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  1. Hi I have looked and seen that FmWhizzkids update database and Lfcmarshall's has the best update detail in their databases, but what is the best with most detail in it between them 2? Thanks....
  2. where do you put the config file for the Interior stadium image on Club and Squad screen. Exterior image on info page. I have tried in the graphics folder in backgrounds but nothing just a black grey screen help please ? thanks....
  3. I have my display set to 1920x1080 but the text is very tiny, for instance if I Change the resolution to a lower one all the information isn't on the screen for example club information till I go back to 1920x 1080 any help please ?
  4. Does the stadium background now come on during the matches ?
  5. Hi does anybody know if there is a database going back to the 95-96 season or just the 90's era would love to manage the players in this decade ? Thanks...
  6. Hi I have used 2 updates I have used steve85 and fm update live from a different site, but I can't tell which is the best does anybody no? Thanks...
  7. just a dark grey backgrounds when i click on a team please help
  8. Hi Everyone, I want to put players faces and stadium backgrounds into my game, I have tried everything putting them in my graphics folder.. to my skins folder and then reloading the skin it seems i tried every folder possible but they wont show up in the game, really need help please ? Thanks...
  9. what was does on the steam workshop that changes when a transfer happens ? (there was one at first) can't remember the name
  10. Hi can somebody tell me what is the best update to use that make regular update files? Thanks
  11. how do i get them to show the stadium photos when a game is playing all i can see is the 2d match view? thanks
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