of all the in-game mechanics and instructions how to play. It would be an incredible addition to the series (seriously) and would cover a ton of questions that I am sure so many players have including myself. It's quite evident by this thread. Guessing what something means and how it plays out shouldn't be a part of the sticker price in my opinion. Edit: And no, the online "manual" currently available on their website isn't sufficient, obviously.
  13. It all depends on how optimized (code wise) FM is for the 64bit operating systems. Some games (and programs) on the market are well optimized to utilize all available cores (including multi-threading) and RAM available which is what 64bit targets - RAM. Console games for example are extremely well optimized for their limited hardware which is why you can see them playing very smooth compared to the same game on a PC with similar (or even better) hardware specs. The hundreds of PC configurations (hardware) that are available cannot be all accounted for when it comes to optimizing. Couple that with the fact that the operating system (software) alone varies from user to user and now you've got a lot of configurations to cover. Just a few years ago most games on the market wouldn't utilize more than 4 GB of RAM. That is changing however as more games released are starting to fully utilize up to and some even more (although not many at this point) than 8GB of RAM however with regards to FM, this doesn't seem to be the case judging by the screen shot posted above. Small piece of advice is to have everything closed while running FM to see if the RAM usage will increase. Reason I say that is because the operating system will reserve some RAM for itself for it's own needs. However with the 8GB available, it should still be more than the 4GB reported. Either way, it seems FM 17 isn't going to utilize more than 4GB. I wish someone from SI would confirm this or at least let us know what the max amount of RAM FM 17 can utilize is. Technically, using over 4GB is considered 64 bit but really it won't make a drastic difference compared to previous versions where if only 3GB (as an example) of RAM were utilized, at least not from my experience. If FM was able to utilize let's say up to 6/8GB of RAM then it would be a day and night difference. As for the 3D performance that is dependent on the graphics component of your computer configuration. That is a whole other discussion by itself. You need a more capable graphics component to run the 3D smoothly.
  14. Congratulations. Are the wages accurate? If so, pretty darn good for that level. I had a friend who was a professional (very low rating and reputation unfortunately) in the earlier FMs (I think 09 or 10) and I would sign him up for every team I managed in my journeyman game. He had decent physical attributes and half-decent technical attributes so made for a decent-ish fullback. I would update him every now and then with how he would be doing in the game since he didn't play FM. When I got the job at Barcelona, I brought him with me. Couldn't stop laughing as the fans were questioning my transfer policies, saying what a terrible player, terrible deal etc. I couldn't leave my friend behind though. Loyalty!