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  1. Thanks guys, bizarley, baring in mind how I play the game, with multiple managers, I find it very important
  2. Is it just me?, I can get a logo for a non league nobody thanks to the modders, but I can't get match kits for the game ?, I can get a league update in Timbuktoo but not a Serie C Italian kit?, is there any reason behind this?
  3. Stadiums, Im sure the modders could make real stadiums, or similar, and I think this would make the game much more immersive, plus, if you improved the stadium or relocated. Maybe even have the pitch deteriorate over the season, or pay to be relaid.
  4. Hi, Somehow Im really struggling to get the lower leagues in down to level 9. I add the league and when I go to fire it up it says that there is a problem with a promotion or relegation somewhere, then I never get theoption to choose the leagues when the game starts. The download I use is a popular one, can anyone help or show me a link to a tried and tested version of English pyramid, or tell me what Im doing wrong, thanks ever so much.
  5. God no!, I just get my mate to build me a computer every year Football Manager comes out!, Ive managed to keep this one for two years. It should still be a high spec. I would be happy for you to assist further though, I can read and write so I might be able to decipher what a Memtest is, iwill it fix it, or just tell me its time to buy a new one!!! Cheers
  6. Got it working, managed four teams and all well until end of transfer window and internationals. Then I had my first blue screen with loads of writing on crash. Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
  7. Just wondering if it is a one off. I was eating my dinner not looking whilst computer churned through the first international fixtures or just after, and just after the transfer window, when I got the blue screen crash. Loads of writing on it, code etc. Im no buff when it comes to computers but im scared I can't operate all the european leagues which is what I wanted. Anyone else had it?
  8. Computer performance 3.5 stars, game speed .5 stars
  9. No Romania, nor Iceland too, everywhere else all divisions. The player count is in the white. I'm trying it once more.
  10. I will check, but I don't believe so, it was the last version I did that on, so no I don't.
  11. It doesn't work!, I have tried it twice (yesterday) and whilst it was crunching manager shortlists I got "Crash Dump". Now in previous versions I have had crash dumps, but I had not had this problem with this version , and never had it whil;st it was firing up. I am about to try it again, with not as many leagues, although I had no problem with multiple leagues before. Yesterday I had all the European leagues minus Wales Irelands, Israel. I will keep you posted, but has anyone else had this problem?
  12. Sorry Matt, but I m putting my money where my mouth is and want a prize for getting the cryptic clue, Im a paid investigator of crime and Ive been a follower of this since the first Domark inception. !!!. The release date is Saturday 0000, i.e last knockings Friday, so you can all go out on the lash and leave the Forums over the weekend. Who says Im wrong!!!
  13. The answer is in the statement!!!!, what day of the week is mentioned in this retort!!!!, can't believe you bozo's havn't picked up on it yet!!! "I'm not SAT!!!!!! here on a firm date - Less you wonder!!!!!
  14. Which bit is familiar, the Mrs, or the fact that I am useless at modding my game and need help!. Steam has had issues with my internet today, so only just downloaded it!, on nights tonight so ruined my day!. Sorry if it annoys people when I ask for help!
  15. I see logos are ok from 2010, where do I move them to again!!!