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  1. Oh yea , and since when has saying the ref got a decision wrong got you a touchline ban. I know its happened to Neil Warnock , but he does it every game.
  2. Suggestions for FM 08. - I'd like to be able to have a coaches report in similar shape to the scout report. Not just a decent member of the squad. - I had one player , whos best position was central defender (Stephen O'Donnell from Scotland if anyones interested) , but I played him right wing. The problem is that the coaches and scouts , 5 years on , still regard him as a center half , and so make comparisons about him , rather than my center half. Couldn't I indicate the best position for the player. - Have more control of the youth system. How can I tell who has talent and who doesn't , perhaps being able to hire a youth/academy director how I can trust to give me an indication. - Make more money avaliable for transfer. it very rarely happens , and Id like to be able to indicate that on individual transfers. - Match engine , needs an overhaul , goals don't go in consistantly , set pieces are totally wrong , and goalies , making miracle saves , and then letting one goal through them (Granted they might be above the goalie , but mines 6 ft 5 . - Training , I want more control over it , and I want it to be more effective. And you should be able to work on more things specifically , rather than 'Tactics' or 'Attacking'. - Players constantly putting in media thingys saying they want to leave, i say no , they say their happy , and do the same thing a week later. - I'd like to be able to scout local players , and have a look at them and then add them to the youth system. - Is it time for stats out of a 100 , so things can be more specific , just an idea.
  3. -Coach reports , to be bought into line with the scout reports. -Scouts be able to compare the player you want scouted with a specific player in your squad , eg you want to see how he lines up with the second best player in that position. -You should be able to offer 1 month contracts like they do in the lower leagues. -Can training be a little more specific. -Being able to appoint your own director of football , and him actually being able to do something. -Transfers is all about who you know. If you don't know anyone in the game then you cannot sign anyone. Be that managers etc... - If your a lower league club you should be allowed to ask a manager of a higher side if there are any players that would be willing to come to you on loan.
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