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  1. All I can say on this is that I too have played it since its conception, but I don't care what tactics you play, there should not be 30 chances in a game for Palace with 10 men v Everton as I just had!!!, Man City could create chances playing with any tactic as they have the players, Im finding it too mathmatical, so much that I might drop down to 17, something which Ive never done before. It shouldn't be that one sided all the time no matter what tactic you play. People should play hard despite what frame of mind they are in (Di Canio) Its getting more like the Sims. Let me just employ one preson to do all that for me, heaven forbid, you have someone to do all the training, something Ive never done, so happy about that. I just don't understand how so many chances are created, so that if you average them, theres a chance every 2 minutes every game, it seems that the players dont have a mind for themselves. Any one that has played football knows that you have to try and do what the manager says or you don't play, but when you out there you can find yourself doing something else if the manager is making you look like a twit by being inept! There is room for tactics, but my have you got it so if you wrong everyone winges and you get sacked. If im honest, I always preferred the grid option, can't remember what game it was. When we have the ball in this segment, I want him to be there , him there and him there, if that means Ive screwed up and for my players to be knackered at half time, that would be realistic and correct!, or that they failed to get there as out of puff. This is something that the game has never mastered, fresh legs coming on, sprint levels. The sad thing is, people will just say play Touch, is the watered down version, well its too watered down and you cant even get the real kits into the 3D engine. So Im praying for a patch that rectifies this all in the main game.
  2. Doesnt seem to work using the full game method and hence I just can't play it!, call me weird, but its just not right!
  3. Thanksfor the replies, I too played on the Amiga and BBC and Spectrum before it, I just love Football manager. I have tried FM Touch before, and its been ok, but you lack then on player count and also I found it impossible to get 3D kits if I recall, and other add ons, which really frustrated me as that is a must now for me, as well as logos. I will give it a go this time, I just don't want you to think Ive given up on it. SI will get my money every year regardless. I just don't like the new interface, sideways tactics at all, and more increasingly, and outside of the original post. Im finding the 3D engine the main issue. That is the thing that needs mastering the most. A little bit more randomness. A little bit less of the full back crossing and striker scoring. It must be ever so difficult to give the 3D its intelligence. If you watch highlights, you don't see last ditch tackles, driving and twisting with the ball, give and go one twos, a burst of energy and pace from the sub, someone slowing out of tiredness. Last time I went to Touch, they became more of an issue, as games were quicker in coming. Im behind SI, but strangely enough, just text had me all the time. Kane shoots........... what happens next. Your imagination runs wild v's seeing it in predictable fashion at times. Some goals and saves have vastly been improved on the other hand.
  4. I have to say that Im finally, after 30 years (Gulp!) concerened at where the game has gone. Ive always managed multiple teams, and I appreciate this means I just like to buy players, do tactics and play games. Ive looked at the threads and can't see anyone else moaning, but Im finding it really really tiresome having to deal with players moaning about not playing. I do value the detail that has gone into it and appreciate that its a real thing in football. It just seems to be happening a whole lot and the options you want arent there. Is there not a way of having the assistant manager doing this or taking it out the game all together? Or am I being too fussy?Why do I have to have a team meeting every other week ?
  5. Im sorry , I havent done this, i posted again as had the same issue after starting again after new update, however it didn't crash, just looked like you had to star the game again but when you said leave match it did
  6. Unfortunately not as it just froze on the "preparing match"
  7. Only ever played the game with multiple managers. I have been slow to start playing because of all the crashes and have been saving daily, however after the patch I gave it a go and had first Saturday of the season. Had a game with PSV and Bordeaux on same day. Played PSV game with the issue of latest scores showing French scores, but then I saw that you could change it, although the default should be the league youre in?. But I couldn't change the pive league table and that was stuck on French. Finished the game and then it wouldn't move onto the Bordeaux game and crashed. This is the first time its happened but its also the first time I have got to a meaningful game week.
  8. It seems as though im going to have to start all over again as game crashes in Jan of first season, ive been advised to take out all the add ons etc, but this will make the game less enjoyable and Im wondering if anyone has a list of tried and tested. I like playing with lots of leagues and Sort it out SI stuff. Logos and Skins, oh and pre season cups!, and I love all the work that people do, but what is the test to see if these add ons are crashing the game, how do I find out. Any help would be lovely, cheers
  9. Does this mean starting again?, or can they be removed in the save game? Thanks
  10. Processing thru, I have had crashes in match when red card and sub stuff going on, but amazingly it rights itself, thanks ever so much
  11. Have tried, You tube video would be great for us unsavvy people!
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