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  1. I had been using this tactic with some success with Aberdeen getting midtable and doing well in europe. In a game away to Hertha Berlin i had 6 players missing and lost 3-0 so in the home leg i tweaked the tactic to be v.attacking and won 3-0 at FT and 5-0 AET i then went on a run of 6 wins on the bounce and beating teams in uefa cup ie Benfica, Aston Villa Celtic who dominate the SPL hadnt lost in the 33 games so far, i gave them 2 of the 3 defeats they ended up with and also beat them 2-1 in the Uefa Cup final. Since changing to a more attacking version i still have not conceded more than 1 goal in a game, but other than Hertha at home i havent scored more than 2 in a game. Havent changed much really just put mentality to just before all out attack creative freedom to normal Passing style to mixed Tempo to start of quick And occasionally put a striker on free role. changed focussed passing and target man supply to mixed also put a forward arrow on the attacking mc. I've onyl done this for half a season so ill continue into the next and see how i do, i should also point out im in year 2016 my squad is better but i wouldnt say its world class and i only finished 5th in spl.
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