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  1. Super Necro. This is still going on in 17 Come on SI, cant there be something in the database that can be added to show refused bids, this is annoying as hell
  2. I will give this a go and see if it makes a difference. Makes the transfer centre's "Reject all offers" redundant though as it does not ask you for a reason. but if manually doing it works then great.
  3. Super Necro, but.... This is STILL going on in the game (FM2013), its bloody annoying si. Please have a look at it for FM2014
  4. When valve put out a linux client, I will purchase FM2012, although even then I dont really want steam near my PC(s) Until then this will be the first copy, I have not bought :/ And yeah I know I can run steam via wine, but its clunky at best. I dont like steam either, just to add to the people who are dissatisfied with the decision. I will admit though my only real experience with it was during the HL2 launch and it was a nightmare.
  5. Saner2oo2

    Why am i not a legend/icon?

    That would be a cool feature, but its very subjective really. Chelsea fans love JM, but some of his football was downright dull, to use a recent example.
  6. I am guessing it was around 2 million at the time, I didnt look, I only checked the asking price to make sure it was set to "Not Set" Anyway, its not the value, its the fact that they went to 4million then back to 2.x million etc...
  7. An example of Manager Interaction. ~Week 1 You are the worst coach that ever existed, I detest you with every cell in my body. ~Week 2. You are the greatest EVERRRRRR please have my babies Rinse and repeat.
  8. Also I would add its not just young prospects, I have the same issue with one of my strikers, they will bid up to around 28million (starting at around 12 million) and then a month later they are bidding at 12 million again. I really dont want to set all my players to set amounts because it means season after season I would have to re-adjust it etc and I also dont want to set them all to "Refuse any offer" because sometimes an offer comes in that is just too good for a msaller club to refuse. I just think it would make some kind of sense for the AI to keep track of what its offered previously, and either give up or offer more, not leave it a month and start again.
  9. No I dont, on the basis that I generally dont want to sell players that I have bought etc... I would set it to automatically refuse bids, but lets say for example I got a bid of 15million for this player, I wouldhave to seriously consider it, but I dont want to have to set an ammount for each player when as a general rule of thumb I dont want to sell them. Its not so much the AI bidding, thats fine, thats life, its the fact that they seems to forget thta I recently refused a bid from them for a higher amount etc...
  10. I dont know if this happens with big teams as I dont play with them, but I really get annoyed during each transfer window with clubs and the utter stupidity of their bids. Example. I am a mid-table, sometimes top half team in the English Premier League, I have a very good prospect (D/WB-R) Manchester City make a bid. They bid 2.5 million I laugh in their faces ( Mwuhahahahaha ) They come back with a 4 million bid. I laugh once again! A month pass's Manchester City bid again, and guess what. Its 2.2 Million! By this point, I am no longer laughing, I just find myself wondering why they think I turned down 4 million and will now accept 2.2 million The player is happy at the club, in the time between this I have extended his contract (because EVERY $*£"%)("£*%(£$ TIME! I refused a bid his agent started moaning, and I mean EVERY TIME!), he is happy, he has not been unsettled, but for some reason Man City (and its not just them, just them this time) they think I will accept 1.8million less ? I have vision of Manchester United offering Blackburn 16million for Jones, and them coming back 4 weeks later and saying "Well seems as you refused 16mill, how does 10million sound?" Did you follow this guide ? http://www.studs-up.com/2008/07/and-the-gareth-barry-negotiations-continue/
  11. Saner2oo2

    Who still uses 2D Classic

    I do, for some reason I am yet to look at the Mesa drivers on linux make the 3D (and 2D non-classic) all black and crap, so I use 2D classic. Gonna look into it at some point, I dont wanna install the ATI drivers *pah*
  12. Strange, what about here ? http://www.footballmanager.com/demo
  13. Saner2oo2

    Still Losing Staff

    Yeah I agree its a pain in the $£"%, I seem to be constantly offering my staff new contracts
  14. yeah I had it on a previous version if I recall correctly
  15. http://www.gamershell.com/news_104928.html